Comwave Mobile Apps for Smart Phones Makes Mobile Phone Calls Cheaper

Calender Icon Apr 19 2011

Comwave, a veteran home phone and long distance provider, has enhanced its unlimited mobile calling service with free downloadable mobile phone apps. Comwave’s mobile apps let smart phone users make free local and North American long distance calls, while keeping their existing mobile service provider and phone number. Providing the user has unlimited incoming calling activated, they just dial their intended number directly from the contact list in their mobile device, Comwave intercepts and connects the call, the user’s phone rings and they answer the phone like it’s an incoming call. The outgoing call is then charged as a free incoming call by the user’s mobile provider.

Comwave’s unlimited mobile bundles and plans save mobile users money on their mobile phone bill and enjoy unlimited calling for just $15 per month. Unlimited North American, Canadian and local mobile calling plans are available to reduce or eliminate outgoing call charges and astronomical cellular long distance charges by mobile providers. Users may control settings to activate or de-activate the app for their convenience.

Sign up for a free 30-day trial of Comwave’s Unlimited Mobile Service at or dowload Comwave’s free mobile application by searching “Comwave” on Blackberry App World or iTunes. Call 1-866-210-9231 to learn more.

“Many mobile phone providers charge exorbitant rates for mobile outbound and long distance calls,” says Abe Benitah, Comwave’s Vice President, Marketing. “People can save money by switching to a basic cellular plan with unlimited incoming calls and use Comwave to turn outgoing local and long distance calls into free incoming calls.”

About Comwave

For over a decade, Comwave has provided cost-conscious Canadians and Americans with truly low-cost home phone service, unlimited mobile calling and the market’s lowest long distance rates guaranteed – whether calling from a home phone, cell phone or the company’s own e-phone. As Long Distance specialists, Comwave gives customers dramatic savings on each and every call. As VoIP experts, Comwave offers high-quality, reliable phone service for a fraction of the cost of traditional phone service, leveraging a robust coast-to-coast digital network with vast coverage throughout Canada and theUnited States. With over 200,000 customers served, Comwave offers the most extensive coverage inCanada. With Comwave, mobile users avoid high charges for outgoing calls and long distance. Comwave’s free applications for Blackberry and iPhone can be downloaded to turn outgoing calls into free incoming ones, and long distance calls into local ones. Learn more at .

Contact: Jamie Fine, Social Media and Communications Specialist, Ph: +1 416-663-9700 x 329,


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