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Comwave Business Solutions

Comwave Webex Phone System

It’s more than just a phone. It’s unified communication bridging your phone, computer and smartphone into a single tool. It includes Apps for your smartphone, computer and tablet, that let you take business to the next level. Call with video; take calls on your tablet, host web meetings presentation and chat with coworkers all in a secure business class solution.

Comwave Webex Phone System
SIP Trunking

Comwave SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking is a voice service offered by Comwave that allows compatible phone systems to place calls over an IP connection to Comwave (VoIP). Comwave SIP Trunking are the most widely used in Canada with redundancy built in. So even when your phone system has a problem, we handle the call for you to ensure you never miss a call.

Networks and Internet

Whether you need plain internet or the most secure MPLS private network, Comwave has the network to support you across Canada with DSL, Cable, Fiber, LTE Wireless, and satellite. That’s why Canada’s top brands rely on our network for millions of transactions every hour.

Comwave Business Internet
ComwaveTV CP24

Comwave Business TV

Comwave has the Business solution to keep your customers entertained – Comwave Business TV.

Whether you run an office, a brokerage firm or a dental practice. Get the ultimate television experience with Comwave Business TV. We have the business TV package you’re looking for with the channels you need for both English and French and for 1 low price.

Comwave Network Security

Comwave offers enterprise-grade network security to protect your organization from intrusions, malware, and viruses, while at the same time our cloud based controls allow you to fine tune the level of security, control applications and web filtering. We call it Universal Threat Management (UTM).

Comwave Network Security

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Have a question? For a Free Consultation, please call 1-866-334-5353 or: