History of VoIP - Comwave
date img Nov 5 2022 auther iconNathan Thomas

The History of VoIP

The traditional landline has long been gone, but phones are far from obsolete. Voice Over Internet Protocol or VoIP combines the technology...

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Home That Can Impact Wi-Fi Signal - Comwave
date img Oct 25 2022 auther iconBen Fishbein

12 Things in Your Home That Can Impact Your Wi-Fi Signal

Getting fast and cheap internet should be your top priority when setting up your home internet connection. But they meet only half...

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Best Picture Mode on Your TV - Comwave
date img Oct 15 2022 auther iconNathan Thomas

How to Choose the Best Picture Mode on Your TV

How well do you know your TV? Smart TVs are built with a ton of features designed to optimize your viewing experience....

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Get the Most out of Your Smart TV - Comwave
date img Oct 5 2022 auther iconBen Fishbein

How to Get the Most out of Your Smart TV

Over the past decade, TVs have gotten thinner, flatter, and simultaneously smarter. The rise of smart TVs has made it possible to...

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