11 Ways to Improve Your Gaming Skills

11 Ways To Improve Your Gaming Skills - Comwave
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Gaming Techniques and Strategies from Comwave’s Gaming Pros

With the rise of competitive esports and gameplay streaming becoming increasingly popular, video games aren’t just a fun weekend hobby anymore. With so many Twitch streamers and professional gamers earning over six figures a year, gaming can be incredibly lucrative if you have the drive and the skills to pursue this path.

However, it’s important to understand that these skills are learned, and even the most skilled and talented gamers have to start somewhere. So, if you have a love for gaming but are looking to improve your skills so you can take things to the next level, keep reading for some expert tips.

Focus on One Game at a Time

Different games require different skill sets, so we recommend that you concentrate your efforts if you are really focused on improving your gaming skills. This means prioritizing one game at a time and working on becoming an expert at that game before moving on to another.

When doing this, focus on mastering the fundamental mechanics of the game, such as aiming, movement, and map knowledge, as these are skills that can be applied to other games when you are ready to move on.

Set Goals For Yourself

When attempting to master any type of skill, setting goals for yourself will help immensely, especially when it comes to gaming.

At the beginning of your journey, define specific goals, things you want to achieve, and areas you want to improve upon. This will help you stay motivated and help you to direct your focus on certain things.

Here’s an example: If the game you’re trying to master requires you to play as a first-person shooter, a goal you can work on is improving your accuracy or reaction time.

Record Your Gameplay

Just like how athletes record their games to analyze their performances, this same strategy can be used in the world of online gaming. If your game allows it, recording your gameplay can be a great way to look back on your past plays and:

  • Take note of things you did well
  • Identify areas where you made mistakes
  • Analyze your actions, decisions, and mistakes
  • Identify areas for improvement


Partner Up With Strong Players

Find other gamers who have more experience than you and get together for gameplay so you can study their techniques and get advice. You can also ask them to coach and mentor you to further improve your skills.

Watch Gameplay Streamers on Twitch

Watch skilled players and professional gameplay streamers on livestream platforms like Twitch or YouTube, take note of their strategies, and try to replicate their techniques in your own gameplay.

Optimize Your Gaming Setup

When it comes to professional gaming, skills and experience will only take you so far. If you are serious about improving your gaming skills, you’ll need to invest in a professional quality setup. Consider dedicating a room in your home solely to gaming and invest in the following:

  • A comfortable ergonomic chair
  • A proper gaming mouse
  • High-quality headphones
  • A high-resolution display
  • A high-quality keyboard


Practice Consistently

When looking to improve at any skill, consistency is key. Carve out a specific time in your schedule to dedicate to gaming every day. Having a gaming schedule will help hold you accountable so you can focus on your goals and dedicate the amount of time that is needed to see a real improvement. During your dedicated gameplay time, make sure that you block out all distractions.

Study Patch Notes

Patch notes are updates released by game developers that let players know when any updates have been made to a game, whether it’s to add new features or fix any bugs in the game. Any changes to a game, even small ones, can significantly impact your strategies, so it’s very important that you look out for these patch notes so you can stay up to date on any major or minor updates.

Read Online Forums

Online forums are a great place to connect with other gamers and seek out advice. Whether you’re just looking for general tips or are stuck on a certain level and need help moving forward, check out the following online forums:


Prioritize Your Health

It’s so easy to get addicted to video games and end up skipping meals and sleep so you can spend more time on gaming. Try not to fall into this trap and make sure that you are prioritizing your mental and physical wellbeing. Set alarms on your phone to remind you to eat and take breaks. Also set limits for yourself on how many hours a day you can spend gaming so that you are getting enough sleep and physical exercise.

Finding ways to stay calm under pressure and avoid getting overly stressed and burned out is essential as well.

Upgrade Your Internet Package

If you want to take your online gaming seriously, a strong internet connection is absolutely essential to avoid lagging and interruptions to your gameplay.

Your internet provider should be offering at least 50 Mbps upload speed; however, we recommend switching to a provider like Comwave that offers even faster, more reliable internet and speeds of up to 1,000 Mbps..

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