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What is Hosted PBX for Business?

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Gone are the days that require you to purchase a phone system for your office while managing the installation, phone lines, long distance, etc. Hosted PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is a secure, private telephone network used within a business organization. It is also referred to as a virtual phone system or cloud telephone system because it works through an Internet connection using communication channels such as Voice over IP (VoIP).

A Hosted PBX service allows businesses to easily switch between internal phone extensions used by employees and the inbound and outbound calls made on external phone lines. For businesses, routing your calls digitally through a Hosted PBX system allows you to avoid the high-priced, long-term contract phone plans with the traditional big phone companies.

Comwave’s Hosted PBX phone systems are the most advanced on the market with over 25 features, Smartphone applications, Outlook integration and voicemail messages which are conveniently delivered to your email. Hosted PBX phone systems are extremely flexible allowing you to add as many users, mailboxes and features to accommodate your business needs as they change.

Choosing a Hosted PBX system with Comwave helps businesses serve their customers better by supporting their employees with a phone system that’s simple, affordable and reliable. Along with all the features you’d expect from a phone service, Comwave also helps businesses reduce costs associated with procuring phone lines and hardware, managing long distance charges, securing a separate hardware maintenance contract, technician visits and more.

Whether your business is a start-up, expanding its offices or looking to upgrade your current phone system, Comwave’s Business Specialists can help you choose the right Hosted PBX service and hardware options for your specific needs.

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