Comparing IPTV to Traditional Cable: Why IPTV is the Best Way to Watch

Comparing IPTV To Traditional Cable - Comwave
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How do you watch TV? Over the past decades, cable has always been king—a guaranteed reliable way to enjoy all your favourite shows by broadcast networks, exactly when they’re scheduled to start. Think back to all those hours you spent channel surfing, hopping from one channel to another, hoping to catch the latest episodes or reruns. But today, there’s a new, better way to watch—and it’s all about your preferences and schedule.

Cable vs. IPTV: Finding the New Best Way to Watch

With the rise of streaming platforms and watching shows on-demand, this era of watching TV—catching the latest live on-air—seems so long ago. Today, the latest in TV comes with IPTV: watching what you want, when you want, all thanks to your internet connection. Whether you want to watch live or replay an episode you missed, Comwave allows you to enjoy TV the best way: instantly, with no lags and delays—and best of all, on your own time. Comwave TV is available with a Comwave internet connection or through the Amazon Fire Stick.

Still watching cable? Learn more about IPTV and its benefits over cable. Unlock the best TV with Comwave so that you can watch whatever, whenever.

Cable TV: A Quick Trip Down Memory Lane

How Cable TV Works

Remember the days of channel surfing and waiting for your favourite shows to air at a set time and day of the week? That’s what cable TV is all about. Cable delivers programs by broadcast network to your home using light signals that are transmitted through fibre-coaxial networks. From there, a set-top box decodes the waves, displaying broadcast programs on your TV.

No Buffering

With different frequencies in your cable plan, you can hop from one channel to another, all without buffering. This allows you to enjoy high-quality video without lags and interference, making cable one of the most reliable streams for live broadcast. Thanks to dedicated cable lines, you can switch back and forth between your favourite channels anytime.

Limited Availability

Cable TV is good and reliable—at least when it works where you are. However, one of the most known drawbacks of cable is, it works wherever the signal is good. So while it’s perfectly reliable in the city, it might not deliver all the channels you want to watch if you live in a rural area, far from dedicated cable lines.

The Waiting Game

Add to signal issues is a rigid broadcast schedule. A lot of people will remember sitting in front of their TV, waiting for their favourite shows. But it’s certainly not the most convenient nor helpful, especially when you have to wait for a rerun. Since cable transmits from broadcast networks, it’s confined to delivering what programs are available at set times and days.

IPTV: The Best of TV, Thanks to Comwave

The future of watching TV is here: IPTV—Internet Protocol Television. Simply, it’s watching TV over the internet instead of radio waves.

How IPTV Works

With IPTV, shows, music, and even live TV programs are converted into a compressed digital format, sent over your home internet connection. Based on your channel package subscription, you can choose a program to watch and play on your TV or even other linked devices in your home internet network

Essentially, you select a channel with your IPTV provider, then your TV or computer pulls the information from the provider’s server to link with its IP address. This link transmits the information required to display the media content on your device so that you can watch local news, TV shows, movie channels, and more.

IPTV Starts with Reliable, High-Speed Comwave Internet

Because IPTV allows you to watch TV over the internet, it’s only as good as your internet connection. This is why you need the fastest internet speeds and most reliable connection for uninterrupted watching. A reliable, high-speed connection means you can watch high-quality video, with no buffering and lags—just pure entertainment. 

Plus, you can bundle Comwave internet with an IPTV subscription, and enjoy all your favourite shows on Comwave TV. Whether you want just the basic channels or to build your own package, staying up-to-date with all your favourite shows has never been easier.

Watch TV the Way You Want

IPTV is all about the freedom to watch what you want, when you want. With the fastest internet speeds from your Comwave plan, you can even watch shows that are not currently on-air in broadcast networks, as well as shows and channels in addition to regularly scheduled television broadcasts.

Also known as time-shifted media or on-demand, this mode of distribution means you can play the latest episodes after their original scheduled broadcast, without the hassle of recording it yourself. Watching “whatever”, “whenever” is all about your schedule and preferences, so you’ll never be restricted by rigid set-schedule broadcasting across your favourite channels.

Pause, Play, Rewind, and Fast-Forward

Didn’t catch the dialogue or want to rewatch a gripping scene? With IPTV, you’re in full control. Get up to grab a snack, replay your favourite parts, or skip to the best bits. Plus, watching on-demand also means sitting through fewer commercial breaks so that you can enjoy all your shows with fewer interruptions.

Watch Anytime—And Anywhere

What’s better than watching what you want, when you want? Catching all your favourite shows on any device! 

With IPTV, you don’t have to be in front of the TV to watch TV. Now, you can watch anytime, anywhere, whether it’s on your computer or tablet, as long as it’s registered on the same home internet network.

Best Value for TV

Finally, one of the areas where IPTV is the real winner over cable is value for your budget. Simply, IPTV is much more affordable and flexible than cable, especially with customizable packages. When you bundle Comwave internet with IPTV, you can choose from different TV packages available, or even build your own, a la carte style. Get exactly the channels and shows you want, fit for your budget.

Looking for the best way to watch TV? Make the switch from cable to IPTV, and unlock a new way to watch, made possible by your reliable, high-speed Comwave internet connection. Start watching with ComwaveTV today.

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