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Managed Data Networks from Comwave lets you run your business while we make sure your networks run smoothly, all the time. 

Comwave Managed Services are All-Encompassing

Simply getting an internet connection is not good enough anymore. Today’s networks are tasked with doing more than ever before as back-office systems move to the cloud. With critical data, IoT, voice and video, all competing for bandwidth, while at the same time networks are being attacked and vulnerabilities exposed daily; IT staff are overwhelmed and networks inevitably fail. Support them with these great tools.

Always Connected™ Business Internet

Nationwide coverage with the largest multi-carrier network in Canada. Comwave can service any location, with DSL, Cable, Fibre, LTE Wireless, Fixed Wireless and Fibre P2P connectivity options. 100% uptime internet insurance with Internet LTE as a backup.

Managed Network Security

Comwave offers Fortinet Unified Threat Managed with our Network Security solution. Our objective is to provide 'Clean Internet', and with our security solution we scrub your traffic and remove threats that could be harmful to your business operations.

Managed Firewall/Router

Business-grade firewall protection with Fortinet hardware and software. 24/7 network monitoring, custom firewall rules and quality of service controls in place.

Managed Switches

Comwave helps determine the number & type of switches needed for your local network, with advanced configuration by a certified Fortinet engineer.

Managed Wi-Fi

With the use of our sophisticated Wi-Fi tool, Comwave provides the optimal location of all of your Wi-Fi access points within your office, regardless of size.

Build the Right Managed Network Solution with Comwave

Comwave’s expertise in building and managing network solutions offers your business the comprehensive protection it needs.

Fortinet Certified

At Comwave, we utilize best-in-class Fortinet software and hardware, and our Fortinet-certified engineers handle complex network configuration.

24/7 Network Monitoring

Let Comwave monitor your network 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so you can achieve peace of mind, and focus on your business.

Built Around Your Business

Comwave Managed Network Solutions are designed and configured by our certified engineers to meet your business vision.

Your Complete Business Technology Plan

Your business doesn't have a technology plan, but Comwave can help you build one. With Comwave's suite of products and services, we have a solution to every problem.

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Always Connected™ Business Internet

Never let an internet outage affect your business again with 100% internet uptime.

Nationwide Coverage and 100% Uptime

As the largest multi-carrier network in Canada, we can service any location anywhere. With 100% uptime insurance with LTE internet as a backup, you can keep all your devices running, including point of sale (POS) devices.

Single Bill & Point of Contact

Take away the headache of working with a large carrier off your plate, and avoid the long hold times when calling Canada's largest carriers. Comwave offers a single bill and point of contact for maximum simplicity and convenience.

24/7 Network Monitoring

Proactive, 24/7 monitoring and automatic notifications when an issue comes up. We automatically open a ticket with the carrier and hit the ground running to maintain complete connectivity.

Enterprise-Grade Network Security to Protect Your Organization

Our fully-managed network security solution protects your business from intrusions, malware and viruses.

Intrusion Prevention

We can detect and block intrusions & attacks, and discover vulnerabilities and take action to remediate them. Comwave Network Security is always fully maintained and up to date.

Web Content & Application Filtering

Block and filter undesirable web content, prevent access to harmful applications, and monitor and control the use of specific websites and applications on your network.

Custom Business Portal for Total Control

Comwave's simple, web-based interface allows you to review & fine-tune your network protection anytime. Update your filtering, identify and review specific applications and more.

Business Grade Firewall Protection with Fortinet Hardware & Software

Stay secure with a best-in-class firewall and advanced malware protection.

Best in Class Fortinet Resources

Detect and block intrusions and attacks. Discover vulnerabilities and take action to remediate them.

Quality of Service Controls

Block undesirable web content, prevent access to harmful websites, and reduce bandwidth consumption. Monitor and control the use of applications on your network.

Perfect for Hybrid & Remote Work

No hardware to support, or manage. Automatic updates and maintenance in the cloud for continuous protection from emerging threats.

Managed Switches to Ensure Efficient Network Traffic Flow

Advanced configuration, 24/7 proactive monitoring, free moves, adds, changes and more.

Configuration and 24/7 Monitoring

Comwave handles the advanced configuration by a certified Fortinet engineer, with 24/7 proactive monitoring of the switches and uplink ports.

Advanced Insights & Recommendations

Comwave's certified Fortinet engineers can offer advanced insights into any possible local network (LAN) issues and assist in troubleshooting.

Free Moves, Adds & Changes

Including local VLAN adjustments and changes, port assignments and port shutdown and more.

Separate, Secure Wi-Fi for Guests with Managed Wi-Fi

Ensure your guests are always connected, and target your guests with automated marketing communications.

Sophisticated Wi-Fi Design Tool

With our sophisticated Wi-Fi design tool, we can provide the optimal location of all your Wi-Fi access points within your office, regardless of size.

Incorporate Business Logos & Colours

Create a Wi-Fi splash page branded with your business name and logo for your guests to access the internet.

Advanced Wi-Fi Analytics Solution

Capture comprehensive insights about your guest users, and send your guest users automated marketing collateral to capture more business opportunities.

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