A Look Ahead to the Top Telecom Trends for 2017

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A Look Ahead to the Top Telecom Trends for 2017

The telecom industry is in a constant state of change so expect to see lots more in 2017 – from the introduction of the 5G network and more heightened security, to the interconnectivity of billions of devices and the continued growth of VoIP.

Goodbye 4G, hello 5G

After years of developing the networks architecture and multiple field tests, the highly anticipated 5G network is expected to launch sometime in 2017, and will bring considerable improvements relative to its predecessor including faster data and download speeds as well as information sharing from one device to another. Not only that, it promises to be extremely user-friendly and has piqued the interest of industries beyond the traditional telecom market including energy, agribusiness and transportation industries, all of whom see the opportunity for growth this next generation will offer.

Protecting the system

Customers around the world rely on the telecom industry to provide secure and reliable communication services at all times. However, given ongoing security breaches, constant evolution in this area is a must to help prevent hacking and data leakage. So, expect to see software updates from all industry leaders.

The Internet of Things (IoT)

The IoT, or the interconnectivity of everyday objects, including smart phones, smart TVs etc., will go into high gear with the 5G network, resulting in an explosive growth of these devices. With its high speed and reduced latency, the 5G network will fuel connectivity on a global scale, allowing most systems to be controlled from any compatible smart device.

VoIP is here to stay

VoIP is one of the top performing services in the telecom industry and has experienced 6% growths annually over the past decade. In 2017, mobile VoIP users are expected to surpass one billion and industry leaders like Comwave ensure that their customers are well-served by providing customers access to their VoIP Mobile App.

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