The True Cost of Unlimited Data: Comparing Canadian ISPs

Unlimited Data Costs: Canadian ISP Comparison - Comwave
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Shopping for the ideal home internet plan in Canada can be a time-consuming and confusing process. In many parts of Canada, there are now dozens of internet service providers (ISPs) vying for your business, all claiming to offer the best and fastest connection. You are probably familiar with providers like Bell, Rogers and Telus, but there are also many smaller, independent ISPs, like Comwave, offering high-speed internet, often for a much lower price.

The truth is that the major telecom companies own much of the infrastructure that delivers internet to your home. These independent ISPs leverage this infrastructure to bring you the same reliable internet but oftentimes offer lower prices to compete with their larger, better-known competitors.

In this article, we will compare the cost of unlimited data in Canada and introduce you to Comwave – an ISP providing cheap high-speed internet across Canada. We will compare Comwave to the most popular ISPs so you can see how much you could be saving.

How Much Data Do Canadians Use Per Month?

Canadians spend a lot of their life engaged in online activities. The average Canadian aged 18-64 now spends over six hours per day online in some capacity, mostly working, scrolling social media, streaming movies, or playing online games. All of this internet usage amounts to an average consumption of around 400 GB of data per broadband connection per month. That’s a lot of data. Without an unlimited internet plan, that much usage could result in exorbitantly high internet bills thanks to additional overage charges.

Availability of Unlimited Data Plans in Canada

Fortunately, unlimited data plans are now the norm for Canadian ISPs. Most service providers now offer at least some plans with unlimited data. It is important to note though, that data caps and overage fees do still exist with many ISPs, and are especially prevalent for lower-end speeds. That is particularly notable if you live in a rural area as higher speeds may not be available for your neighbourhood.

If you end up going over your monthly usage limit, most companies charge around $4 or $5 per extra GB of data, up to some overage fee limit (usually around $100-$200). Don’t get caught up paying extra for overage fees. Make sure you know the details of your plan so you can accurately plan for your monthly bills. Thankfully, all of Comwave’s internet plans include unlimited data, so you don’t have to worry about paying extra or planning out your monthly usage.

Cost of Home Internet in Canada

Canada routinely ranks among the most expensive countries for home internet. In a 2021 study by the Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) comparing internet costs at various speeds, they found that broadband internet in Canada was the most expensive of the countries included, beating out other countries with pricey internet like the US and Japan.

Here is a breakdown of the average monthly cost for their different categories of service from Canadian ISPs. Remember that these are for plans in 2021:

  • Level 1 (3-9 Mbps): $47.60
  • Level 2 (10-15 Mbps): $51.54
  • Level 3 (16-40 Mbps): $66.31
  • Level 4 (41-100 Mbps): $77.98
  • Level 5 (100-249 Mbps): $95.00
  • Level 6 (250-500 Mbps): $98.08
  • Level 7 (500 Mbps+): $108.71

High-speed internet doesn’t have to cost so much. Even at the time of writing, in 2024, Comwave offers plans that are significantly cheaper than these 2021 average monthly rates.

Comparison of ISPs

Comparing Comwave to other Canadian companies, it becomes clear that Comwave offers exceptional value across each tier of service. At every tier of service, Comwave’s plans offer the same speeds and unlimited data for $10 to $40 less per month.

The savings are particularly notable at higher speeds, where other companies jack the prices up and try to sell you on the idea that you need the fastest internet possible. The truth is that most households don’t need gigabit download speeds and certainly don’t need gigabit upload speeds. You can get the best value by opting for a plan that meets your needs without excessive speeds, but if you want the fastest internet, at least Comwave offers it with a fair price scaling. You can explore Comwave’s internet offerings here to see for yourself.

You have to be careful when comparing plans. A lot of ISPs offer special deals that can seem attractive at first, but end up costing you a lot of money in the long run. The most common are discounts for signing up for a long-term contract or offering a reduced rate for the first few months to get you in the door, before increasing your rates. Often these deals include various stipulations or lock you into contracts with expensive early cancellation fees.

You can research the deals that are available to decide what is best for you, but with Comwave it is simple. There are no confusing terms and conditions designed to hook you into a more expensive plan, and no expensive cancellation fees. Just simple month-to-month plans with affordable pricing, designed to maximize transparency and flexibility. All Comwave internet and TV plans are available with clear monthly pricing as stand-alone offers or as part of an internet and TV package.

Comwave vs. The Competition: Get High-Speed Internet for Less

Unlimited high-speed internet in Canada is expensive, but Comwave is trying to change that. As you can see, the plans with Comwave offer Canadians more transparency and flexibility than you may have come to expect over the years. Comwave offers home internet services to most of Canada, though the availability of the higher speed plans may vary depending on your location.

Check out Comwave’s unlimited high-speed internet plans today to find the best plan for your home. If you enjoy having a home TV service as well, take a look at our TV plans and you could save more by bundling your internet and TV packages!

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