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How to Manage your Household’s Data Usage

In today’s connected, digital world, we spend much of our time online. At home or on the go, data usage can add up quickly and sometimes we are unaware that we’ve gone over our monthly limit. Whether browsing online, streaming your favourite show on your tablet, or chatting with relatives on your home phone, managing all those bits and bytes can be overwhelming, especially with multiple family members sharing the data. It can be difficult to meet your family’s Internet needs while trying to understand how it all affects your monthly bill.

Fortunately, Comwave offers tips for managing your household’s data usage so that every family member can enjoy their favourite online activity without worrying about overage charges.

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Tip #1: Set up auto alerts

A simple, easy way to track your monthly data usage is to receive alerts or notifications, which notify you when you are close to reaching your monthly quota. Simply signup with your service provider to stay informed.

Tip #2: Balance tech time with other activities

Parents can designate specific hours through the week and on weekends for tweens and teens to be online. Limiting the amount of time your kids spend in the digital world can help reduce problems such as eyestrain, and will teach the importance of engaging in offline activities, such as reading and playing outdoors.

Tip #3: Bundle your services

A great way to reduce your bill while making it easier to control your family’s data usage is to bundle your services. You can also increase your monthly usage allowance or sign-up for a plan that includes unlimited data. Comwave offers High-Speed Internet bundles for as low as $34.95 per month!

Tip #4: Use a password

Go into your network settings and make sure to set a personal Wi-Fi password (don’t use one that may have come from your service provider) to connect to the Internet. This way, only those you want to share data with will be able to access your Wi-Fi connection.

Tip #5: Close apps when not in use

Many apps will continue to use data even when you aren’t currently using them. Make sure to always close apps that may be running in the background so they don’t waste data – or your battery.

Do you have other tips for managing your family’s digital habits? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below. To learn more about Comwave’s services, please visit us at or find us on Facebook.



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