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The kids born today are unlike any other generation. For starters, they were born in the digital age. In a way, this makes the internet part of their DNA—and smart devices like phones and tablets their building blocks.

Today, it’s not uncommon for children as young as toddlers to play on screens, leading to many parents being concerned about their screen time. “Should kids be watching videos, playing games, and learning onscreen?” is a question that many parents and children’s advocates ask. The reality is, it’s hard to keep kids properly engaged, let alone make sure that the apps they’re on are appropriate for their age and productive.

So, what can parents do? As smart devices and apps only continue to grow, it’s important for kids these days to learn healthy online habits. More than limiting screen time, it’s even more critical that parents know what their kids are doing on their devices and the apps they’re using. That’s why we’ve scoured the App Store and Google Play to find some of the best educational apps for kids.

Here’s our guide to 10 of the best educational apps for children, so your kids can stay productive with healthy, kid-friendly content that teaches them essential skills while enjoying their screen time. Check out these apps, and download them with the best and cheapest internet from Comwave.

Tried and Tested Apps: Factors to Consider Before Downloading

Before we dive into our recommendations, let’s take a look at important factors to consider before downloading apps for your kids. As parents and lifelong learners, it matters that you can ensure that every app is safe, affordable, appropriate for young kids, and truly educational.

Here are factors to consider before downloading educational apps for kids:

  • Safety: Any personal information used to create an account, as well as collected throughout your kid’s use is safe. Plus, look at the number of downloads, rating, reviews, and permissions list to make sure that the app is safe to download and isn’t accessing too much personal information.
  • Age: Make sure that the app is appropriate for your child’s grade level, so they’re not learning concepts too complex for their age. This helps ensure that they don’t get frustrated and end up quitting because the exercises are too easy or too complex.
  • Features: Look at the features of each app and how they encourage engagement. Stay away from apps that focus solely on consuming content rather than providing quizzes and exercises to test their understanding, so you can measure how much your kids have learned.
  • Independent learning: Look at the ease of use of each app. Select apps that kids can easily navigate, while providing effective parental controls. By reinforcing independent learning, kids can also learn essential digital skills and problem-solving techniques.
  • Price: Lastly, make sure that the app is affordable. All of the apps listed below offer free versions or a free trial, and a low subscription fee if you would like to access more content and additional features.

Best Educational Apps for Kids

Are you worried about your kids’ increasing screen time, or do you want them to use this time more productively? According to Canadian Paediatric Society research, it’s more than possible to instill healthy online habits in kids early on, starting with encouraging them to use educational apps. 

From learning their ABC’s and reading, to math, coding, and essential problem-solving skills, there are tons of educational apps that both parents and kids love. By shifting your kids’ focus from entertainment to learning, you can teach them healthy engagement with the latest technologies that will continue to shape the rest of their lives.

Here are our picks of educational apps you can enjoy with the best and cheapest internet at home:


If you have family and friends with little kids, there’s a chance that you’ve heard about this family favourite—and for good reason. An overwhelming favourite, the teaches kids ages 2 to 8 early learning through storyline-based videos, quizzes, and activities. And the best part? You can track your kids’ progress through the lessons. There’s a virtual map that shows what they’ve learned and the activities ahead of them.

2. Khan Academy

This one isn’t exclusively for kids—but even kids at heart are fans of lifelong learning made possible by Khan Academy. This is why tons of teachers, parents, and young students love the app.

With lessons for kids as young as 4, Khan Academy offers free modules on everything, from math to art. Kids can learn at their own pace by watching videos and trying exercises, while parents can see how they’re progressing in different areas. And if you’ve got younger kids under 4, you can also get them on the Khan Academy Kids so that they can start on a similar platform as their older siblings.

3. Epic!

Are you struggling to instill a love of reading in your child by shifting their attention from watching videos to reading books? A good place to start is the reading app Epic!. With over 35,000 children’s books, this ebook library offers tons of fun features that make it easier to get kids to love reading, such as the read-to-me feature for young learners. And since it’s an entire mobile library, you can easily take Epic!’s books on-the-go.

4. Nick Jr.

A lot of parents today might remember watching Nickelodeon—we are certainly feeling the nostalgia, too! If you remember a lot of good times on this channel, you’ll be happy to hear that Nick Jr. is now also available as an app.

The Nick Jr. app offers a ton of educational videos and games for your little ones based on the feature characters of popular shows. And while some parts may require a cable subscription to unlock, there are tons of full episodes and games you can access for free, to kids’ delight.

5. Quick Math Jr.

Were you terrified of math while growing up? You’re not the only one! That’s why we were so thrilled to learn about Quick Math Jr., an app designed to eliminate the fear of math and instill a love of numbers in today’s kids.

Quick Math Jr. offers 12 different math games designed to reinforce fundamental skills and concepts. The app teaches these using unique graphics and buildable characters, and encourages kids to hand-write or draw their answers to reinforce handwriting as well. Over time, you can count on your little ones to develop a love of math and remember what they learn in school.

6. Duolingo

Did you know that children learn new languages much easier than adults? Knowing another language aside from your primary one is a valuable life skill, so it’s important to start your kids young.

Duolingo is one of the best ways to do this—and it’s not just for kids, but it’s also loved by adults. Duolingo allows kids to learn a new language through audio, word identification, and oral exercises. With over 30 languages offered, your child can easily pick up the fundamentals and progress to more complex exercises for building language skills.

7. Homer Learn and Grow

Do you have more than one little one? Getting all of your kids to learn valuable skills together makes it easier to manage their screen time and engagement with educational apps. Plus, it’s also a good way for siblings to spend time together.

Homer Learn and Grow allows you to do exactly that. With support for up to 4 kid’s profiles on an account, you can personalize learning activities for kids of various ages, so each child is taking lessons and doing exercises appropriate for their age and skill level. From numbers and letters to social skills, you can get all your kids to learn various skills on a single platform.

8. Swift Playgrounds

If there’s one skill that’s becoming increasingly popular in the digital age, it’s knowing how to code. Fortunately for parents, there’s an easy way to teach kids coding at a level of complexity that’s appropriate for kids.

Swift Playgrounds is an educational app created by Apple to introduce kids—and people of all ages—the basics of coding, particularly the Swift language that app developers use around the world. Through the app, kids learn coding by doing puzzles, lessons, and visuals.

9. Simply Piano

Do you wish your kids learned an instrument? Now, it’s easier than ever to get kids to learn how to play the piano, all without booking lessons. Simply Piano offers a fun, interactive way to learn the piano, thanks to simple lessons and a guided program. Similar to actual piano lessons, kids can learn the fundamentals, but progress in complexity at their own pace. As a result, they’re more motivated to learn while having fun.

10. Brainpop Jr. Movie of the Week

And lastly, don’t forget to reward your little ones for all the hard work they’ve put into learning! It’s important to balance learning and fun, so keep them entertained with movies that do exactly that.

Brainpop Jr. Movie of the Week offers in-depth but accessible educational videos on nearly any topic. From health and science to music, art, and entertainment, this app encourages kids to develop a positive, healthy attitude towards learning through videos and short quizzes. Plus, the app also offers free videos on internet safety and bullying, two key topics that are very important as kids grow up in the digital age.

Enjoy Educational Apps for Kids with the Best Internet from Comwave

At Comwave, we believe in the importance of learning healthy online habits early on in life. That’s why we want to help you make sure that your kids are using apps safely, so they can use their screen time productively and learn valuable skills. Our role is to make this the best experience possible, starting by making sure that your kids are connected to the internet when they need to be. Thanks to the fastest and cheapest internet from Comwave, your kids will enjoy their educational apps without delays and disruptions.

Want more recommendations from Comwave? Get in touch with us today to learn more about our fastest and cheapest internet plans, and all the ways to make the most out of yours.

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