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Network Security

Encompassing design, configuration, deployment, monitoring, and support, Comwave provides comprehensive Network Security for businesses of all sizes on our Managed Enterprise Cloud Network.

Enterprise-Grade Network Security To Protect Your Organization

Protect your business from intrusions, malware, and viruses, with our fully managed cloud-based application.

Best in Class Cloud-Based Network Security

Built on the top-rated Fortinet platform directly within Comwave's own network, Comwave Network Security has been validated by NSS Labs, AV Comparative, Virus Bulletin and more, while achieving the top ranking in Gartner's Magic Quadrant.

Easy to Use Interface to Fine-Tune Your Protection

Comwave provides a simple web-based interface that allows you to review and fine-tune your network protection at any time. Update your web content filtering, identify and review specific applications and more on your personal interface.

Proactively Maintained & Upgraded by Comwave

Comwave Network Security is a cloud-based solution that does not require an appliance to manage, maintain or upgrade. Comwave proactively maintains and updates our network security solution to ensure that your business is always protected.

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Benefits of Comwave Network Security

We’ll work with your business meet the needs of your unique security requirements.

Top Rated
Comwave Network Security has achieved top ranking in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant along with NSS Labs recommending our solution for data centre, enterprise, or branch business.

We Run It, You Use It
Because it’s cloud-based, there is no appliance to manage, maintain or upgrade. Comwave Network Security is always fully maintained, up to date and protecting your network.

Built on Fortinet 
Comwave Network Security is built on Fortinet, the #1 market share leader in network security with over 100,000 deployments per quarter.

Network Security Analytics
An essential add-on that provides you with logging, reporting, security alerts and real-time analysis of your network usage and security.

Dashboards to Analyze & Fine Tune Your Security


Stop viruses, malware infections and other malicious content from impacting individual devices in addition to your online network.

Automatic Updates

The service is updated proactively and automatically, protecting your business from new and emerging threats.

Web Content Filtering

Block undesirable web content, prevent access to harmful websites, and reduce bandwidth consumption.

FortiGuard Security

More than 200 researchers provide around the clock coverage to ensure that your network stays protected from threats at all times.

Network Security Packages

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  • Intrusion protection
  • Anti-Virus & Anti-Malware protection
  • Botnet prevention
  • Block malicious websites & phishing URLs
  • Automatic updates
  • Preset web filtering profiles
  • Network Security Controller recommended


  • Intrusion protection
  • Anti-Virus & Anti-Malware protection
  • Botnet prevention
  • Block malicious websites & phishing URLs
  • Automatic updates
  • Customizable web filtering
  • Network Security Controller included
  • Application control
  • Self-service web portal

Premium + Analytics

  • All Premium features, plus:
  • Real-time analysis with intuitive summary views & customizable dashboards
  • Centralized logging & reporting
  • 28+ preset & customizable reports
  • Security alert management
  • Automatic notifications sent to key personnel for rapid response.

Recommended Add-Ons

Network Security Controller

  • Standard and customizable restrictions and web filtering
  • Intrusion prevention to discover weaknesses & take appropriate action
  • Application control to identify and gain control of network applications
  • Cloud-based service with no hardware to purchase or manage

Network Security Analytics

  • Powered by FortiAnalyzer
  • Customized reporting into usage, risks and threats
  • Security alert management for rapid response
  • Real-time analysis and customizable dashboards

Why Comwave?

Comwave is Canada’s largest independent communications company, and in partnership with Fortinet, our Network Security solutions offers advanced protection with powerful, customizable features. Comwave utilizes Zero Trust network access, so that all traffic and data is inspected and only ‘clean’ traffic is delivered to your organization, with AI-driven security operations to learn and evolve from known and unknown threats. Powerful network protection with proactive management and updates, combined with an accessible, easy-to-use interface for organizations is what makes Comwave Network Security superior.

Questions About Comwave Network Security

As leaders in the network security industry, Comwave is here to answer common questions and misconceptions about network security for businesses, and Comwave’s advanced Network Security solution.

Unfortunately, malware, cyberattacks and ransomware attacks have only increased in recent years, with 1 in 5 small and medium sized businesses reporting that they’ve fallen victim to a ransomware attack. In particular, since COVID-19 and the rise of work from home, opportunities for cybercriminals have increased exponentially across North America. It’s crucial that businesses protect themselves and their employees online to avoid excessive time and resources being spent in response to a harmful cyberattack, and instead devote lesser time and resources proactively to prevent a cyberattack from occurring.

Verizon reports that 43% of cyber attacks target SMBs, while 71% of ransomware targets SMBs. Additionally, Datto Security reports that 20% of online attacks are successful against SMBs, with that number rising since COVID-19.

Ransomware is often implemented over email or download. Once a user clicks on a malicious link, an attack can be unsuspectingly launched – if network security and URL filtering aren’t in place. Attacks typically hunt for key data and folders, and disable backups and recovery mechanisms if anomaly or heuristic detection and prevention is not in place. From there, the ransomware establishes command and control to communicate back to the attacker and encrypts files. Finally, if segmentation to isolate systems is not in place, the ransomware will spread laterally to hunt for other connected networks to attack in a similar manner.

Cyberattacks typically enter the network either through malicious email, or malicious websites. Once a user clicks on a malicious attachment, URL or download, a network can be infiltrated. Cyberattacks typically either avoid an existing network security firewall, or use ‘drive by’ downloads to compromise a network. An existing security firewall can be avoided if there is no threat analysis of traffic, inadequate analysis of attached devices, or a lack of multi-factor authentication to block stolen credentials. ‘Drive by’ downloads can compromise a network if there are limited policy controls to control browsing, inadequate analysis of incoming traffic, or no firewall or VPN utilized.

Comwave developed our Network Security solution in partnership with Fortinet to provide the most advanced protection for SMB’s in the market. Comwave’s Network Security solution from Fortinet was ranked for the 10th year in a row as a Gartner magic quadrant leader, while Fortinet boasts the highest independent lab ratings in the industry. Its dynamic cloud security, built on the Fortinet platform directly within the Comwave network delivers only ‘clean’ traffic to your network with zero-trust etwork access, as every data packet is inspected. Additionally, AI-driven security operations ensure that the solution continues to learn and evolve from known and unknown threats. Comwave Network Security allows existing IT departments to control and fine-tune their unique network security, with Comwave proactively updating and managing the solution to ensure maxium protection.

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