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Star Basic Home Phone

There’s no reason why you should pay a fortune for a home phone line. Try our Basic plan and enjoy unlimited local calls at the lowest rates available. Plus, there is no charge to keep your current phone number. $2.95 Monthly 911 Fee not included.

$ 9 .95

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CityFree Icon CityFree™

For only $ 1 .95

Are high long distance rates preventing your friends and family from contacting you? When you get a CityFree phone number, they can call you using a local number and won't have to worry about long distance.

Here's how it works ...
Let's say you live in Toronto and your phone number is in the 416 area code. However, your family lives in Calgary in the 403 area code. For a low monthly fee, you can add a CityFree 403 phone number so your family can dial you locally and save a ton on their phone bills. CityFree gives you unlimited incoming calls.

When someone calls your CityFree number, it will ring to your home phone line – which means you don't need to purchase or install an extra phone line. Add as many different CityFree numbers as you wish so your friends in Calgary, Montreal and Vancouver can all call you for FREE.

CityFree phone numbers are available in over 1,000 Canadian cities and many US Cities.

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Toll Free Icon Toll Free

For only 99 ¢

Give friends and family your own personal toll free number. Now they can reach you from anywhere in North America. It's FREE for them and just pennies per minute for you.

How it works: We provide you with a toll free number. When someone calls this number we forward those calls to any phone number, such as your home, office or mobile phone.

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Included Features

Talk as often and as long as you wish...Just like traditional phone service.

Keep your calls private by blocking your name and number from appearing on the called party's telephone display. If the party you are trying to reach has Caller ID, your number will not appear on their Caller ID-enabled phone or device.

My Account lets you access and manage your Comwave Services over the internet. You can review and pay bills, listen to voicemail, review call logs and much much more.

All Comwave customers can call each other FREE anywhere in the world. Order one for yourself and one to send to your friend overseas (they must have high speed Internet)...and then talk to each other FREE.

Comwave eliminates the inconvenience of having to change phone numbers by allowing you to keep the one you currently have with no additional cost.





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