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When you live in a vibrant, growing city like Vaughan, it pays to stay connected with the fastest, most reliable internet speeds at the cheapest prices. See how Comwave does that for you — through the same cables and internet infrastructure that’s used by major providers, but without passing exorbitant costs onto you. Whether you’re working from home, streaming your favourite shows, or simply staying in touch, do it all and more only with the fastest and cheapest unlimited home internet.

Internet Offers in Vaughan

Choosing the best internet provider in Vaughan is easier than you think — go with the fastest and most affordable option, only with Comwave. With speeds from 30Mbps to 1GB starting at just $49.95 a month, enjoy unlimited browsing, streaming, and gaming, and never miss an important notification. Comwave specialists are available over the phone to discuss with you the right internet speed based on your usage, so you can feel confident that you’re getting the necessary speed for you, without overspending.

Learn More About Your Vaughan Internet Provider 

From shopping at Vaughan Mills, to exploring the charming Kleinburg Village, getting a taste of adventure at Canada’s Wonderland, connecting with nature at Boyd Conservation Area, and browsing the McMichael Canadian Art Collection, Vaughan is the place to be — especially with the right connection. Stay connected to this sprawling, vibrant city with high-speed internet, only from Comwave.

Live, work, and play with the fastest internet speeds at the lowest prices. Starting at just under $50, you can stay online 24/7, with uninterrupted and unlimited browsing and streaming. Get the best of speed, savings, and service, exclusively available in Vaughan. Discover how with Comwave, and explore value-added upgrades for the ultimate, lightning-fast experience.

How many internet providers are there in Vaughan?

As Vaughan grows, so does its internet infrastructure. Today, you have over 35 internet providers to choose from — but only Comwave delivers the best speed and savings. Why? We draw from the same internet cables and infrastructure as the biggest providers, allowing us to deliver the fastest speeds of up to 1GB. The difference is, we don’t charge all the additional costs that the big providers do, so you can browse and stream on your budget.

Bundle Your Internet & TV and Save!

Get the latest scoop in Vaughan — from notifications on your phone to the news, and all your favourite shows, now all in one bundle! With Comwave’s internet and TV bundles, you get 2 amazing services at one low price. Starting at just $79.95 a month, you can stay connected in all the ways that matter. No more missed calls and emails, getting disconnected from your Netflix party, or livestream lags.

TV Services in Vaughan

Catch all of your favourite shows and the latest episodes. There’s never a dull moment with all of the best channels, now delivered straight to you. Discover Comwave TV, a new way to watch starting at just $25.00. Check out all your channels and shows, now available on the Amazon Firestick.

From the evening news to comedy and drama series, sports, reality, and more, Comwave TV is here to keep you in-the-know and entertained. Choose from our budget-friendly packages, or build your own with all of your favourite channels. Start watching with your Comwave TV plan:

  • Check out both English and French channels and shows
  • Browse over 115 of the most popular basic and premium TV channels
  • Build your own custom package with specialty channels for sports, family and kids, news, reality, lifestyle, educational, international, and more.

Not interested in a bundle? Get our cheap and fast internet as a stand-alone

Just the internet? You got it. At Comwave, you’re in charge — of how you’re connected and how much you pay. With speeds from 30Mbps to 1GB, you get the fastest and cheapest internet in Vaughan, with unlimited data. Stay connected 24/7 — no lags, no buffering, no interruptions, all on your budget.

Why is good internet in Vaughan important?

We’ve all been there: an email stuck in your outbox, a page that won’t load, a call that gets choppy, or a show or game that won’t stop buffering every few seconds. Whether you’re working or studying from home in Vaughan these days, or you’re unwinding with Netflix or your favourite game, you deserve more from your internet service — and you’re not alone.

91% of Canadians aged 16 to 64 spend over 6 hours daily watching videos and nearly 60% stream music, while spending only half that time watching TV and just a fifth on a gaming console. And with average download speeds of 156.01Mbps, you’re getting left behind without your lifeline: ultra-fast, reliable internet at the cheapest prices in Vaughan. That’s why at Comwave, we deliver both: the fastest internet speeds at the lowest prices so that you can stay connected on any budget.

Get your work done, stay in-the-know, stream your favourite shows and songs, and unlock new levels in the latest games — without lags and interruptions. Enjoy high-speed connectivity 24/7, and never miss a notification. You deserve only the fastest and cheapest internet, so get the speed, service, and savings right for your needs, only from Comwave.

What makes our internet the best in Vaughan?

With Comwave, you get exactly what you pay for — it’s that simple. Browse and stream at the fastest internet speeds and cheapest prices across Vaughan, and never spend a second offline missing out on work or play. The choice is easy: reliable, 24/7 connectivity that stays within your budget, with guaranteed fast service. From unlimited internet to exclusive bundles, trust Comwave to keep the bills low and the speeds high. See how we do it:

  • Unlimited browsing and streaming: Unlimited internet — no data caps, no cut-offs, no time-outs. That’s the Comwave guarantee. Browse, stream, play, and stay on the latest trends and news with data that never runs out, so you’re always connected.
  • Fastest, most reliable speeds: Live in the moment, as it happens on the internet. Browse and stream at speeds from 30Mbps to 1GB, and get all your notifications instantly, guaranteed. Upgrade to fibre internet in Vaughan for the ultimate speeds and uninterrupted browsing and streaming.
  • Bundle it up: Enjoy maximum savings for all your Comwave services. Discover our 2-in-1 internet and TV bundles, with free installation and a compatible Wi-Fi modem. Applicable 2-in-1 bundles now start at just $79.95 a month, so you can stay connected with the fastest speeds, all on your budget.

How much does internet cost in Vaughan?

There’s no shortage of options for internet providers and promos in Vaughan, but only Comwave delivers the fastest and cheapest. That’s why we can confidently put a price on ours, because it’s guaranteed to work within your budget, without the fine print and hidden charges. From work to play, do it all online at the fastest speeds and cheapest prices, with guaranteed unlimited data and a connection that never times out.

Want to know more about where your every dollar goes? Whether you’re getting just an internet plan starting at $49.95, or an internet and TV bundle at $79.95, discover what makes your internet the best value in Vaughan. See the Comwave difference in unlimited, uninterrupted browsing and streaming, at the right speed for your budget:

  • Choose your speed: You choose how you want to connect, and how fast. Browse speeds from 30Mbps to 1GB, and get the right speed for your needs, whether you’re working from home or streaming all day.
  • Unlimited internet: Did you know that not all internet plans from other providers are unlimited? But not at Comwave. With unlimited internet, there are no data caps and overage charges, so you’re guaranteed 24/7 high-speed connectivity on your budget.
  • Bundle for savings: Unlock exclusive deals and promos with internet and TV 2-in-1 bundles, and get free installation and a compatible Wi-Fi modem. Comwave internet and TV bundles start at just $79.95 per month, offering you unlimited high-speed internet and all of your favourite TV channels that The Big Guys normally charge hundreds of dollars – and numerous service fees – for instead.

What to look for when choosing an internet provider in Vaughan?

With dozens of internet providers in Vaughan, we make the choice simple and easy: the fastest and cheapest internet, and tons more in savings with our exclusive bundles. In fact, at Comwave, we believe this should be the norm. From the fastest speeds to the lowest prices and guaranteed availability in your area, trust only the best, most reliable internet provider to keep you connected 24/7.

  • Area availability: Is your internet provider in Vaughan? The top internet providers connect all of Vaughan, with tons of five-star reviews and ratings from happy customers. Check out what the reviews and ratings have to say about speed, service, and savings.
  • Ultra-fast and unlimited: Say goodbye to data caps and connection time-outs. Choose an internet provider that offers the fastest internet with unlimited data, so you’re always connected and never miss out on all your favourite shows and games, notifications, trends, and more. Discover fibre internet in Vaughan for the fastest speeds and ultimate browsing and streaming.
  • Promos and savings: Get the best value for your internet service. Bundle it up with TV service for complete connectivity, and unlock exclusive offers. Comwave internet and TV bundles start at just $79.95 per month, and offer you your preferred internet speed and all of your favourite news, entertainment, sports and children’s TV channels, all at your fingertips.

What happens to my current internet if I change providers? 

Finally, the internet you deserve — that’s all there is to upgrading to the fastest and cheapest internet in Vaughan. Make the smart switch and upgrade your connection hassle-free, with no downtime. See how we make the upgrade fast and simple, so you can start working, browsing, and streaming with the fastest internet speeds:

  • Cancel your plan: Step one of upgrading to the fastest and cheapest internet is cancelling your current plan. Get in touch with your current provider to find out when your term ends and how much time is left on your contract. Don’t let any termination fee or service charge stop you, because when you switch to a low-cost service provider like Comwave, your monthly savings will quickly dwarf any one-time cancellation fee.
  • Transfer your connection: Comwave will send a team to your home as soon as possible to transfer your connection and install a new, compatible Wi-Fi modem. With the fastest service times in Vaughan, you won’t spend any downtime, so you can work and stream with no interruption.
  • Sync up billing: Make sure your final bill is settled. Check your new Comwave contract to see when your billing cycle starts.

Why choose Comwave for internet in Vaughan? 

At Comwave, we make good internet service possible. How? It’s simple — you’re in complete control over how you’re connected, how fast your speed is, and how much you pay. For over 20 years and counting, our commitment to customers in Vaughan has never wavered: the fastest and cheapest internet. 

We make this possible by refusing to pass exorbitant costs onto you. We draw from the same internet cables and infrastructure as the biggest internet providers in Canada, so you get the same high-speed, unlimited internet as with the biggest names in the business — but without the extra costs. Stay connected with the fastest speeds on your budget, and enjoy exclusive deals and savings with our bundles.

Discover a new, faster way to connect with Comwave. We’re always looking towards the future of high-speed connectivity — and getting in on it early. Comwave now offers fibre internet in Vaughan for even faster speeds and uninterrupted browsing and streaming, delivered with our trademark excellent customer service and fast installation times. 

Get the internet service you deserve with a connection that never times out from work to play. Bundle it up with Comwave TV now available on the Amazon Firestick, and experience even greater savings and complete connectivity. Upgrade your home internet in Vaughan to the fastest and cheapest, and enjoy unlimited browsing and streaming anytime, where it matters most. 


Does Comwave offer high-speed fibre internet in Vaughan?

Yes, we offer high-speed fibre internet in Vaughan. Comwave is also continuously expanding availability. Find out if Comwave fibre internet is already in your neighbourhood by calling out Toronto office.

I live outside of Vaughan. Is Comwave home internet available near me?

Yes, Comwave proudly serves Vaughan and the rest of the GTA. Call to find out what home internet services are available at your location.

Is Comwave a Wi-Fi service provider in Vaughan?

Comwave offers in-home Wi-Fi with all of our home internet services. Comwave modems also pair with wireless-enabled devices, providing you with a complete in-home Wi-Fi network.

What is the highest internet speed in Vaughan that Comwave offers?

We offer fibre internet in Vaughan with the fastest speeds of up to 1GB. Find out if fibre internet is already in your neighbourhood by calling our Toronto office. Please note that we are constantly working on expanding availability, so get in touch with our team to find out the fastest speeds at your Vaughan location.

How much does Comwave home internet in Vaughan cost?

Comwave is committed to offering the fastest and cheapest internet in Vaughan, starting at $49.95/month. Actual prices vary depending on the speed and bundling options you select.

What modems are compatible with Comwave home internet services in Vaughan?

We provide a compatible Wi-Fi modem and installation when you sign up for home internet. You may also be able to use a modem you already own. Ask our team about Comwave-compatible modems.

How do I set up parental controls on my Comwave internet service in Vaughan?

Parental controls are available on your Comwave modem. Get in touch with our team for step-by-step instructions on how to set up parental controls in your in-home network.

Does Comwave home internet in Vaughan have data caps?

No. All Comwave internet plans include unlimited data, so you can stay online with a connection that never times out or slows down no matter how much data you use.

Does Comwave throttle Vaughan internet services?

No. Comwave does not throttle internet connections in Vaughan. Learn more about our no-throttle guarantee in our Terms & Conditions.

How long will installation for my Comwave Vaughan internet take?

At Comwave, we’re committed to the fastest installation times and excellent customer service. Actual installation times in Vaughan will depend on your services and area. Find out your installation schedule once you start a service order.

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