Stay Internet Safe with Comwave

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Stay Internet Safe with Comwave

The Internet is an amazing tool that gives you access to everything and anything, and that’s a great thing but with this comes possible issues surrounding privacy and protection. Here are some of Comwave’s top tips to counter them so that you can surf with ease!

1. Make sure that your passwords REALLY protect you.

All online accounts you create must be difficult to figure out. So don’t use your birthday or your name (yes… we know that’s obvious…but we are all in a hurry and have a tendency to go the easy route!) Use eight or more characters, a mix of upper and lowercase letters and numbers or symbols to maximize the safety as it pertains to passwords.

2. Be aware of your online presence.

“Once online always online” is not just adage, it’s reality. So make sure that you are OK with the world seeing anything you post. If you find yourself second-guessing yourself, hold back and don’t do it!. Can’t remember what you did post, wish you hadn’t or want to get a handle on what’s being said about you? “Google” yourself and see what comes up. This will not only will give you a good idea of how you are being perceived online but will also make you aware of any unauthorized use of your name or personal information.

3. Pass on your leanings and safety tips to your kids.

More often than not, your children are likely your in-house Internet hoarders, so keeping them “online safe” is critical. Educate them on what information they should and should not share such as their birthday, home address or phone number. Children should never share their passwords with anyone and most definitely avoid online communications with strangers. For additional piece of mind, consider using blocking programs to limit access to sites not intended for children.

If you are aware of everything that is happening while you are on the Internet and surfing responsibly, it can be a great way to keep in touch with friends, shop for a new outfit and stay current with your TV shows! Keep the above tips in mind to maximize your entire family’s Internet pleasures, worry-free

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