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With bustling lifestyle and business districts, tight-knit communities, and modern neighbourhoods, life is in Richmond Hill. All you need is a reliable way to stay connected. Comwave makes it easy to do this.

Browse, stream, and work uninterrupted, thanks to unlimited high-speed internet in Richmond Hill. Stay connected at unbeatable prices for some of the fastest internet speeds. With the same internet cables and infrastructure as Canada’s major internet providers but without the cost, Comwave keeps you online for the best value 24/7.

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At Comwave, we want to give you an experience you will share with your friends and family. That means fewer fees and unbeatable customer service!

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Our friendly customer-support team is available from 9AM-9PM, Monday to Friday, to make sure you get the awesome experience you deserve.

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Download, stream and surf as much as you want with unlimited usage, now available with most Internet plans.

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With Internet speeds up to 1 Gbps, you and your family will experience the speed you’ve always wanted!

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Some companies advertise misleading limited-time offers. That’s not us. We’re just affordable. Period.

Choose Comwave, the internet provider that does it all for you: faster speeds, from 30Mbps to 1Gb, unlimited internet, and some of the lowest prices, starting at just $29.95/month. Enjoy unlimited, non-stop browsing and streaming, so you can work from home and stay in touch where it matters most. With Comwave, you’re ready to email, browse, work, stream and game without having to worry about slow speeds and lagging load times ever again.

Known as one of the best places to live and work in the GTA and across Canada, Richmond Hill is home to the David Dunlap Observatory, the Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts, Lake Wilcox Park, and the Richmond Green Sports Centre and Park. With all these destinations, it’s no surprise that the city’s population is growing—and needs to stay connected.

Comwave is here to make life in Richmond Hill faster and better with some of the fastest and cheapest internet available . Starting at just under $30/month, you can stay up-to-date on the latest buzz in the city, stream your favourite shows, and work and study from home, uninterrupted. Do it all at lightning-fast speeds, only with Comwave internet.

With over 40 internet providers in Richmond Hill, Comwave makes for the smart and easy choice. Why? We combine the best speed, service, and savings, thanks to some of the fastest internet speeds available at up to 1Gb, starting at just $29.95 a month. Comwave achieves this by keeping our costs low: we use the same internet cables and infrastructure as major providers, without charging you extra. Enjoy unlimited browsing and streaming 24/7 on any budget!

Get more from Comwave internet, and stay connected in all the ways that matter. From browsing and streaming online, to catching the latest news and your favourite shows, do it all with one incredible bundle!

Package Comwave internet and Comwave TV, starting at just $49.90 a month. Enjoy unlimited, high-speed internet and the latest on TV for one incredibly low price. Finally, you can get the best of speed, service, and savings in Richmond Hill.

No more missed episodes and getting caught out of the loop. Stay up-to-date on your favourite shows and the latest news in Richmond Hill. With Comwave TV, you’re always in charge of what you’re watching and when, starting at just $19.95 a month.

Watch with Comwave TV, and rediscover TV the way it’s meant to be enjoyed: all your favourite channels—from news and entertainment to sports, reality, lifestyle, and more— available any time, in one place. Catch all your favourite channels and shows, now on the Amazon Firestick. See what’s in our Comwave TV packages, or build your own TV experience, including:

  • Over 115 of the most popular basic and premium TV channels.
  • Custom a la carte packages with specialty sports, news, family and kids, educational, lifestyle, reality, and international channels.
  • English and French channels.

Not a TV buff? No problem. At Comwave, you get exactly what you want: the best of high-speed internet at the cheapest prices in Richmond Hill. Choose how you’re connected and how fast you browse and stream, from 30Mbps to 1Gb, starting at just $29.95 a month. Comwave specialists are here to help you find the exact right internet speed for your household, so you always have fast internet when you need it without overpaying for excessive bandwidth.

Can you imagine life before the internet? Neither can we—and the 91% of Canadians from ages 16 to 64 who spend at least 6 hours a day relying on their internet connections. In fact, since the rise of the internet, we now only spend half that time watching TV, and just a fifth on gaming consoles.

Simply, the internet is a lifeline. From emails to quickly looking up information, shopping, streaming, and working from home, everyone needs reliable internet. With average download speeds of 156.01Mbps in Canada, things happen a lot faster online—and you miss out every second you spend disconnected. That’s why at Comwave, we’ve made it our mission to keep you connected with some of the fastest and cheapest internet in Richmond Hill, so you’re always online on your budget.

Whether you need just the basics or you’re a power user, stay connected with unlimited internet at reliable, ultra-fast speeds. From work to play and staying in touch with family and friends, you deserve only the best internet service. Never spend a second offline and miss an important notification ever again. Discover the difference with an internet connection that never runs out or slows down, with rewarding savings on any budget—only from Comwave.

At Comwave, you’re in charge—it’s that simple. You choose your speed and how you’re connected. Discover some of the fastest and cheapest internet in Richmond Hill, powered by the same internet cables and infrastructure as the biggest providers, but without the cost. Enjoy the best of speed, service, and savings with our exclusive bundles and unlimited, 24/7 high-speed connectivity.

  • Unlimited internet: At Comwave, we’re all about being online 24/7, uninterrupted. Enjoy unlimited internet—no data caps and no limits, never slowing down. Browse, stream, game, and more with the most reliable internet connection.
  • Fastest and cheapest internet: Work, play, and stay connected with speeds of up to 1Gb—no buffering, no delays, just smooth, uninterrupted browsing and streaming at the best value for your budget.
  • Exclusive bundles, exclusive savings: Get the most out of Comwave when you bundle your internet and TV services in a single package. Enjoy twice as much savings with bundles starting at just $49.90 a month. Stay online and in the know on all the latest events and shows in one budget-friendly bundle.

With dozens of internet providers in Richmond Hill, Comwave is the smart and easy choice for getting online and staying connected in no time. Go from work-from-home days to uninterrupted streaming and gaming with some of the fastest internet speeds available at affordable prices. Discover the best of unlimited, high-speed internet and budget-savvy bundles, without the fine print and hidden charges. See how Comwave delivers some of the fastest, most reliable speeds and unbeatable savings made for your budget:

  • Set your speed: Find the right internet speeds for your needs. Get the basics at 30Mbps, or unlock the full, high-speed browsing, streaming, and gaming experience at 1Gb. At Comwave, you choose how fast you’re connected so that you can work from home and stream all day without delays.
  • Unlimited internet: No data caps, no lags—it’s time you enjoyed unlimited internet at home. Say goodbye to data limits and overage charges, so you’re always online for every important notification, all within your budget.
  • Bundle up: Looking for more ways to save? Browse, stream, and watch the smart way, all in one incredible bundle. Bundle up Comwave internet and TV, and pay only one unbeatable low price. Stay connected with maximum savings, without the extra service charges.

The choice is simple: you’ll want to set the terms—the right speeds for your needs, guaranteed availability in your area, and fast service times. There’s no shortage of internet providers in Richmond Hill, but only Comwave offers some of the fastest internet speeds at the cheapest prices. Discover unbeatable value with unlimited browsing at ultra-fast speeds built for your budget. See how the most reliable internet provider keeps you connected 24/7:

  • Available in Richmond Hill: You’ll be surprised by how some internet providers are still working to set up connections across the GTA. But not Comwave. Browse hundreds of five-star ratings and reviews, and see how customers are enjoying the best of speed, service, and savings.
  • Fastest, cheapest, and unlimited internet: No more data caps, connection time-outs and overage charges. Your internet provider in Richmond Hill should offer unlimited internet, at fast speeds and low prices. Discover the future of connectivity with 1Gb internet speeds in Richmond Hill, and unlock even faster speeds, so you’re always on top of the latest news and notifications, and all your favourite shows and games.
  • Smart savings: Unlock exclusive savings and promotions when you bundle your internet and TV plans. Comwave offers smart bundles starting at just $49.90 a month—that’s unbeatable value for some of the fastest and cheapest internet and TV, with lightning-fast speeds and all of your favourite shows and channels.

Are you making the smart switch to faster, cheaper internet in Richmond Hill? Make the upgrade smooth and seamless with a hassle-free installation. Avoid any downtime with Comwave, and enjoy unlimited, high-speed internet for all your browsing and streaming needs.

  • Cancel your plan: Contact your current internet provider to find out when your term ends. But don’t fret about termination fees when you cancel your plan ahead of the contract. With Comwave internet as low as $29.95 a month, switching to Comwave will reward you with unbeatable savings.
  • Transfer your connection: With guaranteed fast service times, Comwave will transfer your connection and install a new, compatible modem. Get back to work, browsing, and streaming in no time, and never spend a second offline.
  • Update your billing: Settle your final bill with your old provider, and check your Comwave contract when your new billing cycle starts. All you’ll need to do is track your new savings.

At Comwave, we offer some of the fastest internet speeds available at the cheapest prices in Richmond Hill, period. It’s simple: you choose how fast you’re connected, all within your budget. This is how we’ve served customers in Richmond Hill and coast-to-coast in Canada for over 20 years now.

When you sign up with Comwave, you say goodbye to overpriced internet and overage charges. Our commitment is unlimited, high-speed internet made for every budget. With the same internet cables and infrastructure as Canada’s biggest providers, the Comwave difference is keeping our prices low. That’s because we never pass on costs to our customers, so you pay exactly for what you get: fast speeds at extremely affordable prices—no fine print, no hidden charges.

We don’t just stop at offering some of the fastest internet speeds and cheapest prices available. We’re always looking towards the future of connectivity, and we’re bringing it to more homes across Richmond Hill. Comwave is proud to bring 1Gb internet through our Crazy Fast Plan—even faster speeds for unlimited and uninterrupted browsing and streaming, at the same low prices.

Unlock even more savings when you bundle Comwave internet with Comwave TV, and enjoy the ultimate connectivity upgrade. Say goodbye to data caps and lags, and stay connected 24/7, guaranteed.


Yes, Comwave is available across the GTA. Call us to find out more about our service areas and how to get started with Comwave home internet at your location.

In-home Wi-Fi is included in all of our home internet plans available in Richmond Hill. Comwave modems can also pair with wireless-enabled devices, providing you with a complete in-home Wi-Fi network.

Comwave’s Crazy Fast Plan is our fastest internet service in Richmond Hill, with speeds of 1Gb. Call us to find out if the Crazy Fast internet plan is already available in your area. As we constantly work to expand high-speed internet availability, please get in touch with our team to learn more about the fastest speeds at your Richmond Hill location.

Comwave offers some of the fastest and cheapest internet in Richmond Hill, starting at just $29.95 a month. Please note that actual prices vary based on the speed and bundle you select.

Comwave provides a Wi-Fi modem for a low monthly rental fee or a one-time, fully refundable security deposit when you sign up for home internet. You may also be able to use a modem you already own. Call us for more information on Comwave-compatible modems.

Parental controls are available on Comwave modems. Call our team for assistance with setting up parental controls in your in-home network.

All Comwave internet plans include unlimited data for unlimited browsing and streaming, without overage charges.

No, Comwave does not throttle internet services in Richmond Hill. Learn more about our service guarantees in our Terms & Conditions.

We are committed to fast installation times and customer satisfaction. Please note that actual installation times in Richmond Hill may vary based on your services and location. You can find out your exact installation schedule by giving Comwave a call, or once you start a service order.

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