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There’s no question that you need fast internet at home. But how fast is fast—and is there such a thing as too fast? Today, a reliable home internet connection makes it possible to work remotely, learn, keep up with trending moments in pop culture, and stay connected to the world around you. But finding the right speed for doing all these is the challenge.

So, how much internet speed do you really need? If you’re in the market for a new home internet plan that better meets your needs, it’s helpful to know how much internet you actually need. Often, a lot of people are struggling with slow internet speeds. But what about if your current speed is too fast and redundant?

Let’s answer all your questions! Have you tried using the Comwave Speed Finder? Find out how to use it, so you can get the fastest and cheapest internet anywhere in Canada.

Speed Finder Basics: Getting Started

Looking for the right internet speed that takes you from work to play? Our speed finder is here to help. Here’s how the basics work:

  • Identify everything you do online every day or what you use the internet for, and the number of hours you spend online
  • Count the number of people using your home internet and think about what they do online everyday
  • Count the number of devices connected to your home internet, including smart home devices
  • Break down the different tasks you do online—do some of them require more bandwidth than others? For example, if you’re just scrolling through social media or checking emails, you could get by with a lower speed and cheaper internet plan compared to if you’re constantly streaming and gaming.

How to Use the Comwave Speed Finder

Ready to get started? Let’s go over each of the steps above so that you can find the fastest and cheapest internet for your everyday needs and budget. Try these steps with the Comwave Speed Finder:

   1. Count the people at home

How many people live in your home? If you live alone, this is less of a concern. But if you live with family, a partner, or roommates, you will need to consider them, and their connectivity needs when using the speed finder.

But, don’t worry—this doesn’t automatically mean that you won’t be able to get the cheapest internet plan for your needs and budget. Start by counting everyone that lives in your home and uses the internet, and don’t forget to count yourself!

   2. Check the devices connected to the Wi-Fi

The next step is to see what devices are connected to your home internet. Finding the fastest and cheapest internet speed greatly depends on what devices you and everyone at home uses to stay connected. 

These days, it’s not uncommon to have more smart devices than people at home. A lot of people have a smartphone, computer, and tablet, as well as a smartwatch. Then, there’s the TV for watching and streaming, and a gaming console for complete entertainment. For smart home enthusiasts, we also have voice assistants for playing music, telling you the weather, setting a timer, and more. Plus, there are smart light bulbs, smart thermostat, smart locks and doorbell, and smart security alarm system.

And while it generally means that more devices means needing a faster and more expensive home internet plan, don’t discount Comwave’s Speed Finder just yet—it’s still possible to get the cheapest internet that meets everyone’s needs.

That brings us to the next step.

    3. Think about what you do online

Not all devices use up your home internet bandwidth at the same rate. The key is to figure out what you and everyone at home do online

For example, if you’re just refreshing your email inbox now and then, chatting, or scrolling through social media, that makes you a casual internet user. But if you’re constantly streaming and gaming, this means you need a much faster internet speed to avoid buffering, lags, and even getting disconnected.

Not sure how to measure your internet usage? Let’s look at the recommended speeds for the most common things you can do online, and how you can get the fastest and cheapest internet for them.

  • Streaming in SD (480p): 3—4Mbps
  • Streaming in HD (1080p): 5—8Mbps
  • Streaming in 4K: 25Mbps
  • Streaming music: 1—10Mbps
  • Video calls: 0.5—1.5Mbps
  • Email and social media: 1Mbps
  • Downloading large files: 10Mbps
  • Gaming: 3—4Mbps
  • Home security system, with camera feeds: At least 100Mbps

Now, keep in mind that these are only minimum recommended speeds. The best speed for each of these depends on how many other devices you have connected to the internet and whether you’re actively using them, as well as if other people at home are also using the same connection.

For instance, the minimum speeds for gaming may be low, but it also depends on the gameplay and the gaming experience you want to enjoy. This is why you likely won’t find a home internet plan at just 5Mbps—even the cheapest internet plans start at 30Mbps or 50Mbps.

Lastly, keep in mind the difference between upload and download speeds. If you typically send files, post photos, sync items to the cloud, fire away at emails, and more, you need a good upload speed to send this data from your device to the internet. Meanwhile, downloading files, loading a website, or streaming music and videos will require a good download speed.

   4. Add it all up

Now that you know how many devices in your home are connected to the internet and the speed they need, it’s time to add it all up. Typically, every person needs at least 25 Mbps to stay online; if your current speed is well below that, you may want to consider an upgrade. Of course, this can vary depending on what each person needs the internet for and how many hours in a day they’re online.

While the number can appear very high at first, keep in mind that not all devices—and people—are online, at full-speed, all at the same time. Realistically, you may be able to shave off tens of Mbps from your earlier total, and get the fastest and cheapest internet speed that meets all those needs.

   5. Match it with the right home internet plan

And now, check the results in the speed finder—you’ll get the best speed for your everyday needs and budget. The Comwave Speed Finder is easy to use, so you’ll quickly find the fastest and cheapest internet speed that everyone at home will be happy with.

Try the Comwave Speed Finder Today

And there you have it—that’s how you get the best home internet plan anywhere in Canada. The Comwave Speed Finder is here to help you find the internet speed that’s right for you and everyone at home, and all your devices and the things you do online. No more getting stuck with a speed that’s too slow, or overpaying for a speed that’s too fast for your needs and budget. It’s time you experienced the fastest and cheapest internet made exactly for you.

Ready to find the best and cheapest home internet speed? Head over to the Comwave Speed Finder and order the Comwave home internet plan that’s right for you.

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