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For any serious gamer, a lagging game is their number one enemy. Nothing else ruins the mood, gameplay, stats, and hard-earned rankings worse than consistent lags. You could be deep into a quest or you may be beating your high score when a game lags—or worse, you get disconnected. And while you can write off a one-time occurrence as an issue with the game itself or a minor glitch, repeatedly playing a lagging game is certainly no way to enjoy yourself.

Why is my game so laggy?

Have you ever wondered why your game lags? Is it your computer, the game, or your internet connection? Let’s find out.

Common Signs of a Lagging Game

First, learn to spot the signs of a lagging game. What does a lagging game look like on your computer or console? Here are some ways that you may experience lag while gaming:

  • The operating system and programs take a while to load
  • Games and graphics load slowly, flicker, and frame rates drop
  • Browser windows load slowly and/or send error messages
  • You have trouble saving your progress
  • Your internet speed is generally slow across devices.

A lagging game is often the result of high latency in your internet connection. This means it takes more time for data to transfer from your network to the server, and from the server back to your network. The higher the latency, the lengthier the lag, making it more likely that you lose everything you’ve worked towards and have to repeat a level to regain your stats.

7 Ways to Fix Game Lags

One of the first things anyone does to fix a lagging game is to reboot the game or their computer. But when the issue isn’t fixed, it’s most likely the Wi-Fi signal and internet connection that’s slowing you down. You may be too far from your router, your service provider may be experiencing outages, or your internet speed may simply not be fast enough to ensure smooth gameplay. To get your ideal gaming experience, your Wi-Fi signal needs to be stronger, and your internet speed must be fast enough to avoid delays.

Check out these quick fixes for a lagging game—and get the gaming experience you deserve:

1. Boost your Wi-Fi signal

Where is your router located in your home, and where do you play? The easiest way to fix a lagging game is to place your router in a central location, closer to where you typically game, so that the Wi-Fi signal is strong enough to reach your computer or console. If that doesn’t work, reboot your router.

And if you’re still experiencing lag, here are some more ways to further boost your Wi-Fi signal:

  • Install a Wi-Fi extender.
  • Switch from the 2.4GHz band to the 5GHz band on your router.
  • Upgrade your router to a modem model—one with antennas, and reposition these for optimal signal.

2. Upgrade your internet speed

Is your internet speed fast enough for the best gaming experience? While basic internet speeds can handle low-bandwidth activities like reading articles, sending emails, and posting on social media, you’ll certainly need faster speeds for gaming. 

Getting the fastest internet speed is even more crucial when multiple devices are connected to the Wi-Fi. A fast internet speed—at least 25Mbps dedicated to your computer or gaming console alone—ensures that online games run smoothly, without lags. Keep in mind that the average Canadian utilizes download speeds of 156 Mbps, so the amount of devices connected to your Wi-Fi may be contributing to the lags and diminishing your overall internet speeds.

3. Upgrade your connection type

Broadband, DSL, or cable—what’s the best type of internet connection for regular online gaming? The quality of your gaming experience highly depends on both your internet speed and the type of internet connection. These three common connection types are typically stable for your everyday needs, but it’s worth considering an upgrade to fix laggy games.

Today, the fastest type of internet connection is fibre internet. It uses fibre optic cables, the best and most stable connection for online gaming. It’s exactly the connection type made for power users and pro gamers—ultra-fast and stable, guaranteed to ensure uninterrupted gameplay and fix laggy games. 

4. Use powerline or MoCA adapters

Are you using Wi-Fi for gaming? With most devices now wireless-enabled, Wi-Fi is the standard for internet connection. But it might not always provide the best gaming experience. Instead, a wired connection may still be the better option, allowing for a more stable internet connection without lags.

You can create a powerline network using powerline adapters and a coaxial network using MoCA adapters to ensure a reliable gaming experience. Keep in mind, though, that you need an ethernet cable to complete the connection. 

All you need to do is plug either type of adapter into an outlet near the router, and then plug in its corresponding adapter near your computer or gaming console. Finally, connect the device to the nearby adapter.

5. Reduce internet and bandwidth use for other programs

When you’re serious about moving up to the next level, you will need the full power of your internet speed and bandwidth. Close programs or apps that you don’t need while gaming, and limit internet use or turn off Wi-Fi on your other devices. This lets you minimize and fix lags in the game and ensure that maximum bandwidth is diverted to your computer or gaming console. 

6. Review in-game settings

Still facing lags due to slow internet connection? While not always ideal, you can temporarily reduce the graphics setting in the game you’re playing. You might notice it becomes a little grainy and pixelated, but a slightly lower resolution can help fix a laggy game. You can also try turning off Anti-Aliasing and reducing your shadow quality to stay in the game without lags.

7. Secure your home network

Finally, how secure is your home network? Check to see who’s connected to your Wi-Fi and what devices they’re using. Manage and secure access to your in-home network to keep unauthorized users and unrecognized devices out, so you’re guaranteed optimal bandwidth for your gaming device and your dedicated internet speeds aren’t being diverted to unapproved devices.

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