10 Smart Home Devices to Enhance Your Home Automation

10 Smart Home Devices To Enhance Your Home Automation - Comwave
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Today, living a connected life goes beyond your phone, computer, and other personal devices—it’s a total lifestyle experience. As more technologies become ‘smart’, the next frontier for complete connectivity is the home. Just like your smartphone has changed the way you use the internet, smart home technologies are changing the way you live.

Whether it’s for home security and safety or automating the lights and taking steps to make your home more energy-efficient, smart technologies are paving the way to live a better, cleaner, safer, and more efficient life. Connected to your home network and automating tasks through fast and cheap internet, countless devices can transform your living space into a smart home.

In this guide, we’ve rounded up our favourites, all highly recommended for turning your house into a smart home, and getting home automation to work for you. Check out our top recommendations for smart home devices you need right away, and find out how to keep them connected and responsive with fast and cheap internet.

10 Smart Home Devices for Convenient Everyday Living

1. Home assistant

The most popular smart home device and the first thing that comes to mind when we think of a smart home, home assistants have been popular for a few years now because they’re synonymous with home automation. A home assistant does everything you need it to do, from telling you the weather, setting reminders and timers, and turning on the lights or the TV.

2. Security camera, smart lock, and video doorbell

Home security systems aren’t new; but with smart security cameras and doorbells, you can automate home monitoring and receive relevant alerts directly on your smartphone. In addition, an integrated security camera and doorbell allow you to see who’s at the door, monitor your home, and even use face detection technology to recognize people you trust showing up at the front door.

Bump up your home security with a smart lock. Skip the deadbolt and switch to a lock you can control directly on your smartphone. Plus, with door sensing features, you’ll get alerts if the door was accidentally left open and be able to integrate it with a smart home assistant for voice control.

3. Smart thermostat

Sure, you can set the AC or heater temperature yourself, but can you maintain an optimal temperature and keep your home energy-efficient, especially when you’re away? A smart thermostat regulates your home’s interior temperature using smart sensors, so it’s always properly cooled or heated and energy-efficient. It also sends alerts and notifications to your phone to monitor the temperature and manage energy consumption with just a quick tap.

4. Lighting

“Alexa, turn the lights on” is a phrase you’ve probably heard a lot by now, and it’s for a good reason. It’s not just about not having to give up your spot on the couch to manually switch the lights off. When integrated with your home assistant, you can simply issue voice commands to turn the lights on or off, as well as adjust brightness and manage energy use remotely.

5. Home assistant robot

You shouldn’t have to do it all yourself. Now, you can get the help you need when you need it, whether it’s doing household chores, checking in on your home, or managing the entire household. Think of these robots as the smarter and more capable version of the now widely used voice-based home assistant. The robot is certainly a step up, with the ability to hold items, move around rooms to show you your pet through a live feed transmitted directly to your smartphone, make video calls, connect to a smart doorbell, and more.

6. Robot vacuum

Robots are the hottest trend in home automation right now, so another smart home must-have is the robot vacuum. These small, round robots are powerful vacuums that learn the contours of your home and the location of various pieces of furniture to establish a cleaning routine. You can also automate a cleaning schedule, so the robot vacuum powers on to do a thorough sweep on a regular basis.

7. Smoke detector

Following the trend of home safety, a smoke detector is one effective precaution against fire damage and a devastating disaster. But now, the standard smoke detector just got a whole lot smarter. When it detects unusual elements in the air, a smart smoke detector will sound an alarm that indicates which area in your home triggered the alarm. The addition of an LED ring on the bottom of recent models also allows it to change colours in case of an emergency, providing a visual cue.

8. Sleep health technology

Better sleep isn’t just about more hours. Smart sleep technology like smart beds monitor and maintain your sleep quality using sensors that track how well and how long you sleep. This information is delivered to your smartphone where you can view your sleep data, identify sleep orders, and get valuable tips for improving your sleep. As sleep health technology advances, you can expect to see beds that regulate temperature overnight and even come with built-in alarms that you can set around your morning routine.

9. Garage door opener

Tired of finicky garage door remotes? Now, you can get a smart garage door opener, with sensors that allow it to connect to your in-home Wi-Fi network, so you can control it using your smartphone or a home assistant. The accompanying app also allows you to check if the door is open, and close or open it remotely.

10. Smart plug

And finally, we have smart plugs—the perfect companion to the rest of your smart appliances, giving you complete home automation. Smart plugs can monitor and optimize energy use, as well as turn appliances on and off. These features are especially useful when you’re not home—no more running back to unplug a device if you’ve accidentally left it on.

Get Fast Internet to Power Your Smart Home

With these top smart home devices, you can transform your home and make it smart. Live a completely connected and convenient life in your very own smart home, powered by the latest smart technologies seamlessly connected to your in-home network. 

Get fast and cheap internet that lets you communicate directly to your lights, doorbell, thermostat, robot vacuum and more, and automate their function. See how Comwave helps you live hassle-free, thanks to fast internet speeds that help ensure seamless home automation technology. Step into the future with a fully networked home, and unlock the key to a safer, cleaner, and easier life in your own space.

Want to enhance your home automation with the latest smart home technologies? Make sure your internet is fast enough to support your smart devices. Contact Comwave today to learn more about optimal internet speeds and the cheapest internet plans for home automation.

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