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Accessing your VoiceMail

From your Comwave Home Phone

Dial ( * 98 ) to enter your mailbox.

From any telephone

Dial your Comwave Home Phone Number, press ( * ) during the greeting message to enter your mailbox, then enter your password.

From your email

Get an email notice when someone leaves you a VoiceMail message.

Steps to access your VoiceMail


Caller ID with Name

Some telephone companies charge as much as $7.50 per month for Caller ID with Name. At Comwave we believe that it should be included which is why most of our plans include It for free. Nice! In case you don't know, this feature allows you to see the name and phone number of the person calling you.

Caller ID Block

Dial *67 followed by the number you wish to call.

This is a great way to protect your privacy and it's free on all our plans. It allows you to make a call without the other party seeing your name or number on their display.

Start protecting your privacy with Comwave Caller ID Block.

Call Waiting

Comwave's Call Waiting service allows you to accept an incoming call while you're already on the phone. This allows you to answer the second call and put your first call on hold.

Easy to use:

  • Press the "Flash" button on your phone to answer a second call. This will put the first caller on hold. Pressing "Flash" again will toggle between the first and second callers.

Call waiting Off:

  • To place a call without being interrupted by Call Waiting during that call, you can disable it for that call by dialing *70 followed by the number you wish to call.

Visual Call Waiting

When you are on the phone and another call comes in, Visual Call Waiting allows you to view the caller's name and number so you can decide whether or not to take the second call.

Call Forwarding All

Call Forwarding All lets you easily forward incoming calls to any phone number in North America.

Easy to use:

  • From your Comwave Home Phone, dial *72 followed by the number where you want calls routed to.
  • Make sure you include "1" if you are forwarding to a long distance number.
  • If you are away from home you can always control this feature from Comwave's My Account web portal.

Enhanced VoiceMail

This answering service stores 20 messages, and allows you the flexibility of listening to your messages via email, phone, or on-line. Your greeting can be 2 minutes long and each message can also be 2 minutes long.

  • From your Comwave Home Phone, dial *98
  • Away from home, dial your Comwave Home Phone Number, press the "*" key during the greeting then enter your Passcode.
  • From the web, log in to and click on Home Phone Control.
  • From your email, double-click on the attachment.

Do Not Disturb

We all know that there are times of the day where it's just not convenient to take a call. This feature allows you to send calls directly to VoiceMail without the phone even ringing.

It could be the morning when you are getting the kids ready for school, or at night when the family is sitting down to dinner.

We are also working on an enhancement that will allow you to set a schedule and exceptions so that if Mom calls...your phone stills rings.

This feature is controlled from the My Account web portal.

3-Way Calling

This feature allows you to have a conference call with 2 other people.

Easy to use:

  • Dial the first party.
  • Once you are connected, press the "Flash" button or Switch Hook on your phone. This will put them on hold.
  • Dial the second party.
  • When you are connected, press the "Flash" button or Switch Hook to connect all parties.

Speed Dial Memory

Why program individual phones with speed dial memory locations on EACH phone? With Speed Dial Memory on your phone, all your phones are instantly programmed with the same speed dials.

Easy to use:

  • You can program the memory codes two ways:
    • From the My Account web portal.
    • From your Comwave Home Phone by dialing *80 + the memory key you wish to update (2-9) + the phone number you wish to program (ie. *8024166639600 would program memory key 2 with 416-663-9600)
  • To dial a number using a Speed Dial Memory code, simply dial the Speed Dial Memory code and wait for the call to connect. For example, after programming the above example, pressing 2 and waiting will connect you to 416-663-9600)

Free Comwave-2-Comwave Long Distance Calls

All Comwave Home Phone customers can call each other FREE anywhere in the world.

So let's say you live in Toronto and you mom lives in San Francisco. If both of you are Comwave Home Phone customers you can talk for free without any long distance calls. If you have a Comwave Video Phone, you can also see each other while you talk!

My Account Web Portal

My Account lets you control your Comwave Services:

  • View Past Invoices
  • View Call Logs
  • Control Home Phone Features
  • Listen to VoiceMail Messages
  • And Much More

Simply register for My Account, and away you go!


The Comwave Home Phone Adapter is backed by a 1 year manufacturer's warranty against any manufacturer’s defects. Comwave offers a lifetime extended warranty for only $3 per month. If anything should happen to the adapter at any time, we will replace it free of charge.


How is Comwave Home Phone different from my current local line?

Comwave Home Phone service uses a digital technology called VoIP [Voice over the Internet] that allows you to use your existing Internet service to make and receive regular phone calls. You will enjoy enhanced services like Enhanced VoiceMail, Caller ID, and Visual Call Waiting just like traditional phone companies offer. All you need is a High Speed Internet connection and our Comwave Home Phone VoIP Adapter and your savings start right away.

How do I make a call?

To make a Local call... dial area code + number

To make a Long Distance call... dial 1+ area code + number

To make an International call... dial 011 + country code + city code + number

With Comwave Home Phone you could be making calls from Toronto today, and Vancouver next week, simply by taking your Comwave Home Phone VoIP Adapter everywhere you go. You will not be billed for local calls. A Local Calling Guide is available for your reference that will allow you to determine if a call is local or not.

What is considered a local call?

Comwave Home Phone uses the North American standard set by the traditional telephone companies. If for example you have a Toronto 416 area code, and are not sure if a call to Thornhill is long distance, you may consult the Local Calling Guide below. It will allow you to determine if a call is local or not. Calls outside this area will incur charges.

 ) -   -    

 ) -   -    

What about long distance calls?

To call anywhere in the world for free, both parties need to have Comwave Home Phone. All Comwave Home Phone-to-Comwave Home Phone calls are free regardless of where they are in the world. Comwave Home Phone also offers unbelievable world-wide long distance rates!

You can find our current rates using the "Long Distance Rates" box on the right side of your screen.

How do I log in to Comwave My Account?

At the top of every web page, you will find the words "Sign-In". Just click on "Open" to see the boxes where you will type in your Comwave Username and Password.

What can I do when I log in to Comwave My Account?

You can do almost anything to personalize your Comwave Home Phone. When you log into Comwave My Account from any page at, you can do the following, and more...

  • Control your features
  • View detailed call history
  • View 6 months of invoices
  • Make Payments

In order to log in, you will need the Comwave Username and Password you created when you registered as a New User.

Does Comwave Home Phone service work with all types High Speed Internet?

Yes. Comwave Home Phone service will work with DSL or Cable High Speed Internet from Canada's leading service providers like Rogers Cable, Bell Sympatico, Shaw Cable, Telus, Videotron, Look, and many more.

Does Comwave Home Phone work with DSL or Cable High Speed "Lite" service?

To ensure your Comwave Home Phone experience is every bit as good as your traditional phone service, we do not recommend "Lite" Internet service. We recommend that you have "full" High Speed Internet (> 3 Mbps). Our Technical Services Team cannot help you with any quality issues if you are using a High Speed Internet connection less than 3 Mbps.

Can I transfer my current phone number to Comwave Home Phone?

Yes. As soon as you receive your Comwave Home Phone Starter Kit, simply set it up and begin making calls with the Comwave Phone Number you were assigned. When you are sure you love the service, you simply complete the Number Transfer form in My Account. The switch will take about 14 days from when you submit the form. Once the transfer is complete, your old phone number will begin to ring on the telephone you've connected to your Comwave Home Phone VoIP Adapter. It all happens seamlessly. At that point you will no longer be billed from your old phone company.

Can I choose a telephone number from any city?

Yes. As a Comwave Home Phone customer you are not limited to choosing a number from your local area. You can select a number from most major cities in Canada. For example... you live in Toronto in the 416 area code but your mother lives in Montreal in the 514 area code. You can select a 514 number so that she can call you for Free!

Is 9-1-1 or 411 available?

Yes. Comwave Home Phone 9-1-1 works through a third party that answers your emergency calls and then dispatches the authorities. You will need to log in to Comwave My Account to ensure your 9-1-1 address is up to date.

411 Information includes Directory Assistance, News, Weather, and Sports at a charge of $1 per call billed on your monthly invoice.

Do I need to know a lot about computers to use this service?

No. Comwave Home Phone service is very easy to install and you will use the same telephone or cordless phone that you would normally use with your local telephone company. In addition to our great Technical Service Team, we have a quick and easy guide available to you at

What do I need in order to use Comwave Home Phone service?

The only things you need to have are a High Speed Internet service (Cable or DSL) and a standard analog telephone. We recommend a cordless phone set. Comwave Home Phone will provide the additional equipment required (Comwave Home Phone VoIP Adapter) to set up and use Comwave Home Phone service.

When will my Comwave Home Phone service start to work?

Your Comwave Home Phone Starter Kit will arrive within approximately 7 to 10 days. You can install it and start using it in minutes.

Do I need to turn my computer on to use my Comwave Home Phone service?

No. Comwave Home Phone service does not require a computer, however, Comwave Home Phone service does allow you to talk and surf the Internet at the same time.

Can I keep the service if I move?

Yes. If you move, you can keep your service and your phone number. You just need to have a High Speed Internet connection at your new location.

Can I keep the service if I travel?

Yes. You can take the Comwave Home Phone VoIP Adapter with you and use it anywhere a High Speed Internet connection is available.

Can I use a fax with Comwave Home Phone service?

We really don't recommend it if you rely on a fax machine for your home business or important personal affairs. A successful fax is related to your Internet connection, its quality and your fax machine. Fax machines were never designed for use on the Internet, and while it works much of the time, success cannot be guaranteed. Our Technical Services Team cannot answer questions regarding faxes nor provide instructions for faxing on Comwave Home Phone service.

Will Comwave Home Phone service work with my Alarm?

If you plan on using Comwave Home Phone service as your primary phone service you will need to have your alarm company connect your alarm system to your Comwave Home Phone. They will need to program the alarm panel to use SIA format. VoIP is very common now so your alarm company will know what to do.

How does CityFREE service work?

For every one of your Comwave Home Phone lines, you can select up to 10 new numbers from any Comwave city, to allow unlimited calling to you. Each CityFREE number is only $1.95/month each. By choosing a different city for each one, your friends and family can reach you from that city with no long distance charges to them. For example, you have a Toronto Home Phone line. You select a Montreal CityFREE number and link it to your Toronto Home Phone line. Anyone from the Montreal local area can now call you in Toronto at no charge to them. This is something the Phone Companies would never allow you to do. Why lose touch with loved ones when you can have CityFREE.


Coming soon.