The Best Home Office Setups for Productivity and Comfort

Home Office Setups For Productivity And Comfort - Comwave
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Over the past few years, remote work or working from home has greatly changed. By now, you’ve either mastered the art of setting boundaries and avoiding burnout, or you’re even spending a few days back at the office in a new hybrid setup. So, how has the setup of your home office changed since then?

Early on, a lot of people reported being more productive at home, citing this as their reason for wanting to work remotely on a permanent basis. But behind every focused, productive person working from home is a setup that makes it possible. The right desk and chair, blocking out noise, having tons of natural light, and many other improvements to your home office setup can make all the difference. Combined with having the best, fastest and cheapest internet from Comwave, you can be more focused and productive as you work from home.

So, does your home office setup need a refresh? From carving your own, defined space away from common areas, to having the right gear ready, including your Comwave home internet, check out our tried-and-tested tips for setting up your home office.

Tips for Setting Up Your Home Office

Whether you’re short on space and sharing it with a few others, or you’re struggling to focus and feeling added stress, there’s lots you can do to improve your work-from-home setup. Start with these easy to follow tips:

1. Find your space

This is step one of setting up your home office, so make sure to put some thought around it. Throughout the pandemic, we’ve seen lots of people get creative, especially when they’re tight on space.

But even if you don’t have an extra room, roomy closet, or converted garage, you can still have a productive home office setup. What’s important to remember is that, if you’re still working on the couch or in the kitchen-slash-dining-area, try to find a separate, dedicated workspace instead. It pays to follow this basic rule, as it means you’ll have a defined home office—even without the four walls. 

A simple addition like an area rug in your living space or bedroom might just do the trick for creating some separation between your home and work lives.

2. A desk at the right height

Once you’ve got a space to yourself, it’s time to start setting it up. Early on, you may have done fine just working on your dining or coffee table. But neither of these are the most ergonomic, so it doesn’t come as a surprise if you’ve started feeling back pain or strain in your arms, wrist, and neck.

The solution? Invest in a dedicated desk and chair setup. And while a standing desk is the ideal setup with the most ergonomic benefits, we don’t mean that you have to splurge on a fancy model if it isn’t in your budget.

Instead, the most important factor to consider is the height of the desk and chair. You can avoid back pain and prevent fatigue by making sure that both the desk and chair are at the right height to avoid strain while working. When your setup is at the right height—typically with your elbows open at 90 to 110 degrees—it will also be easier to reach what you need, whether it’s your keyboard, mouse, or notebook and pen, and more.

3. Ergonomic chair

Of course, don’t forget the other half of your setup—your office chair. No more plopping down on the couch, working in bed, or setting up shop at the dining table.

Instead, it’s time you invested in a real office chair—your back and entire body will thank you, so you can stay comfortable throughout the work day. An ergonomic office chair is designed to adapt to your body, providing you with maximum support for your back.

But, buyer beware—don’t just get any office chair because not all of them are ergonomic. To confirm that a chair you’re looking at is really ergonomic, check the lumbar support, as well as the height adjustments. Set the chair to your desired comfort, and once you’re seated, check if your feet can be flat on the ground and your knees are at a 90-degree angle. 

Other ergonomic features include adjustable depth and width, the ability to recline, and a headrest. The bottom line is, don’t compromise on your office chair.

4. Natural lighting

There simply isn’t a substitute for natural light. The warm, golden glow of sunlight is an instant mood booster, encouraging you to be productive. So, if you find yourself unable to see clearly or focus, there’s a good chance that you’re not working under good lighting. Luckily, there’s an easy fix, especially if your space allows for it.

The best way to get loads of natural light in is by working close to a window. So, try to set up your desk close to one. If you’re short on space or working well after the sunset, reinforce your work-from-home space with bright LED lighting, such as a desk lamp.

Plus, you can add another mood booster that pairs well with natural lighting: natural greenery. A dash of green can instantly brighten up your workspace and create a refreshing feeling that relieves your stress.

5. Noise-cancelling headphones

A lot of people have gotten used to the idea of ambient background noise to accompany them at work. From soft music to even having the TV on in the background, you may become attuned to a low level of noise and convinced yourself that it helps you stay alert and productive.

But did you know that background noise can still cause distraction? The best way to stay productive is still blocking it out. Here’s where noise-cancelling headphones come in—they drown out noise, making it easy to focus on the task at hand and avoid getting distracted. Then, you can use it to play soft music that keeps you alert and energized, or even white noise to keep you company.

6. Get your gear ready

At this point, you’re finally ready to re-introduce your tech to your new, revamped home office. Set up your computer or monitor, keyboard, and mouse on your desk, while ensuring proper placement. 

This means making sure that the display is at eye level, and your mouse and keyboard are ergonomic to avoid straining your wrist and hand. But most of all, make sure to take breaks once in a while by taking your eyes off the screen every 20 minutes and standing up to stretch.

7. Fast and cheap internet

And finally, don’t forget about your home internet. It’s impossible to stay productive without the best internet connection—the kind that doesn’t keep cutting out and causing delays as you try to work. 

If you’re still working with the same plan you had while you worked in the office, it’s a good time to revisit your subscription. To start, talk to your internet provider or shop around and find out the best internet speed for working from home and staying connected 24/7.

Work from Home with the Best Internet Plan from Comwave

At Comwave, we believe you do your best work when you’re in the best space for it. A conducive work-from-home space is exactly what you need to get in the right headspace for the workday and stay productive despite all the challenges that come with working remotely. But most of all, a good home office setup helps you make the most out of your time and focus, without feeling added stress.

The good news is, you don’t have to go about setting up your home office by yourself. Comwave is here to help you stay productive hassle-free, thanks to reliable, affordable home internet for working from home. When you have the best internet at home, it’s one less thing for you to worry about, so you can jump into video calls, send emails, and work smoothly throughout the day. Complete your setup with home internet from Comwave.

Does your home office need an upgrade? Let’s set it up with the best internet for working from home. Browse Comwave’s internet plans today.

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