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Stay Safe While Online Shopping

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Every month billions of dollars in Canada, according Stats Canada, are spent online and although the convenience and affordability of immediate access to what we want can be alluring, it does not come risk-free. Online hackers and thieves can steal your sign-in credentials and credit card information and create websites that mimic online banks or other legitimate websites. You can mitigate your personal risk by following Comwave’s practical tips to online shopping!

1. Stick to well-known brands
Stay away from brands that you stumbled upon as these unfamiliar sites can be rigged to steal your information.

2. Find the padlock in your address bar
Never enter credit card information into a website that does not have SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption. You can be sure you’re protected if the URL in your address bar shows a locked padlock icon.

3. Check your online bank statements throughout the month
If you are doing a lot of online shopping, verify your transactions throughout the month to identify fraudulent or odd charges. This way you won’t get a surprise on your statement at the end of the month.

4. Use credit cards and not debit cards
Credit cards offer additional protection because the transaction does not draw money directly from your bank account. Credit cards also have monetary limits so thieves have a limit too!

5. Try to limit mobile purchases to your own Wi-Fi connection
Public Wi-Fi makes you vulnerable to attack so use your own Wi-Fi connection and the secure connection provided by your network provider.

Following these simple tips will help keep you safe while shopping online. Browse as many online shops as you like and never miss a sale with Comwave’s High Speed Internet and unlimited data plans starting at $49.95 per month.

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