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Comwave SIP Trunking

Comwave SIP Trunks are compatible with and widely used by leading phone systems and providers in Canada. Scale your business to meet the demands of your customers by adding new trunks in minutes with just a click of a mouse.

What is SIP Trunking?

SIP Trunking is a voice service offered by Comwave that allows compatible phone systems to place calls over an IP connection to Comwave (VoIP). While SIP Trunking is indeed VoIP, it doesn’t generally use public residential internet connections like traditional VoIP home phone services. Inquire about SIP Trunking with a dedicated managed connection from you to Comwave, guaranteeing you even higher quality digital phone service.

SIP Trunking helps organizations like yours reduce their telecommunication costs by eliminating the need for dedicated telephone lines & long-distance calling fees. It also provides greater flexibility and scalability, as your organization can easily add or remove SIP trunks as needed to accommodate changes in call volume due to seasonality & growth.

Features of Comwave SIP Trunking

Comwave is Canada’s largest SIP Trunking provider, operating the largest redundant national network. While some phone companies offer minimal coverage in Canada, only Comwave operates in every province. Whether you own a small business in Victoria, BC, or a large national chain, only Comwave can provide a single point of contact.


Custom design and implementation, built around your business.

Enhanced Calling Features

Enhanced calling features for greater functionality.


Multiple bandwidth options for you to choose from.


Seamless interoperability and unlimited expandability.

6 Reasons to Choose Comwave SIP Trunking

Comwave’s ability to implement and manage your SIP Trunking solution offers greater communication capabilities, cost-savings and flexibility that the competition simply can’t match.

Keep Your Existing Phone Number

Comwave minimizes business disruptions and makes the transition to Comwave SIP Trunking smooth, quick and easy for your business and your employees.

Cost Savings

SIP Trunking is often more cost-effective than traditional phone lines, especially for businesses that make a lot of long-distance or international calls.


Comwave SIP Trunking lets your business easily scale your phone capacities up or down as needed, without the need for additional hardware. This makes Comwave a superior choice for businesses that experience fluctuations in call volume.

Seamless Integrations

SIP Trunking can be easily integrated with other communication systems, such as voicemail and call centers, allowing businesses to streamline their communication processes.

Improved Call Quality

SIP Trunking can provide improved call quality compared to traditional phone lines, thanks to the use of a managed internet connection to ensure quality.

Disaster Protection

Comwave SIP Trunking provides an additional level of protection for businesses in the event of a natural disaster or other emergencies that disrupts traditional phone lines. Don't let external factors limit your business's communication abilities.

Benefits of SIP Trunking

Flexible Agility

React to business needs immediately by adding new phone lines in minutes.

Enhanced Calling Features

Enhanced calling features for greater functionality.

No Hardware Costs

No need to purchase expensive phone system line cards.

Network Optimization

Optimize network infrastructure and bandwidth

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