Where Can I Get Comwave Business Internet?

Where Can I Get Comwave Always Connected Business Internet?

Always Connected Business Internet: 100% uptime guaranteed*, available across Canada

From British Columbia to Newfoundland, Comwave provides access to reliable, high-speed business internet almost everywhere in Canada.

Fast and Reliable Business Internet Available Across Canada

Comwave is proud to serve over 1,000 Canadian cities and has more than 20 years of experience as one of Canada’s largest communications companies. Our network is extensive and unique. We are connected with every major IP network in Canada and utilize connectivity from over 100 providers, making Comwave a single source for businesses’ unified communications needs.

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Stay Online

With Comwave you stay online 100% of the time, even when an outage occurs. No downtime for support sites, chat & tools that keep your business running.

Keep Selling

Never lose another opportunity to poor connection. Comwave keeps your primary connections up and your POS systems functioning

Stay Available

Comwave keeps your web orders third party apps service delivery tools online and ticking away allowing you to focus on running your business.

Why Comwave Business Internet?

Comwave’s network is unique. We are connected with every major IP network in Canada and utilize connectivity from many different providers all across Canada, making Comwave a truly single source for all your locations.

Canada's Largest Internet Network

Utilizing connectivity from over 100 different providers all across Canada. Our large footprint not only gives us the reach to connect offices all over Canada it gives us the depth to reroute those connections in the event of a disruption ensuring a single carrier issue won't disrupt services.

Single Point of Contact

With Comwave uou get one bill and one point of contact. One simple and straightforward managenent system for all you unfied communications needs.

Multi-Location Expertise

when it comes to connecting multiple offices or businesses Comwave is the clear choice. With the largest network in Canada we combine reach with flexible internet bandwidth and redundancy, to ensure that your internet will keep up with changing business demands.

Questions About Comwave Business Internet

Comwave has over 20 years of experience providing reliable high-speed business internet to thousands of businesses across Canada. Below, we share answers to some of the most common questions we’ve been asked about our internet.

Always Connected™ Internet and uptime claims are based on included and redundant Comwave internet connections from diverse carrier networks so there is no single carrier failure point. Subject to equipment failures at the customer site, viruses, network attacks and other conditions beyond the scope of redundancy.

While the exact internet speed needed depends on your day-to-day business operations, you should consider the number of users, and their typical online activities when choosing the appropriate internet speed. For 5 or fewer employees who primarily browse the internet and send email, a speed below 100 Mbps would likely be sufficient. However, for 10 or more employers who often utilize video and rely on SaaS applications, an internet speed between 500 Mbps and 1 GB is likely more suitable. Speak with a Comwave specialist today to determine the exact right internet speed for your business.

Various internet connection types include Dial-Up Internet, DSL, VDSL, Cable, Fixed Wireless, Fibre Optic and Satellite connections. There are several ways of determining what internet connection is currently in place at your business. We recommend taking a look at your current internet gateway – this is likely to be one device that acts as both a modem and a router – because it is often labelled explicitly. An internet gateway that connects directly into an electrical outlet often corresponds to a fixed wireless internet connection, while an internet gateway with a coaxial cable typically relies on a Cable connection. An internet gateway connected to a phone line likely translates to either DSL or dial-up internet, while a gateway with a line connected to a port on the gateway with the label ‘ONT’ is often the sign of a fibre-optic connection. You can also call a Comwave specialist to visit your location and determine your internet connection with certainty.

Comwave’s 20+ years of experience providing reliable, flexible high-speed internet, along with Comwave’s utilization of the largest internet network in Canada make Comwave the superior choice for your business internet. Other businesses are able to offer business internet that’s less reliable than Comwave, but only Comwave is connected to every major IP network in Canada, utilizing connectivity from many unique providers across Canada for superior reliability. Similarly, other businesses may offer standardized internet plans, but only Comwave offers flexibility when it comes to internet speed, connection type, and so many other variables. 

Comwave’s unique network that’s connected to every major IP network in Canada puts Comwave a step above the competition. Additionally, Comwave’s offering of both Managed Internet Solutions, as well as Wireless LTE Failover Internet are what guarantee reliable, high-speed internet with 100% uptime. Choose a fully managed solution, with Comwave proactively taking care of any issues or maintenance required, or go with Wireless LTE Failover Internet to ensure that your devices seamlessly transfer to a backup network in the case of any internet outage for ultimate peace of mind.

While more and more consumers value and expect reliable high-speed internet at the businesses that they visit, sharing your business internet with customers can hamper internet speeds and create security vulnerabilities. Instead, Comwave recommends utilizing Guest Wi-Fi, or Wireless LTE Internet in order to create custom security settings, and track customer browsing insights to guide your operations.

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