10 Frequently Asked Questions About Internet Connection

10 Frequently Asked Questions About Internet Connection
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Choosing an internet provider requires doing your homework: finding out everything you can about how they provide fast and affordable internet that meets your needs and stays within your budget. And like any service provider, you’ll want to make sure that they can be there for you when you need them, 24/7. To find out, you need to know what to ask—and how to get the answers you need, when you need them.

So, before you sign up for advertised fast and cheap internet, take some time to ask your provider the important questions. Find out how you can contact them if you can’t connect to the internet and need to troubleshoot your connection. Or, ask where you can check your speed, and monitor your usage and billing. Even if you’ve been with your internet service provider for some time now, it’s important to know where you can get these answers when you need them.

Check out the most frequently asked questions about an internet connection, and get the answers you need, right away.

10 Internet Connection FAQs

Finding Fast and Cheap Internet

1. What internet speeds are available to choose from?

Internet providers offer various internet speeds designed for different users and needs. You can get lower speeds at 15-30Mbps for basic needs, or level up all the way to 1Gb if you’re more active online. Choose an internet speed that’s fast enough for your everyday needs, whether it’s checking emails and scrolling through social media to streaming on Netflix and uploading large files. Comwave customer service is available to find the fastest and cheapest internet available in your area, and help you choose the right internet speed for you with one-on-one guidance.

2. Are internet speeds guaranteed?

You can expect the internet speed you pay for to stay consistent throughout regular use, and barring any emergencies that disrupt service. Now, keep in mind that your internet speed is also influenced by factors like the condition and location of the router, the time of day, and the number of devices and users sharing the internet connection, to name a few. As well, speeds remain consistent within the service guarantee and usage policies.

3. What kind of data limits should I expect?

Today, unlimited data—with no data caps—is the service standard for high-speed internet in Canada. And with the right provider, unlimited data is cheap and accessible on any budget. However, some internet providers still charge based on your usage or offer limited data plans, so make sure to choose an internet plan that offers unlimited internet to ensure that you’re always connected at the best value. At Comwave, all of our internet plans come with unlimited data and no data caps.

4. Is there a minimum term for my internet?

Some internet service providers offer plans with preset terms – which can be 1 year terms, 2 year terms, or lengthier terms – while some internet service providers offer plans without terms. While some internet services with preset terms can offer monthly savings, they often also charge high cancellation fees in the event that a user looks to cancel their service before the term ends, limiting the user’s flexibility. At Comwave, we offer no-term service to ensure that you have as much flexibility and freedom as possible – and because we know that our affordable prices can compete with any internet service provider in Canada.

5. Can I use my own router or modem with my internet service?

Usually, yes. Using your own router, modem, or other equipment may work best if you want to save on any possible router rental fees, and if your technology is at par with that of the provider, or better. 

However, keep in mind that routers and modems available for rent from an internet provider are tailored to your specific internet plan and the speed you select. Your internet provider typically recommends, and often provides, a specific router or modem that’s guaranteed to handle your internet speed. As well, they’ll handle the installation and any maintenance or repair required if issues arise.

At Comwave, we offer customers the choice of utilizing a router that’s provided for your internet service, or the ability to use your preferred internet router as long as it’s compatible with the associated internet service speed.

Getting Help for Your Internet Connection

1. How do I contact tech support?

Tech support is available to help you troubleshoot your internet connection, or discuss any questions or concerns you may have. Internet providers like Comwave offer a centralized tech support resource for general network information, modem manuals, and live support, enabling remote control of your computer by tech support staff. You can contact Comwave tech support at 1-877-474-6638.

2. How do I set up Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi access is included in your Comwave home internet plan, and Comwave sends an installation specialist to your home to complete the setup entirely for you. However, if you’re looking to set up or reset your Wi-Fi on your own, check the back of the modem or router for the sticker with the Wi-Fi credentials (the network name or SSID and default password). Then, on your device, search for the network name as indicated on the modem/router, and enter the password provided.

3. How do I change the Wi-Fi network name and password?

Changing the Wi-Fi network name and password can help you remember these better, so you can easily connect different devices to the Wi-Fi. To set the network name and password, go to your internet browser and type the IP Address. 

For Comwave customers, typically, the IP Address is Then, enter the username cusadmin and the same password you use to connect to the Wi-Fi. On the Wireless tab, go to Basic Settings and select the wireless band 2.4G or 5G. In the SSID box, you can see the network name and change it to your desired name. To change the password, go to the password box and set it to your desired password.

Make sure to save your changes. If you are unable to change the Wi-Fi network name and password after following these steps, contact tech support for further assistance.

4. Why is my internet so slow?

If your internet is slower than usual despite your internet service typically offering faster speeds, there are a few factors to consider. For instance, the number of devices and users connected to the network, as well as the activity on each device can affect internet speeds. Certain activities like streaming in HD, video calling, live streaming, and uploading and downloading large files take up more bandwidth.

To address slow speeds, you can disconnect devices currently not in use. Another thing you can do is change the location of the modem or router to make sure it’s within range of your devices. Finally, you can connect a computer directly to the modem using an ethernet cable.

If your internet still isn’t fast enough for your everyday needs, it may be time to upgrade your internet speed. Get fast internet with speeds of up to 1Gb so you can browse and stream uninterrupted and without delays.

5. The Wi-Fi isn’t working and there is no internet. What should I do?

If the Wi-Fi isn’t working on some devices, first make sure that you’re connected to the right network, and the password is correctly entered. Then, on your device, select the network and the prompt “Forget Network”. Refresh the list of available wireless networks, then select your network and enter the correct credentials again. Contact technical support if you still can’t connect after following these steps.

But if there’s no internet across all your devices, you need to check the modem. Make sure the lights on the modem are on. If they’re off, reboot the modem and unplug the power cable for 30 seconds before turning it back on. And if that still doesn’t work, contact tech support to restore your fast internet connection.

Contact Comwave Tech Support 

These frequently asked questions are here to help you make sure you’re using fast and affordable internet—and find out why your browsing and streaming experience may be less than optimal in rare instances. The most important thing to remember is, tech support is available to help when problems arise.

Comwave offers fast and responsive tech support, with quick response times so that you’re able to access support whenever you need it. Our tech support team is dedicated to helping you stay connected without delays and disruptions so that you can stay online 24/7, hassle-free.

Need tech support? From answering questions about available internet speeds to troubleshooting your connection, Comwave is here to help. Contact us to get the fast and cheap internet you deserve.

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