Hosted PBX & Unified Communications

More than just a phone system, the Comwave Hosted PBX supercharges your business with powerful tools for your teams.  It replaces your aging phone system, eliminates your phone lines, and provides you with Apps to keep
teams working in the office and on the go.

Employee personal cell phones are creating challenges as employees leave a company and the phone number leaves with them. Using the Comwave Connect mobile App, employees can have both their personal phone number and corporate phone number on their phone. This way they can speak and text customers from a corporate issued phone number, allowing the company to retain ownership.

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Benefits of Hosted PBX



Desk phones, softphones, video conferencing, intercoms, door buzzers, we have a solution

Mobile client

Certified for iOS, Android, PC & Mac. Take your office phone number and extension on the go

Screen Sharing

See your computer screen around the globe for collaboration and presentations


Use the MyRoom to host meetings, share screens, chat, and video conference. Send an email invite or drag-and drop employees

Call Centre

Our Call Center solution is PCI compliant, redundant, with full reporting and recordings

CRM Integration

Provides integration with a wide range of CRMs and other applications to make teams more efficient

Receptionist Console

Eliminate Side-carts & big phones. Use the computer to drag-and-drop calls, chat and view who is available.

Managed Services

We run it you use it. We handle all the software updates, changes to your company system, and ensure that things are always
fully redundant

Have a question? For a Free Consultation, please call 1-866-334-5353 or: