Five Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Wi-Fi Router

Five Signs Its Time To Upgrade Your Wi-Fi Router - Comwave
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When your Comwave internet is slow, you almost always blame the speed for the delay, but did you know that the router is probably just as much the culprit? After all, it’s the router that makes it possible to connect to the internet wirelessly, via Wi-Fi. Wireless routers make connectivity as we know it possible. It’s how we connect a ton of devices from computers to tablets, smartphones, voice assistants, the TV, and more.

So, when you don’t have the internet on one device or the internet is slower in another room or another floor, the router is likely to blame. Unfortunately, most people don’t pay as much attention to it, much less upgrade theirs. This is often the case with routers that didn’t come from an internet provider like Comwave. The good news is, it’s an easy fix.

Are you sure that your router is up for the job? Find out if it’s time to upgrade your router, so you can get back to enjoying fast and cheap internet from Comwave.

A General Rule for Router Upgrades

While replacing your router depends on your connectivity needs, the router’s build, and its performance, there is a general rule you can keep in mind. Routers are generally good for about 5 years; after that, they need to be replaced.

You can even bump that down to 2 to 3 years if you use a lot of devices, especially the latest with the releases it’s best to keep to a shorter upgrade cycle. An equally new router packs the performance you need to experience the full power of your newest devices.

Signs for Upgrading Your Router

While the general rule is a good reminder, keep in mind that it’s just that, a rule of thumb. Even if your router is less than five years old, you may start to see some signs that it’s not performing at its best capacity, which affects your typically fast and cheap internet. Let’s take a look at these signs that it’s time to upgrade your Comwave internet router:

  • 1. Slow Speeds

Slow internet speeds are the most obvious sign that you need a new router. But before reaching that point, you’ll have gone through rounds of troubleshooting. From doing a speed test and rebooting your modem to rebooting the Wi-Fi drivers on your device and calling Comwave’s technical support team, there are a few steps you can try. But if problems persist, that’s when you know that the router is the culprit and you’ll need a new one right away.

  • 2. Declining Performance

Is your Comwave internet working exactly as it should on some days but badly on others? Is it working well on one device but not on another? These are common signs of declining router performance. 

You should be able to trust your router to reliably deliver fast and cheap internet speeds to all of your devices. When it starts to perform inconsistently, especially when you’re dealing with large downloads, 4k streaming, or gaming then it may be time to upgrade your router.

  • 3. Ageing Technology

As mentioned earlier, it’s generally recommended to upgrade your router every 5 years. If you just recently got your Comwave home internet plan or it hasn’t been a couple of years, you might think that you don’t need a new router.

Even if your router is relatively recent, it’s worth keeping up with new technology. Mesh networking, for instance, has become popular because it strengthens the Wi-Fi signal across your home. This is usually the case when the signal doesn’t travel well to different rooms or other floors. 

While placing the router in a more central location without barriers like thick walls and furniture can help, it’s worth exploring your options. Mesh networking essentially extends the Wi-Fi signal across your home, delivering improved performance over the typical single-unit router.

  • 4. Preferring a Wired Connection

Wireless connectivity has been the standard for enjoying fast, reliable, and cheap internet, but when it doesn’t work as well, bypassing the router and going back to a wired connection is a quick and easy fix. Of course, using an ethernet cable in place of Wi-Fi is not a permanent fix, nor is it the most convenient, especially when you need to use multiple devices.

If your Comwave internet connection is consistently better on an ethernet cable that’s plugged into your router, that’s a clear sign that your router is old and isn’t performing as well as it once did. Simply, you need to upgrade your router.

  • 5. Outdated Software

Lastly, did you know that routers run on specialized software? This means, like any device, they require regular software updates to remain functional. At some point, they won’t be eligible for updates, which results in declining performance.

Depending on your router and its configurations, updates can be installed automatically, or you can do them manually. New updates bring new features, such as reduced disruptions and buffering. More importantly, these include security patches that keep your home network secure. Without regular updates, you run the risk of hackers getting into your network or poor Wi-Fi performance.

So, how can you tell if your router just needs a software update or if you need to upgrade it? First, you can check the manufacturer’s list of currently supported router models. Next, you can also check when your router last received an update using the router’s mobile or web app. If it hasn’t been updated in months or years, then you need to upgrade your router.

Upgrade Your Router and Home Internet with Comwave

Did you check yes for all of these signs? It’s time to upgrade your router. You need a reliable router that delivers maximum performance. It’s the best way to enjoy fast and cheap internet consistently across devices, anywhere in your home.

Whether you’re a Comwave customer or you’re looking for a new home internet provider, we can help you get a new router, and more. When you get Comwave home internet, you get access to a wide range of supports, including router upgrades. We’ll help you complete your home internet setup with our selection of routers and ensure you get maximum performance from your fast and cheap internet speed.

Do you need to upgrade your router? Get all the benefits of fast and cheap internet with a router that delivers maximum performance. Check out Comwave-approved routers with your Comwave internet plan.

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