7 Tips for Creating a Productive Work From Home Space

7 Tips For Creating A Productive Work From Home Space - Comwave
Calender Icon Mar 10 2023

In the three years since COVID-19 was declared a global pandemic, not only has a lot changed in terms of how we live, work, and play, but we’ve settled comfortably in these patterns. Today, a lot more people than ever across Canada work remotely. 

From not having to deal with a grueling commute anymore, to simply needing fast and cheap home internet and having more time for things to do at home with family and friends, working from home can be the best. That is, of course, if you have the right space.

So, what’s your work-from-home day like? Whether you’re still working fully remotely or you’ve started the slow return to the office, you need to invest in your home office space. Check out our guide to setting up your workspace at home for the ultimate day of productivity, complete with fast, cheap, and reliable Comwave home internet.

Tips for Setting up Your Work from Home Space

Are you finding yourself getting bored during the work day, or you simply can’t think and have trouble getting things done? That’s the other side of working from home. Earlier on, you might have been fine just setting up at the dining table or even on the couch. But three years in, you’ve likely realized that you need a more conducive space that’s easily reached by your fast and cheap Comwave internet and away from distractions.

So, does your work-from-home space need a bit of sprucing up or a complete overhaul? Whether it’s a new desk, brightening the mood, remembering to take breaks, or making sure you have proper back support, here’s everything you need to do to set up your home office and stay productive:

1. Choose your space—and ask everyone to respect it

In the actual office, you likely have a cubicle or door that sets physical boundaries for your workspace. At home, it may be a little harder to carve out your own workspace. Throughout the pandemic, a lot of people even got creative, going as far as converting a closet into their home office. And while you don’t have to do that, you need a defined office space. 

It doesn’t have to be four walls or a partition; even a simple addition like a rug in a room with lots of natural lighting anchors you to a set space. Just make sure everyone knows it’s your spot by personalizing the area and telling them your work hours so they know not to distract you.

2. Set a schedule

Early on, a lot of people working remotely for the first time had trouble clocking out. After all, when your home suddenly also becomes your office, it’s easy to feel like work never stops. So, how do you prevent this?

The best thing to do is treat the workday like you’re going to the office in-person. Try to stick to your regular work hours, and take breaks as you normally would. It helps to get out of your home office space—whether it’s an area rug or an actual room—during lunch or when you’re done for the day, so it feels like you still have clear boundaries between work and home.

3. Find a reliable desk

The desk is essentially the centrepiece of your home office. With the right desk, you’ll have a reliable space for staying productive throughout the day. Of course, it has to be the right size so it fits in your space, and the right height to avoid straining your arms, neck, and back. 

For this reason, you might like a standing desk because it packs quite the ergonomic power. Plus, make sure it has a generous surface space and storage options. And it wouldn’t hurt either if it matched the aesthetic of your space so it fits seamlessly with the space.

4. And an ergonomic chair

With the desk comes the chair. But before you go with style, don’t sacrifice it for function and comfort. You need a chair that goes well with your desk and the aesthetic of your work-from-home space, complete with ergonomic comfort. Choose from different heights, makes, fabrics, colours, wheels or no wheels, and other styles. Ensure it supports your back for all those long hours at your desk.

5. Add storage space

Are you having trouble getting your ideas together? One factor might be the clutter in your workspace. Cleaning up can do wonders for your productivity, especially when you have very little room to work in.

To start, you’ll need some storage solutions on-hand. Adding a wall-mounted bookshelf is one way to save space and declutter your desk, freeing it up from documents and folders. It’s also a good idea to stock up on bins and baskets for office supplies. And the best part? You can always get these items in any style you want to match your work-from-home space.

6. Infuse life and personal touches

An efficient layout and ergonomic furniture can make all the difference in setting up a productive work-from-home space. But they’re just the core elements. And now that you have them, the next step is to personalize your workspace so it’s every bit as conducive and stress-free.

Get inspired to work better and smarter by:

  • Breathing life into your home office by putting flowers, diffusing scents, and lighting candles
  • Styling the space with art, picture frames, books, plants, lighting, and a nice background for your virtual meetings
  • Brightening the room with adequate lighting from pendant lights, floor lamps, and a window setup for more natural light.

7. Get the fastest and cheapest internet for working from home

And most of all, don’t forget about your home internet connection. First of all, is the wi-fi signal strong in your work-from-home space, or does it reach the room at all? Don’t settle for anything less than fast and cheap internet from a reliable provider like Comwave. Get the fastest speed for working from home all-day, at the cheapest prices anywhere in Canada.

A strong internet connection is one of your basic needs for working from home, so make sure your service is reliable for keeping you online and productive throughout the day. Try to set up your home office close to the router, or complete your setup with a powerful new router and wi-fi extenders from Comwave.

Work from Home with Comwave Internet

Are you all set up in your new and improved work-from-home space? With a set space, ergonomic furniture, and personal, inspiring touches, you’re all set to have a productive day in your redesigned home office.But before you clock in, don’t forget the one thing that makes it all possible: the fastest and cheapest internet, only from Comwave. 

Need help choosing the right speed for your needs? Our Speed Finder tool and specialists are here to help. We’ll look at your typical workday and after-work hours, so you can stay connected with fast and cheap internet that meets all your needs. Whether you need just our minimum recommended speed of 150 Mbps to 500 Mbps, or the fastest at 1 Gb fibre internet, Comwave delivers the fastest and cheapest internet for all-day productivity at home.

What’s the best speed for all your work-from-home needs? Discover the fastest and cheapest internet for working from home, only from Comwave.

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