6 Steps To Create A Strong Password - Comwave
date img Apr 8 2022

6 Steps to Create a Strong Password

A strong password is your first line of defence against cybersecurity threats. As cybercrimes and privacy violations grow more sophisticated, it’s important...

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Gaming Online - Comwave
date img Apr 5 2022

7 Ways to Reduce Lag When Gaming Online

For any serious gamer, a lagging game is their number one enemy. Nothing else ruins the mood, gameplay, stats, and hard-earned rankings...

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What is phishing? Examples of phishing emails & 5 tips for spotting - Comwave
date img Mar 12 2022

What is phishing? Common examples of phishing emails and 5 tips for spotting

Phishing is one of the most common cybersecurity threats that we face every day on the internet. Chances are you’ve already encountered it...

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Why is Upload Speed Important? Five Things to Know - Comwave
date img Mar 8 2022

Why is Upload Speed Important? Five Things to Know

When shopping around for internet providers, many people are immediately enticed by ultra-fast download speeds, often clocking in over 100Mb, and more recently...

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