There’s an App for That!

Calender Icon Oct 24 2016

There’s an App for That

Calling long distance from your cell phone can be expensive but keeping in touch with your friends and loved ones shouldn’t come with a price. Want to make long distance calls from your cell phone with ease? Comwave has an app for that. Comwave Mobile is a free app for all their customers that can be downloaded on any iPhone, BlackBerry or Android phone that allows them to make long distance calls without the need to enter a PIN or dial an Access Number.

How does it work?

The Comwave Mobile app is simple and ready to use. Open the app and either dial the number on the provided key pad or use your phone book within the app to select the contact you are calling. Once you have dialed you will receive an incoming call from Comwave on your mobile phone, don’t forget to pick it up! When you answer your long distance call will be connected and you will enjoy the great Long Distance rates you already love from your Home Phone package.

What are the benefits?

– Free to download on all Smartphones
– The app uses your own phone book to make calls
– No PIN or Access Numbers needed
– Calls are billed at the Comwave rates you know and love already provided through your Comwave Home Phone plan.

Looking to download the app? You can find it easily for any smartphone in the Apple store, Google Play store or through BlackBerry App World.

Interested in the Comwave Mobile App but not a Comwave customer? Call us at 1-866-770-8522 or check us out online at

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