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Comwave Internet Caledon

Comwave Internet Caledon

Live your best life in Caledon—one that’s connected and in-the-know, all day, every day. From work to play, do it all with the fastest and cheapest internet in Caledon. Comwave gets you online using the same internet cables and infrastructure as Canada’s biggest providers, without the big prices. Live life connected in Caledon, 24/7, perfect for your budget.

Internet Offers in Caledon

Looking for the best home internet plan in Caledon? With Comwave, you choose how: at the fastest speeds for your needs and the lowest prices. Discover unlimited browsing and streaming from 30Mbps all the way up to 1Gb, starting at just $49.95 per month. Or, you can enjoy unbeatable value with a Comwave internet and TV bundle, with your choice of your internet speed and any of your favourite sports, news and entertainment channels, starting from just $79.95 per month.

Learn More About Your Caledon Internet Provider 

Enjoy the best of up-and-coming urban living with the small-town charm and comfort. Find yourself at home in Caledon’s scenic natural landscape, from the Niagara Escarpment to the Oak Ridges Moraine converging in Caledon Hills. And for the urbanite at heart, there’s Bolton, Caledon’s major urban centre and gateway to bustling life in the GTA.

Complete the lifestyle experience in Caledon with Comwave. Stay connected at home and be up-to-date on the latest in town with the reliable internet connection you deserve. Enjoy the fastest and cheapest internet in Caledon, starting at just $49.95, guaranteed unlimited, 24/7. 

How many internet providers are there in Caledon?

With 19 internet providers to choose from in Caledon, the smart choice is always the fastest and cheapest provider, trusted by Canadians for over two decades. At Comwave, we deliver exactly that: unlimited, high-speed internet, powered by the same internet cables and infrastructure as Canada’s major providers, without the major bills. Surf, stream, and save, with speeds from 30Mbps to 1Gb, at most affordable prices in Caledon.

Bundle Your Internet & TV and Save!

Want to get more from a Comwave connection? Stay connected in all the ways that matter when you bundle your home internet and TV. Enjoy complete connectivity and unbeatable savings on unlimited, high-speed internet and the latest on TV, 24/7.

Starting at just $79.95 a month, you won’t find a better deal for internet and TV bundles. Get the best of speed, service, and savings from two amazing services, now at just one incredibly low price on a single invoice. With both reliable high-speed internet and all your favourite TV channels with Comwave, you can browse, watch, and save like never before.

TV Services in Caledon

What’s on TV tonight? With Comwave TV, all your shows are playing, all day, all the time. Catch the latest episodes of your favourite shows and the latest in Caledon, starting at just $25.00 a month. Watch TV the way it’s meant to be enjoyed: with you in full control of the remote.

Say goodbye to missed episodes and waiting for scheduled broadcasts. Watch what you want, when you want, only with Comwave. Get all your favourite channels, from news to sports, lifestyle, reality, and more, on-demand. Discover a new way to watch with the Amazon Firestick. Find the perfect Comwave TV plan, and personalize your package:

  • Watch over 115 basic and premium TV channels
  • Enjoy your shows in either English and French
  • Order individual specialty channels within your personalized Comwave TV plan, including news, sports, family and kids, lifestyle, educational, reality, international, and more.

Not interested in a bundle? Get our cheap and fast internet as a stand-alone

Just the fastest and cheapest internet? You got it. At Comwave, both high-speed connectivity and savings are king. All you need to do is choose how fast you’re connected. Choose your internet speed, from the basics at 30 Mbps all the way to 1Gb for power users, starting at just $49.95. Browse and stream all day with unlimited internet in Caledon, without the high prices or service outages that are so common with The Big Guys.

Why is good internet in Caledon important?

As Caledon continues to grow, it takes the best internet provider to keep you connected. With everything that happens today now happening online, you need an internet connection you can trust, from work to play. And it isn’t just you.

Today, 91% of Canadians aged 16 to 64 use the internet, with the average user spending at least 6 hours every day using the internet, as well as social media and music streaming services. And with download speeds in Canada now averaging at 156 Mbps, a slow internet connection means missing out and letting life pass you by.

This is why at Comwave, we keep you connected 24/7, uninterrupted. Work from home, unwind with your favourite shows and stay in touch with the fastest and cheapest internet in Caledon. Stay online with the most reliable unlimited high-speed internet. Go from work to play and everything in between, only with Comwave.

What makes our internet the best in Caledon?

At Comwave, our mission is simple: we provide you with the ultimate home internet connection and the ultimate savings. How? It’s simple—you’re always in charge. You choose how fast you’re browsing and streaming, and how much you pay. Find the perfect Comwave internet plan for your needs and budget, powered by the same cables and infrastructure as Canada’s biggest providers, without the same high prices. Discover the fastest and cheapest internet in Caledon including:

  • Unlimited connectivity: No more data caps, no more overage charges, no more connection time-outs. Comwave offers unlimited internet, period, with each and every Comwave internet plan offering unlimited internet. Now, you can browse and stream all day, every day—no delays, no disruptions.
  • Fastest and cheapest internet: Comwave brings you the fastest internet speeds at the lowest prices in Caledon. Choose your speed, from the basics at 30Mbps, all the way to ultra-fast at 1Gb, so you’re always online and updated. Keep in mind that speeds as high as 1Gb aren’t necessary for more casual internet users, so be sure to speak with a Comwave specialist to determine your ideal internet speed for ultimate value.
  • Bundle up for savings: Get the best value for a Comwave connection. Browse our Comwave internet and TV bundles starting at just $79.95 a month, and enjoy the fastest internet speeds and the latest on TV in one unbeatable bundle. 

How much does internet cost in Caledon?

Tired of paying hundreds of dollars every month for slow internet? You deserve better. At Comwave, we bring you the fastest and cheapest internet, period. Stay connected from work to play with the fastest internet speeds at the cheapest prices in Caledon. Get the best value for unlimited high-speed connectivity, and live life online on any budget. See where every dollar goes when you save and surf with Comwave, including:

  • The right speed for your needs: Find the right speed for your everyday online needs, from work-from-home emails and calls to streaming, gaming, and staying in touch. Choose from 30Mbps all the way up to fibre internet at 1Gb, and get online at the best speeds for your needs and budget. A Comwave service specialist can walk you through the speed you need based on your internet usage.
  • Unlimited internet: The internet knows no limits, and so should your internet plan. Say goodbye to data caps and overage charges, so you can browse and stream 24/7, uninterrupted. With Comwave, all internet plans and packages offer unlimited internet usage.
  • Bundles and promos: Get more out of your internet connection when you bundle it with TV. Enjoy the best of unlimited high-speed connectivity and the latest on TV in one amazing bundle. From email and social media to all of the best sports, news and entertainment channels, Comwave brings it all to your fingertips, so you’re always connected on your budget.

What to look for when choosing an internet provider in Caledon?

Finding the best home internet plan in Caledon should be a smart choice—and there’s only one: the fastest and cheapest internet. It’s simple: you deserve only unlimited high-speed connectivity at guaranteed low prices and the best value for your budget. See how the best providers like Comwave keep you connected in Caledon and beyond, with the ultimate speed and savings, as well as:

  • Availability in Caledon: Your internet provider should offer their range of internet service in Caledon, with a proven track record of connecting homes reliably. Choose a provider with the fastest installation and service times, and browse ratings and reviews to see how your provider keeps customers in Caledon happy and online, 24/7.
  • Fastest, cheapest, and unlimited internet: With everything now happening online, you need an internet connection that does more than keep up. You deserve nothing less than the fastest and cheapest unlimited internet in Caledon. Say goodbye to data caps and overage charges, and stay connected with the fastest speeds at the lowest prices. All Comwave internet packages offer unlimited internet with no usage charges.
  • Savings and promos: The fastest internet speeds shouldn’t cost you a fortune. While some of The Big Guys expect you to pay hundreds of dollars for their TV and internet bundles, Comwave offers internet service only for as low as $49.95, and TV and internet bundles for as low as $79.95. Enjoy even faster speeds, more savings, and complete connectivity in Caledon with Comwave internet and TV bundles.

What happens to my current internet if I change providers? 

Finally upgrading to the home internet plan you deserve? Upgrade to Caledon’s fastest and cheapest internet in no time. Enjoy unlimited, uninterrupted browsing and streaming right away, thanks to the fastest installation times and excellent customer service. See how Comwave makes it every internet upgrade quick and easy, and what you need to do to change internet providers:

  • Cancel your plan: Ask your current provider when your home internet contract ends. But don’t fret over termination fees. With Comwave’s lower monthly rates, you’ll save far greater than any termintation fee over the long run.
  • Transfer your connection: Comwave sends a team to your home right away to transfer your connection and install the applicable Comwave modem. Enjoy the fastest and cheapest internet in no time.
  • Update your billing: Pay your final bill, and check your Comwave contract to confirm when your billing cycle starts.

Why choose Comwave for internet in Caledon? 

At Comwave, our mission is simple: we bring you the fastest and cheapest internet in Caledon. With over 20 years of experience in connecting Canadians coast-to-coast at guaranteed low prices, we’re Caledon’s trusted internet provider.

Now, the days of choosing between speed and savings are over. At Comwave, we believe both are king, and that’s exactly what we deliver. With unlimited high-speed internet at the lowest prices in Caledon and unbeatable internet and TV bundles, we deliver complete connectivity on your budget. Discover the ultimate home internet service powered by the same cables and infrastructure as Canada’s major providers, without the extra costs and charges.

Most of all, when you’re connected with Comwave, you’re connecting to the future. We’re always looking towards the future of the fastest internet speeds, and now fibre internet clocking at up to 1GB. The best part is that we’re committed to the same low prices, so you’ll always be connected at the best value for your budget.

Work from home, watch all your favourite shows, and stay in touch, only with the fastest and cheapest internet in Caledon. Get online in no time with the fastest installation times, and stay connected with excellent service. Do it all, and more online, only with Comwave.


  • Does Comwave offer high-speed fibre internet in Caledon?
    • Comwave proudly offers fibre internet, the fastest internet connection in Caledon, and we’re always expanding availability. Contact us to find out if fibre internet is already available at your exact Caledon address.
  • I live outside of Caledon. Is Comwave home internet available near me?
    • Comwave offers home internet in Caledon and the rest of the GTA, and across most of Canada. Contact us to learn more about available home internet services at your exact location.
  • Is Comwave a Wi-Fi service provider in Caledon?
    • All Comwave home internet plans in Caledon include in-home Wi-Fi. Comwave modems can also pair with wireless-enabled devices so that you can have a complete in-home Wi-Fi network.
  • What is the highest internet speed in Caledon that Comwave offers?
    • Comwave offers fibre internet, the fastest internet service in Caledon, with the highest speed of 1GB. Contact our team to confirm if fibre internet is available at your Caledon address.
  • How much does Comwave home internet in Caledon cost?
    • Comwave offers the cheapest home internet in Caledon starting at just $49.95 a month. Please note that actual prices may vary based on the speed and/or bundle you select.
  • What modems are compatible with Comwave home internet services in Caledon?
    • Comwave offers the latest Wi-Fi modems for home internet at a low monthly rental fee or a one-time, fully refundable security deposit. You may also be able to use your own modem. Get in touch with us to learn more about Comwave-compatible modems.
  • How do I set up parental controls on my Comwave internet service in Caledon?
    • The Comwave modem has options for parental controls. Our customer support team is happy to assist you with activating parental controls on your in-home network.
  • Does Comwave home internet in Caledon have data caps?
    • No. All Comwave home internet plans offer unlimited data. We do not impose data caps and bill overage charges.
  • Does Comwave throttle Caledon internet services?
    • No, Comwave does not throttle internet speeds in Caledon, or anywhere else in Canada. Find out more about our service guarantees and policies in our Terms & Conditions.
  • How long will installation for my Comwave Caledon internet take?
    • At Comwave, we’re committed to excellent customer service so that you can enjoy the fastest and cheapest internet in Caledon right away. Please note that actual installation times are based on your services and location. Find out your installation schedule when you start a service order or by giving us a call.

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