Comwave Launches New Internet Plans

Calender Icon Jul 17 2017 Auther IconNathan Thomas

Toronto, Ontario – Comwave has beat out the competition again, upgrading all their Internet Plans and adding a new plan with 250 Mbps download speeds.

Each new plan offers lightning fast speeds and includes Unlimited Data as well as a free basic Home Phone line, free installation and no equipment fees starting at just $49.95 per month. To meet consumers’ changing needs and to continually help them save money, Comwave has upgraded all their Internet Plans to offer the best price for the best product in the market. These new Internet Plans give families the luxury of surfing and streaming as much as they want without the worry of overage charges.

For a great deal, check out Comwave’s Internet 100 plan, which blows the competition away! For only $10 more than the Internet 30 plan, you get three times more speed, which includes 100 Mbps download speeds. And, for a limited time you receive free installation, no equipment fees and a free Home Phone line included.

Comwave has always supplied the highest quality VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone services to consumers and businesses. Now, all Comwave’s Internet plans are available with a free basic, high-quality VoIP Home Phone line. Enjoy making unlimited local calls without paying the high costs charged by other phone companies. To find out more information on how VoIP works click here.

For more information on Comwave’s Internet Packages, visit or call Comwave today to order your service and start saving your hard-earned money! Call 1-866-885-9928.


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