Choosing the Best Home Phone and Internet Package

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Choosing the Best Home Phone and Internet Package

Choosing the right Home Phone and Internet package can sometimes be overwhelming. There are several factors to consider depending on your primary needs. Are you an online gamer? Do you stream your favourite television shows and movies? Perhaps you have family in another country, and you need a Long Distance plan with your Home Phone service? Whether you’re looking for High-Speed Internet, Unlimited Data or low Long Distance rates, we can all agree that fast, reliable and affordable service is key. But, with so many options and price points available, how do you know you’re choosing the best one?

Why VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is an excellent option in place of traditional phone lines. It runs through Internet lines and traditional home phones through a digital adapter. As long as you have an Internet connection you can make your important phone calls. VoIP is available at the fraction of the cost of traditional phone lines and can go wherever you go, just bring your adapter and make calls anywhere.

What features are you looking for?

When looking for the best Internet option, take into consideration what you will be doing online. Looking to send emails and browse the internet? Try a plan with up to 6 Mbps download speed. Or if you are sharing the Internet with the whole family and looking to stream tons of movies with lightning fast speed, choose a plan with 50 Mbps download speeds to ensure you don’t experience speed lagging.

Consider Comwave’s Home Phone and Internet packages starting from as low as $39.95 per month on a 3 year term. Customers benefit from Comwave’s quality VoIP Home Phone service in addition with High-Speed Internet. Easily add unlimited data for a low additional cost. Other benefits include free installation, no equipment fees, and a 30-day no-obligation satisfaction period, that’s a savings of $240!

Unlike other service providers that generally charge extra for add-ons, Comwave’s Home Phone service gives you unlimited local calling, free Long-Distance calling between Comwave customers as well as the lowest Long Distance rates to call anywhere in the world. Bonus is you can keep your current phone number at no extra charge or choose a number from most major cities in Canada. If you live in Toronto but have family or friends in Montreal, you can even choose a 514 – Montreal phone number so they can call you for free!

When you become a Comwave Long Distance customer, you get access to the free Comwave Mobile App, which allows you to make Long Distance Calls directly from your smartphone without having to dial an Access Number or enter a PIN ever again! Calls are billed at the same low rates to your existing Comwave account.

When choosing a service provider for Home Phone and Internet, think about what features are most important to you and which package will give you the most bang for your buck. If you have Internet and a Home Phone line and you’re not with Comwave, you’re paying too much!

Looking to switch to Comwave? Call us at 1-866-770-8522 or check us out online at We’d love to help you find the perfect solution that best suits you and save you money! Plus, don’t forget to check out the latest tips, news and info here on our blog!
Best Home Phone and Internet Package

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