How Unlimited is Your Data?

How Unlimited Is Your Data? - Comwave
Calender Icon Jul 31 2017

Canadians are among the most engaged users in the world and spend more hours online (36.7 per month) than any other country, according to CIRA. And, our thirst for data continues to grow. For example, the CRTC reports Internet TV viewing increased from 1.5 hours in 2008 to 5.8 hours on a weekly basis for users aged 18 and older. Furthermore, more than 90% of young Canadians (18-34) stream video content daily. The Millennial generation also spends three times the amount on mobile wireless services than other Canadian age groups. Smartphones and other wireless devices are used for everything from email and social media to banking to streaming video content, and much more.

Young Canadians are more connected today than ever before. As data consumption grows, so too does the need for Unlimited Data plans to support Canadians’ digital habits. If you often have multiple devices connected to the Internet or you stream music, movies, and other content regularly, then an Unlimited Data plan may be the best choice for you.

We often see Unlimited Data plans advertised, but many service providers still impose usage limits like service lags. If you have a capped Internet plan and often find yourself going over your monthly allotted data, you may be surprised with overage charges as high as $4/GB on your next bill. At Comwave, we work hard to ensure we aren’t providing false claims about providing Unlimited Data. Comwave Internet with Unlimited Data delivers a consistent and reliable experience with no overage fees. In other words, no penalties for using more.

For those who want instant streaming, browsing and downloading without the worry of additional fees, Comwave’s Internet 150 plan offers great value and starts at just $64.95 per month. With the back-to-school season fast approaching, this plan is especially ideal for students. With all the essays and studying that comes with student life, having fast and reliable Internet service is a must. And, with 150Mps download speeds and no data caps, you can still enjoy streaming your favorite television shows, listening to podcasts, and gaming with friends.

How Unlimited is Your Data? - Comwave

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