Five Telecom Trends in 2016 and Beyond

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Five Telecom Trends in 2016 and Beyond

2016 is ushering in more changes to the telecom industry than ever before. User experience is leading the way for the future of telecommunications, from the increases in mobile use among businesses and consumers to demands for better security, data analytics and tailored messaging.

Looking ahead, here are some of the latest trends for telecoms in 2016 and beyond:

The Move From Legacy Phone Systems to Digital Ecosystems

As more businesses and consumers look for economic alternatives to traditional phone systems, digital ecosystem infrastructures such as VoIP, will continue to grow in popularity. Users should consider working with providers like Comwave, which offer leading services and features from enhanced security, digital signing, video conferencing to smartphones, hoteling compatibilities and international connectivity.

Mobile Devices Take Over In The Push Beyond Wired Connections

We are all changing the way we communicate and according to Budde Comm, over 50 per cent of Internet traffic is expected to come from wireless devices this year. In fact, Deloitte Global forecasts that approximately one quarter of smartphone users in developed markets won’t make any traditional phone calls in a given week. As adoption of these handheld devices increase and data capabilities grow, many users are moving away from traditional voice calls to a mix of communications. This has led to an adoption of video, SMS messaging, email and VoIP services to connect, making unlimited Internet access a must. Telecoms offering competitive services to adapt to the growing demands of this “user-first” economy will capitalize on this trend.

Security Remains A Primary Concern

2015 was the year of the hacker. We saw breaches at major organizations around the world and sensitive data was leaked at concerning rates. In response to this, expect to see a growing focus on monitoring, as well as identity and access management to better help protect sensitive information. Businesses will rely on continuously advancing encryption techniques as the traditional login and password verification models lose popularity with consumers. In the next few years, mobile verification via text message will take over in popularity given its ease of use and increased security protocols.

Data Analytics Optimize Customer Service Calls

With the shift to increased mobility across all markets, capitalizing on marketing changes will be even more essential for telecoms to satisfy market needs. This is especially true as connectivity speeds increase and users look for more, faster. Expect to see an increase in the use of customer service data analytics in order to empower businesses to optimize current performance and make adjustments for trending changes quickly.

The Increased Call For A National Digital Strategy

The increased need and push for a national digital strategy will continue to grow in 2016. With the continued desire for global connectivity and the growth of cloud services across all markets, fixed broadband accessibility will continue to be a need, particularly in remote areas with limited penetration. Policy debate to ensure access to a competitive and comprehensive network will ensure there is opportunity for future development.

From the shift in the core way businesses and consumers communicate, leaving behind legacy systems for digital, to the increasing demand for mobility, security, speed and global functionality; the telecom industry is rapidly evolving. 2016 will usher in many significant “user-first” trends and hints at major developments to come.

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