Remote Working with Comwave Webex Cloud Phone system

Cloud Phone System for Remote Working

Canadians want the option to work from home. Here’s how Comwave can help your business accommodate that.

A cloud phone system is uniquely suited to meet the needs of any company that requires telecommuting. Telecommuting, also called telework, teleworking, working from home, mobile work, and remote work, is a work arrangement in which employees do not commute or travel to a central place of work.

Telecommuting is becoming increasingly popular in demand by employees and job seekers. Consequently, empoyers are adhering to these demands and offering their employees the opportunity to work remotely. The number of employers offering a work from home option has grown by 40% in the past 5 years.

Employers offering at least part-time telecommuting flexibility collectively save $44 billion each year.

By switching to the cloud, your company will gain a flexible and cost-efficient communication solution. Not only will your business be able to thrive in an office setting, but your employees will be able to enjoy a flexible work style by having a business phone number they can take anywhere.

As more modern methods of the average work-day come to fruition, and businesses begin to take a more mobile approach to work, the flexibility of a cloud phone system becomes more and more important in keeping your employees connected.

Making the decision of letting your employees work from home, comes with a lot of uncertainty when it comes to the suspicion of non-productivity, and the lack of collaboration opportunity. Comwave can help combat these uncertainties. Our Comwave Webex Cloud Phone solution offers some unique features that will help ease your mind, including, but not limited to:

  • Chat feature to Instant message with co-workers in a secure environment.
  • Video conferencing for collaboration and virtual meeting needs.
  • Availability features to see who is away or on the phone.

Benefits of Remote Work:

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Boost Productivity

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Improve Communication

Lower Costs - Comwave

Lower Costs

Employees love flexible working opportunities

When most people think about remote work, they often consider the benefits that the employee will experience, not the employers. While there are certainly a number of advantages of telecommuting for your employees, having a remote workforce will greatly benefit your business.

Comfortable and Convenient:

Working remotely means that your employees can work in the comfort of their own home with their own workspace and operating system. Apart from comfort, your employees will be able to flex their schedule immensely – with work from home options, employees feel that they can work whenever they’d like, for however long they’d like, as long as their job is being done.

Increased Productivity:

With a flexible working environment comes an increase in productivity. Employees with the option of telecommuting are 20% more willing to work more than 40 hours a week and are more productive when working on a creative project.

Lower Expenses:

Remote work can be fiscally beneficial for both the employer and employee. For instance, your employees spend money commuting to and from the office every day, that can be negated by having the option to work from their home. On the other hand, employers can save expenses on workspace and operating expenditures by encouraging work from home policies. Further to this, businesses will experience a  lesser turnover rate as employees generally feel happier about their work and more valued by their managers when they are given the autonomy to work from home, meaning they are less likely to quit.

Challenges Employers Face

Although there are many benefits of allowing employees to work from home, the concept also has its downfalls- especially if you are not equipped with an adequate communication ecosystem.

Challenge: Limited Communication

Integrating remote workers can be difficult if your business uses a basic communication system, making remote employees seem unavailable or feel disconnected. SMS, email, and other forms of instant messaging are great for quick communication, but they can also be ambiguous, leading to misunderstandings. Nothing can outmatch the efficiency of face-to-face communication.

Solution: Comwave Webex Application

Our virtual phone system is intended to close the gap in disconnected communication.  With Comwave Webex, your employees won’t be limited to sending texts and emails as their only form of communication.

Our solution makes it possible for remote workers to use their mobile phone as an extension of the corporate office phone system. This means, employees can take their office phone home, so they’re always available at their extension.

The Comwave Webex Mobile and Desktop Application is a mobile solution that enables your smartphone to act as an office phone. The app enables instant messaging within teams, video conferencing and screen sharing to integrate remote workers with the rest of their team.

Video Conferencing - Comwave Hosted PBX

Challenge: Discipline Regulation

For managers that like to keep a close eye on their employees, the option of remote work can be intimidating. While having the freedom of working from home may increase productivity and provide a more affordable work situation for both employee and employer, flexible hours and lack of supervision pose potential issues in terms of sticking to schedule and meeting deadlines.

Solution: Availability Statuses

A virtual phone system can’t make your employees more motivated or hard- working, however, Comwave Webex provides a way to tell your co-workers that you are “at work.”

With our availability statuses, your co-workers will be able to tell if you’re available to collaborate, if you’re busy on the phone, or if you’re offline altogether.

Call routing rules can be set to trigger when availability changes, which can be helpful for sales and customer support teams, to ensure that calls don’t go unanswered.

These statuses help to create transparency into the status of remote employees and are sure to help management understand their employee’s availability.

Availability Statuses - Comwave’s HPBX

Empower Your Employees To Work From Anywhere

Ultimately, the decision to let your employers telecommute remains a personal business decision. However, as the workforce continues to evolve and new talent expects to have the option of remote work, Comwave’s virtual cloud phone system remains a valuable option for both in and out-of-office communication. Set your business up for success and invest in a cloud-based phone system to keep your employees connected.

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