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Moving into a new home is an exciting chapter in anyone’s life, but it comes with a long list of tasks that need to be tackled to make your house a comfortable and functioning home. One of the first and most crucial steps is setting up essential utilities. Ensuring that your electricity, gas, water, and other services are up and running can make the transition smoother and your new place more welcoming. Here’s a comprehensive checklist to guide you through setting up the utilities for your new home.

What Utilities Do You Need?

The following list of utilities is essential for almost every home in Canada. However, if you are renting, some or all of these utilities may already be set up for you or included in your rent price. Be sure to check with your landlord so you have a clear understanding of what you have to do ahead of moving in.

The cost of your utilities can vary dramatically depending on where you live, your monthly usage, and the time of year. Hydro bills, for example, are often higher in the summer thanks to air conditioning usage, while gas bills are higher in the winter when Canadians rely on heating to stay comfortable. Thankfully, your internet and TV bills will be consistent each month, and if you sign up with Comwave you can rest assured that you are getting affordable rates and the best value for both services.

Electricity (aka Hydro)

Often referred to as “hydro” in many parts of Canada, electricity is fundamental to powering your home, from lighting to appliances. Initiating or transferring hydro services typically involves contacting your local electricity provider, which varies by province or territory. Be prepared to complete an application process, which can often be done online or over the phone, and inquire about any necessary deposits or credit requirements.

Natural Gas

Essential for heating, cooking, and hot water in many Canadian homes, natural gas services require setting up an account with your local gas utility. Given Canada’s climate, ensuring your gas service is uninterrupted is crucial for home heating and comfort during colder months.


Access to clean, running water is a necessity for life and day-to-day household activities. Water services are usually managed by municipal governments, so you’ll need to ensure the water is turned on and the account is in your name, which might involve a simple application or transfer process. Your water service may be based on a flat rate or a usage fee, depending on your municipality.

Water service is usually the responsibility of the property owner, so this is one utility that renters won’t have to worry about.

Sewage and Waste Management

Sewage services are typically included with water services and managed by local municipalities. In more rural areas, septic systems may be in use, necessitating an inspection or maintenance check. Additionally, you will want to familiarize yourself with the local waste collection and recycling schedules and requirements.

Sewage and Waste Management is another utility that tenants won’t have to worry about setting up as they are tied to water services and are usually the responsibility of the property owner.


With the digital age in full swing, a reliable internet connection is vital for communication, work, entertainment, and more. Internet service in Canada is some of the most expensive in the world, so it is important to look for deals where you can. Fortunately, Comwave makes the search simple by offering fast and cheap internet in Canada. Check out Comwave internet plans starting at only $39.95 per month

TV Service

Whether you’re interested in traditional cable or digital streaming services, setting up your TV service is essential for leisure and staying informed about local and international news. Comwave has you covered with cheap TV service, the perfect compliment to your favourite digital streaming services with plans starting at just $19.95 per month. Plus you can save even more when you bundle your internet and TV packages together with Comwave,


While mobile phones have largely taken over, a landline can be a reliable backup, especially in areas with unreliable cellular coverage. If you still enjoy having a landline or need one for logistical reasons, the good news is that home phone plans are relatively affordable. With Comwave, you can get your home phone service for as low as $12.95 per month!

How to Set Up Utilities

Setting up utilities in a new home can seem daunting, but with some planning and organization, it can be a smooth process.

1. Plan Ahead

Begin the utility setup process well before your moving date. Some services may require installation appointments or time for the transfer of services to be completed.

2. Compile Necessary Documentation

Be ready with essential information such as your new address, the date you’ll move in, and personal identification documents. Utility companies may require a piece of ID, such as a driver’s license or passport, and your Social Insurance Number for credit checks or verification purposes.

3. Research Local Providers

Utility providers can vary significantly by region in Canada, so it’s important to research who serves your new area. For electricity and gas, this could be a provincial utility like BC Hydro in British Columbia, Hydro-Québec in Québec, or a local municipal utility. For internet and TV, Comwave makes for an easy choice with cheap internet available across Canada.

4. Contact Utility Providers

Reach out to each utility provider to initiate service or transfer existing services to your new address. This can often be done online, but phone calls may be necessary for more detailed arrangements or to schedule installation appointments.

5. Understand Billing and Service Terms

Familiarize yourself with each utility’s billing cycle, payment methods, and how to access and understand your bills.

6. Schedule Installations or Inspections

If your new home requires any new installations or inspections, schedule these appointments as early as possible. Availability can vary, and it’s best to have these services up and running when you move in.

7. Confirm Start Dates

Ensure all utilities are set to start on or before your move-in date to avoid any inconvenience. It’s particularly important to have utilities like electricity, water, and heating operational from day one.


Moving into a new home requires a well-organized approach, especially when it comes to setting up your essential utilities. By following the outlined checklist, you can ensure that your transition into your new space is as seamless and comfortable as possible. Remember, the key is to plan and give yourself ample time to make all necessary arrangements.

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