How to Get the Most out of Your Smart TV

Get the Most out of Your Smart TV - Comwave
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Over the past decade, TVs have gotten thinner, flatter, and simultaneously smarter. The rise of smart TVs has made it possible to watch in new ways and enjoy many new features on screen at home. Like your smartphone, smart TVs allow you to enjoy everything online on the big screen.

Your smart TV has many little-known features to explore, so you can enjoy your favourite TV shows and channels the way they were intended. Check this list of features you can unlock with your smart TV, right at home.

How to Use Your Smart TV

Do you know just how powerful and advanced your smart TV is? Get the most out of it, and enjoy your TV favourites, from streaming apps to your ComwaveTV subscription powered by fast and cheap internet. Find out what your smart TV can do and how to set it up for hassle-free viewing:

  1. Streaming
  2. Perhaps the most popular reason for getting a smart TV is streaming, it’s a popular way to watch TV. Unlike waiting for live on-air programming, streaming allows you to enjoy the best of TV and even movies on-demand.

    Many smart TVs come preloaded with the most popular streaming apps, including Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Crave, and a lot more. You’ll need a subscription as well as fast and cheap internet from Comwave. There’s often an app library where you can download the apps.

  3. Browse the web
  4. One of the defining features of smart TVs is the ability to browse the web. This means you can access streaming platforms directly through your TV browser. Aside from finding the specific streaming content you need, you can also browse other sites just as you would on a computer or a smartphone. The biggest benefit is having a big, highly immersive display powered by a fast Comwave home internet connection.

  5. Customize your home screen
  6. Speaking of your favourite streaming services and ComwaveTV subscription, you can set your TV to make them more accessible. Rather than scrolling endlessly through the app library, you can add them directly to the home screen. Check to see if your smart TV supports this feature for hassle-free viewing.

  7. Use your smartphone or tablet
  8. Did you know you can use your phone or tablet as a remote? That’s right—instead of pushing buttons to navigate through the app library, you can cast shows and movies directly from your smartphone or tablet. All you need is the streaming app on your device, and make sure your TV is compatible with casting.

  9.  Watch live sports and other TV
  10. Of course, your smart TV is still a TV. With a ComwaveTV subscription, this means you can watch live TV channels, such as sports, news, entertainment, and much more. You’ll just need the Amazon Firestick that comes with a ComwaveTV package to be connected to your TV, so you can watch various channels live, or catch replays on-demand.

  11. Set up gaming mode
  12. Are you an avid gamer? Your smart TV has got your back. Many modern models are built with gaming mode, designed to enable fluid and responsive gameplay so you can enjoy your favourite games to the fullest.

    Many smart TVs are also built with High Dynamic Range (HDR), a 120Hz frame rate and 4k resolution to help maximize the performance of your gaming consoles. Plus, for serious gamers, the best smart TVs come with an auto-low-latency mode and a variable refresh rate. With all of these features, connecting your gaming consoles will be a breeze, thanks to Bluetooth support and seamless pairing.

  13. Connect virtual assistants
  14. How much have you come to rely on your Alexa or Google Home? Voice assistants pack a lot of features, from setting timers and alarms to answering search queries and controlling other integrated smart devices like lights and thermostats. But did you know that your voice assistant can also link to your smart TV? Once connected, you can easily ask Google or Alexa to turn it on, queue content, control the volume, and perform other commands for hassle-free viewing.

  15. Turn on ambient mode
  16. The TV should blend seamlessly with your home’s interiors. After all, it’s not just an appliance but often a focal point of the living or family room. But, a black screen can easily disrupt the vibe.

    Instead, you can set your smart TV to display photos and paintings on a loop, essentially functioning as wall art. Many smart TVs even come with specific settings for “ambient mode” or “gallery mode”, so you can curate the display and add a decorative splash to an otherwise still room.

  17. Set the audio

And finally, you can get the home theatre experience with your smart TV. No, this doesn’t mean simply turning up the volume. Instead, you can play around with the audio settings to make sounds like conversations crisp and hear even subtle sound effects. While your smart TV is set to standard audio by default, you can enhance the viewing experience by exploring other picture modes and the EQ settings to tailor the audio for maximum performance.

Watch ComwaveTV on your Smart TV

Smart TVs are some of the most powerful and essential technologies, with excellent displays designed for your viewing and gaming pleasure. With all of these possibilities, all that’s left to do is get a subscription to enjoy the best TV.

ComwaveTV is the perfect companion to your smart TV—and the most essential service for keeping up with the world around you and unwinding in the living room. Powered by fast and cheap Comwave internet, ComwaveTV brings you all your favourite channels and TV content, live on-air and on-demand. Watch the best sports, news, and entertainment channels with your ComwaveTV plan on your smart TV, all thanks to an excellent display.

Want to know more about what your smart TV can do and how to watch ComwaveTV with it? Find out more about ComwaveTV plans, powered by the fastest and cheapest internet with Comwave.

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