7 Safety & Security Tips for Online Gaming

7 Safety & Security Tips For Online Gaming - Comwave
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It’s all fun and games when you’re online gaming—until it’s not. For gamers, having the fastest internet speeds is a must. Fast and cheap internet is how you can play online, connect with other gamers, level up, collect stats, and more.

But were you aware that like any activity on the internet, online gaming also comes with significant risks? While online gaming opens a world of connectivity and fast-paced fun, there are a lot of security concerns that come with playing with people from all around the globe and experiencing the most popular games together. From hacking to viruses and malware, gaming poses several online security risks that you shouldn’t take lightly.

And while no one’s saying that you should put down the controller, there are some steps you can take to play securely and achieve a great gaming experience. Find out how you can unlock new levels, complete quests and win, all while protecting yourself online.

Security Issues in Online Gaming

Before you log on to your favourite multiplayer game or the latest mobile craze, it’s important to be aware of the biggest risks that come with gaming. These include:

  • Identity and data theft: One of the most common risks that comes with gaming and other online activities, identity theft happens when hackers can obtain your personal information and use it for nefarious reasons.
  • Phishing: This happens when hackers can create nefarious apps and operations on a gaming platform with the goal of deceiving players. Once you click on these phishing links and fill in your information, hackers will be able to steal personal data and use it to get money from your accounts.

Tips for Safe and Secure Online Gaming

Now that you know the risks that come with online gaming, it’s time to take all the necessary precautions to maintain a safe and secure gaming experience. Start protecting your online gaming accounts and personal information with these tips:

1. Use a strong password or passphrase

Perhaps the most well-known internet safety basic tip is choosing a strong password or passphrase. So, no, don’t just use the name of your pet, your birthday, or the name of a loved one. These personal details can easily be found online, especially on social media.

Here’s how to set a secure passphrase:

  • Use at least 12 characters
  • Use memorable sentences or phrases, but make sure they’re unique
  • Use a different password for your gaming accounts, and make sure none of your banking, social media, and other personal accounts share these passwords
  • Use two- or multi-factor authentication, such as a one-time code that’s generated and sent to your mobile device when you log in, as a crucial added step to confirm that you’re logging in securely.

But don’t just stop at setting a strong password. As hacking and phishing techniques become more sophisticated, make sure to update your password regularly to keep your gaming account consistently secure. Don’t wait for alerts about suspicious logins before you update your credentials.

2. Keep your personal information strictly personal

It’s helpful to think of online gaming as an entirely different world—one where you don’t use your real name in full or at all, nor give out your personal information to other players and suspicious apps. Limit the amount of visible information on your gaming profiles to prevent hackers from harvesting this data and using it to steal your identity.

3. Click with caution

As the world of online gaming evolves, so do hacking techniques and phishing scams. Hackers have quickly become smart and creative, often using links, cheats, and hacks that appear enticing, especially when you’re eager to win. And the moment you click on these, they can instantly siphon your personal information. Simply put, think before you click: if a link looks suspicious or a random stranger unexpectedly sent you a tempting cheat code, chances are, it’s too good to be true.

4. Play only on legit websites

One of the most common ways to fall to a hacking or phishing scam is playing on gaming sites that are not secure, nor legitimate. If you’ve recently heard of a new game but you’re unable to verify that the platform is secure, pass on it. Similarly, if you’re playing on a website online without a SSL certificate and lock icon, it’s best to look elsewhere instead. All of the best gaming sites have established security measures for protecting players.

5. Keep your computer clean and secure

Aside from securing your gaming account, safe online gaming extends to your computer and internet connection.

These days, most computers have at least one level of protection. However, it’s best to add another level through an antivirus program. Choose one that offers internet security, allowing it to scan your desktop and mobile activities, including various gaming sites and platforms.

Similarly, make sure your internet connection is secure. Choose a strong Wi-Fi password, and log in to your router to verify that there aren’t unknown devices connected to your network.

6. Stay up-to-date on the operating system, software, and hardware

Another key aspect of keeping a clean gaming machine is making sure it’s current. This reduces the risk of malware and other security breaches. Update your device’s operating system as soon as a new version is available. These updates don’t just provide new features and fix bugs, but also include security upgrades, so it’s crucial that you make these updates as soon as you’re prompted.

7. Secure your payment information

Do you pay to play or access premium features? You can keep your payment method secure by also securing access to your gaming account. On top of that, try to provide a credit card rather than a debit card, since these come with higher levels of consumer protection.

Secure Online Gaming with Comwave Home Internet

At Comwave, we’re here to take your love of online gaming to the next level: with the fastest internet speeds at the cheapest prices, made secure. Our goal is to make each game fun and safe, so you can play your best, uninterrupted. Now, you can play with guaranteed fast and cheap Comwave home internet, complete with layers of security to protect your home network and all of your devices. Talk to our customer support team to learn more about securing your network and enjoying the fastest internet speeds made for serious gaming.

Are you an online gamer? Keep your affordable high-speed internet secure so that you can play unlimited and uninterrupted. Get in touch with Comwave today to learn more about improving and securing your gaming experience.

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