Comwave Always Connected Wireless LTE

Always Connected™ Wireless LTE Internet

Wireless LTE Internet keeps your most important business devices connected to the internet so that your business operations are always active.

Always Connected™ Wireless LTE Internet for Small & Large Businesses

With the near ubiquity of wireless LTE, use of this for various business applications is now a practical and affordable reality.

Business Continuity

Always Connected Wireless LTE Internet is an excellent internet failover solution. Avoid downtime by automatically failing over to the wireless network when your primary connection goes down. With Always Connected Internet, there's no reason for any business to go without a backup.

Use as Your Primary Internet Connection

With increased speeds and availability, Always Connected Wireless LTE Internet has enabled businesses to reach their customers in unique and innovative ways. When wired connectivity options perform poorly or are not available, wireless is an excellent alternative.

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Always Connected™ Wireless LTE Internet for Unique Applications

While Wireless LTE can be used as either a primary or failover internet solution, it can also be used to power specific business systems and applications. Some of the many Always Connected™ Wireless LTE business applications are listed below.

Put SaaS Applications on LTE

Never lose access to third party software systems that are crucial to your business by utilizing Always Connected™ Wireless LTE Internet to ensure that they're always available when needed.

Ensure POS Systems are Always Available

Your POS systems will always have reliable internet to fall back on with Always Connected™ Wireless LTE Internet, so you'll never miss a payment due to internet issues again.

Power Digital Signs & Kiosks

Incorporate videos, animation and other elements into your digital signs and kiosks without slowing down or impacting your regular business internet usage.

Wireless LTE Internet Includes:

Simple Network Configuration

Set up shop anywhere with a wireless signal, a great choice for point-of-sale devices, digital signs and kiosks. With the near ubiquity of LTE wireless, use for business applications is now a reality.

Automated Internet Failover

When used as a failover solution, your wireless LTE connection will automatically kick in to ensure that all of your devices have continuous internet connection in the event of an outage. The most dependable Failover Solution.

Proactive Internet Monitoring

When using Always Connected™ Wireless LTE as a failover solution, your internet proactively monitors your primary connection for outages. That means that any outages that occur after business hours are identified as soon as they happen.

Teltonika & CradlePoint Devices

Comwave utilizes Teltonika & CradlePoint devices for top wireless performance. As a global leader in cloud-managed networking solutions, Teltonika & CradlePoint devices are ideal for the best LTE wireless performance and reliability.

Always Connected™ Wireless LTE Internet Pricing with Comwave

Always Connected Package

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  • Fully Managed Solution
  • Fortinet router
  • Managed Wi-Fi access point
  • Automatic failover from primary internet to LTE
  • 12 Month free trial of Network Security (Unified Threat Management)
  • Simple network configuration - set it and forget it
  • Network outage notifications

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Why Comwave?

Comwave is proud to serve over 1,000 Canadian cities, with more than 20 years of experience as Canada’s largest independent communications company. With Comwave’s Always Connected™ Wireless LTE Internet service, you have access to the largest national network in Canada, the proactive monitoring and maintenance to ensure that your internet is fast and reliable at all times, and 24/7 customer support. Instead of going with a templated solution offered by an inflexible competitor, improve your business technology experience on Canada’s largest national internet network, utilizing connectivity from over 100 different providers for maximum reliability. Use the phone number below to schedule a free consultation with Comwave today!

Questions About Wireless LTE Internet

As experts in the wireless LTE internet industry, Comwave is here to answer common questions and misconceptions around wireless LTE. Read below to answer frequently asked questions about Wireless LTE, and clear up common misconceptions.

Wireless LTE is an excellent choice for any business that relies on the internet for their daily operations, or in order to facilitate sales. That’s because Wireless LTE can be relied upon when your primary internet connection experiences any issues – whether that be due to weather, outdated equipment or slow speeds. Simply put, the cost of internet downtime when it occurs, in addition to its disruption of your standard business operations, is typically far greater that the low cost of reliable, fast and effective Wireless LTE – in addition to the peace of mind it offers as well.

Wireless LTE as an internet failover solution will guarantee 100% uptime if it proactively monitors your primary internet connection, and proactively switches over all of your devices in the case of an outage. Comwave’s Wireless LTE as an internet failover solution conducts proactive, 24/7 monitoring of your primary internet network, without the need for manual involvement or management. If it is not able to connect to your primary internet network, you receive an outage notification, and all of your devices are automatically reconnected to the secure, active Wireless LTE network – ensuring 100% internet uptime.

In order for Wireless LTE to provide a reliable, strong Wi-Fi internet connection, it requires a strong, effective router to transmit internet access throughout your business location. Comwave partners with CradlePoint devices for the most reliable Wireless LTE internet connection. CradlePoint routers and devices are equipped with Power-over-Ethernet for flexible, unobtrusive placement anywhere to optimize reception and access. CradlePoint routers also use dual high-gain external antennas to ensure that even without optimal placement of your router, you will still have access to strong, reliable Wireless LTE internet.

While the exact systems and applications that a business relies on Wireless LTE internet to access can vary, there are a few that Comwave recommends to almost every business we work with. In particular, it’s strongly recommended to have POS systems rely on Wireless LTE Internet, at least as a failover solution, to guarantee that sales are not lost during internet downtime. Additionally, it’s often recommended that SaaS applications like VoIP telephones, Salesforce and Office 365 rely on Wireless LTE Internet – again, at least as a failover solution – to ensure that productivity remains normal in the event of an internet outage.

While the exact uses of Wireless LTE internet depend on the unique circumstances of each business, oftentimes Wireless LTE internet is recommended as a failover solution within the office, and as a primary internet connection away from the office. At the office, Wireless LTE internet often supplements a primary, wired connection as a failover solution in case of an internet outage. However, on the road, or within a large indoor environment like an exhibition centre or even a large restaurant, Wireless LTE internet is often relied on as the primary internet connection.

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