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Comwave Call Centre Solutions

Connect with your customers quickly and easily, and monitor every call with a simple, easy-to-use dashboard.

Call Centre Solutions to Answer Every Business Call

Call centre solutions ensure that your business never misses a call again. With call distribution, routing & greetings, along with powerful reporting and analytics, businesses can monitor every call that comes in and constantly improve the quality of service.

Fully Hosted & Managed Solution

The Comwave Call Centre Solution is a cloud-based, turn-key solution with all key features, applicable on any device without expensive hardware. It's simple to manage & scalable in minutes, so you can focus on internal performance improvements right away.

Comprehensive Set of Features

Comwave's Call Centre Solution gives you the ability to consistently improve with powerful, intuitive features. From call distribution & routing policies to agent productivity & management tools, you're always informed when it comes to your call centre.

Powerful Reporting & Analytics

Comwave's Call Centre Solutions are powered by a comprehensive ACD reporting engine that delivers over 15 unique reports via PC, tablet and email, in addition to tracking call analytics, audio mining, & much more on an intuitive, real-time dashboard.

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Performance Dashboard & Tools That Put You In Charge

With performance metrics displayed on a real-time dashboard, and the tools needed to monitor calls and intervene when necessary, business owners are empowered to make consistent improvements with Comwave.

Real-Time & Historical Reporting: Scheduled & customized reports, on-demand ‘canned’ reports and a real-time activity dashboard for ongoing review and management.

Manage Agents & Queued Calls: Options to manage, reorder and retrieve calls, silently monitor calls, provide whisper coaching, or even ‘barge-in’ to join calls when necessary.

Supervisor Overview: Supervisors can monitor agents and queues from anywhere, view call activity and queued calls, and correspond with agents immediately for more urgent issues.

Call Handling & Escalation: With one-click transfers, regular and emergency escalation options and multi-party conferencing, management or senior staff are always a click away.

Comwave Call Centre Solutions Include Powerful Features

Call Routing & Distribution

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) based on agent skills, locations, titles and positions, priority queueing, bounced call routing, and alternate routing for nights & holidays.

Agent Chat Functionality

Agents, supervisors and subject matter experts can communicate over audio, video and instant message to collaborate and solve problems.

Greetings and Announcements

Auto-attendant functionality with entrance greetings, mandatory greetings & estimated wait times, on-hold music, periodic comfort messages & alternate routing messages.

We Run It, You Use It

Because it's cloud-based, there is no appliance to manage, maintain or upgrade. Comwave's Call Centre solution is always fully maintained and up to date.

Comwave Call Centre Solution Packages & Pricing


$ 60
  • Greetings and Announcements
  • Call Routing Policies
  • Agent Availability Management
  • Call Centre Name & Calling Party Name/Number
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Web Call Centre Agent
  • Call Transfers & Conferencing
  • Auto-Answer Incoming Calls
  • 50 Max Queued Calls per Call Centre


$ 85
  • Greetings and Announcements
  • Enhanced Call Routing & Alternate Routing Policies
  • Agent Availability Management
  • Call Centre Name & Calling Party Name/Number
  • Last Agent Sign Out Warning
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Web Call Centre Agent & Supervisor
  • Call Transfers & Conferencing
  • Auto-Answer Incoming Calls
  • 525 Max Queued Calls per Call Centre

Recommended Add-On - Supervisor Dashboard

$ 65
  • Real-time dashboard of agent and queue activity
  • Monitor agents and queues from anywhere
  • On-demand 'canned' reports of key metrics
  • Scheduled and customized reports
  • Monitor any call, regardless of agent location or device
  • View call activity and queued calls, and manage, reorder or retrieve queued calls

Why Comwave?

Comwave is proud to serve over 1,000 Canadian cities, with more than 20 years of experience as Canada’s largest independent communications company. Comwave’s network is extensive and unique. We are connected with every major IP network in Canada and utilize connectivity from numerous different providers, making Comwave truly a single source for businesses with a single location, or those with multiple locations across Canada. In addition to the largest DSL footprint in Canada, we draw from a large selection of broadband access types and suppliers to customize a solution that meets your needs for bandwidth, reliability, redundancy, and budget. Finally, Comwave offers customer support in both English and French, with automatic monitoring & trouble ticketing to ensure that your business and customers have access to friendly, effective support whenever you may need it.

Questions About Call Centre Solutions?

As leaders in the business phone industry, Comwave is here to answer common questions and misconceptions about Canadian call centres, management and oversight of call centres, best reporting and management practices, and Comwave’s Call Centre Solution.

Simply put, if your business misses more than 1 call per week, or if hiring an additional customer service specialist isn’t financially worthwhile, then a call centre is the right solution. Comwave’s Call Centre solution allows you to actively monitor and queue all calls, chat with all call centre agents and even provide whisper coaching or ‘barge-in’ to an active call, so you’re always in control. As an affordable solution to ensure that every incoming call is promptly answered with excellent service, Comwave’s Call Centre Solution is a necessary addition to your business.

Similar to hiring a new employee or opening a new branch, consistent communication and collaboration are the most important things that go hand in hand with a high-quality call centre. Comwave’s Call Centre solution offers a wide range of agent management and productivity tools, ensures that numerous communication channels are always open, and offers over 15 unique reports for management. With Comwave, you can always see the current and historical call volume and queues, and each agent’s current and historical performance, along with chat features, whisper coaching and barge-in functionality. Dozens of reports are available at any time, or they can be automated to be sent to you as often as you’d like. No matter your management style or business complexity, Comwave Call Centre Solutions gives you all the tools you need for a high-quality call centre.

It’s crucial that a call centre be integrated into existing business technology and CRM software for a seamless customer service experience. As leaders in the business phone industry in Canada for over 20 years, Comwave combines our comprehensive call centre solution with various integrations. In particular, the Comwave Business Phone System integrates with your Comwave Call Centre solution seamlessly to ensure that the customer’s interaction history is immediately clear to your staff. Additionally, Comwave’s integrations for CRM systems like MailChimp and Zoho easily integrate into your call centre solution so that all staff members have clear context for every phone call that comes in.

Comwave’s Call Centre Solution relies on VoIP technology, and Comwave is proud to utilize the largest internet footprint in Canada. Combined, Comwave’s Call Centre solution offers greater reliability and scalability, as well as lower costs than competitors who rely on opaque, inaccessible and private software to offer a similar solution.

With a focus on agent productivity and management, and its powerful ACD reporting engine and user-friendly design, Comwave’s Call Centre Solution is designed not only to improve your business’s performance, but to translate that performance clearly to business owners to act accordingly. As the largest independent communications provider in Canada, operating in over 1,000 cities across the country, Comwave has the scale and reach to meet your business needs. Moreover, with technical support in both English and French, automatic monitoring and trouble ticketing, you can rest assured that friendly, effective support is always there when you need it.

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