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Comwave TV Mobile App lets you enjoy live and recorded television on your Apple iPhone or iPad. So kick back and watch TV in any corner of the house or even in the back yard. You must be subscribed to a Comwave TV package and be on your home WIFI in order to watch.


ComwaveTV App

Comwave Mobile can be used on your Android phone. Simply download the Free App to your device by clicking on the link below from your smartphone. For instructions on how to install our Mobile App, click here.



Comwave Mobile for Apple
Comwave Mobile for Android

Comwave Control can be used on your iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android phone, tablet or PC. You just sign up for a Hosted PBX office phone system with App credentials then download the Free App to your device. Use your Comwave Control credentials to sign in to the App.

Business Comwave Control for Apple
Business Comwave Control for Android
Business Comwave Control for Browser





This is Comwave's mobile unified communication solution. Installed on your device, you can IM securely with team members within your organization, check their status, take calls, control features, collaborate and share screens (PC & Mac), and video chat.

Voice & Video
- Make and receive HD Voice and Video calls
- Move calls from your desk phone to your mobile without call interruption
- Synchronize call logs, buddy lists and service settings across all devices
- Corporate and personal phone directory at your fingertips

Instant Messaging, Presence and Collaboration
- Instantly view the presence of contacts across all devices
- Know the status of each of your contacts (available, away, busy, offline, in meeting, do not disturb)

You must have a Comwave Business Line with Comwave Connect Services enabled.

Comwave Connnect for iOS
Comwave Connnect for Android
Comwave Connnect for Windows
Comwave Connnect for Skype
Comwave Connnect for OS X





***Comwave Connect quality is determined by the network connection. Disconnections are more likely on WiFi connections especially as users move between access points. Device memory and other Apps can impact the performance of Comwave Connect.



Comwave’s CRM Integrator software provides integration with a wide range of CRMs and other applications.

It's designed to help users make optimal use of the Hosted PBX communications system and allows full control of the telephone handset from the user's PC.

Download Comwave CRM Integrator for Windows