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Browse, email, stream, shop and more. But the question is, can your internet connection handle it? With some of the fastest and cheapest internet in Thunder Bay, it sure can. Discover how with Comwave, Thunder Bay’s #1 internet provider, powered by the same cables and infrastructure as Canada’s biggest providers, but made affordable at every budget.

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Fastest and Cheapest Internet in Thunder Bay

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Comwave Internet Offers in Thunder Bay

At Comwave, our offer is simple: fast and cheap internet in Thunder Bay. It’s what you deserve and exactly what you need to stay connected 24/7. Get home internet starting at just $39.95, with speeds from the basics at 30 Mbps, to casual all-day use at 300 Mbps, and 1Gb for the ultimate internet experience.

Home to the world’s second largest curling rock outside the Fort William Gardens and sitting along Lake Superior, Thunder Bay is one of Northwestern Ontario’s biggest cities and urban centres. With a perfect mix of natural attractions like a trail leading to the summit of Mount McKay with panoramic views, the Terry Fox Memorial Lookout, and wildlife on Sibley Peninsula, and a growing urban hub, Thunder Bay is certainly the place to be up north.

To make the most of life in Thunder Bay, you need a way to stay connected 24/7, so you never miss out. Get the latest news and updates, work from home, unwind while streaming shows and music, and keep in touch, only with some of the fastest and cheapest internet in Thunder Bay. See how Comwave keeps you connected with unlimited high-speed internet, starting at just $39.95 a month.

With 37 internet providers in Thunder Bay, you need to make the smart choice—and that’s Comwave. And it’s an easy one, thanks to some of the fastest and cheapest internet, guaranteed to meet your everyday needs while staying within your budget. Choose the right speed for your needs, and discover the difference with internet powered by the same cables and infrastructure as Canada’s major providers, but without the extra costs.

Faster, cheaper internet in Thunder Bay just got better. Now, you can browse, stream, and watch all you want with Comwave internet and TV bundles. Get the best of high-speed internet and the latest on TV, starting at just $59.90 a month with Comwave.

Want to watch the latest news in Thunder Bay and across Ontario, unwind with your favourite shows, or cheer on your team on game night? You can do all of this and more, when you want. With Comwave TV, you can watch what you want, when you want, starting at just $19.95 a month. Watch on-demand shows and channels with Comwave TV, now available on the Amazon Firestick.

Can’t make it to the game? No problem. With Comwave TV, you won’t miss a single night of primetime. Catch the latest on TV, from news and primetime shows, to sports, news, reality, family, and more. Pause and play all you want, and watch when you want with your very own Comwave TV package. Browse our Comwave TV plans, or build your own custom package, including:

  • A wide variety of basic and premium English and French channels.
  • The option to add Comwave Theme Packs focused on sports, news, entertainment, lifestyle, family and children’s channels.
  • The option to add your favourite individual channels, like TSN, Sportsnet, CBC, CNN, Fox, Food Network, Discovery Channel, Global, City and so many more.

At Comwave, there’s a home internet plan for everyone in Thunder Bay. Get the right speed for your everyday needs, whether you’re casually browsing, working from home, or streaming and gaming constantly. Enjoy some of the fastest internet speeds at the cheapest prices perfect for your budget, starting at just $39.95 a month.

Struggling to stay online, with crystal clear video call quality and uninterrupted streaming? In the age of unlimited high-speed internet in this ultra-connected world, you deserve better than you’re currently getting. These days, it costs a lot to miss out, especially when you’re working from home, streaming and gaming, or even simply staying connected.

And it’s not just you. Canadian internet users aged 16 to 64 spend an average of 6 hours relying on the internet, whether it’s streaming music or movies, browsing social media, or working. In fact, with more of our lives now taking place online, the average download speed in Canada now clocks at 156Mbps. To keep up, you need at least the same speed, or even more at 300Mbps for unlimited, uninterrupted connectivity.

That’s why at Comwave, we’re dedicated to keeping you connected exactly as you need. Whether you’re working from home, gaming like a pro, or streaming all day, we have the right speeds for your everyday needs. Simply put, we keep you connected with some of the fastest and cheapest internet in Thunder Bay—unlimited and uninterrupted, without a second offline.

At Comwave, our mission is simple: we deliver some of the fastest and cheapest internet in Thunder Bay. We take the hard work out of complete connectivity, thanks to unlimited, high-speed internet made for your everyday needs and budget.

And the best part? You choose how you’re connected. Our guarantee is a speed for every need—from just the basics at 30 Mbps, to casual browsing and streaming at 300 Mbps, and 1Gb for the ultimate internet experience. Get some of the fastest and cheapest internet powered by the same cables and infrastructure as Canada’s biggest internet providers, but made affordable without hidden costs and charges. What else makes Comwave the right choice for you?

  • Unlimited high-speed internet: Still looking out for when the data runs out? You deserve better than data caps, connection timeouts, and overage charges. All Comwave internet plans in Thunder Bay come with unlimited data, so you’re online 24/7.
  • Fastest and cheapest internet: Get the fastest internet speed for your needs, at the best value for your budget. Starting at just $39.95 per month, you can choose 3 unique speed options ranging from 30Mbps all the way up to ultra-fast internet at 1Gb.
  • Bundle up and save: With Comwave, there’s always more ways to save on faster, cheaper internet, and still get even more out of your subscription. Now, you can get both unlimited, high-speed internet and the latest on TV with a Comwave internet and TV bundle. Starting at just $59.90, Comwave bundles offer an even more convenient way to save while experiencing maximum connectivity.

Are you still paying hundreds of dollars for home internet that’s constantly lagging or buffering when you’re streaming on Netflix or joining a Zoom call? In today’s hyper-connected digital age, you deserve better than that.

The good news is, getting the best home internet plan in Thunder Bay isn’t impossible. You can get fast and cheap internet based on your needs and budget. With Comwave, you’ll enjoy the best speeds for your everyday needs, whether it’s just the basics for casual users, or a premium high-speed connection for dedicated power users. See how you can get the best value for staying connected 24/7 in Thunder Bay.

  • Find your speed: Get the right speed for everyday browsing, streaming, gaming, work, and more. Find your speed, from the basics at 30 Mbps, to 300 Mbps perfect for all-day use, or all the way up to super high-speed internet at 1Gb. Choose the perfect speed for the size of your household, number of connected devices, and daily use, flexible for any budget.
  • Unlimited high-speed internet: Still paying for data caps and overage charges? That ends now. While other internet providers still charge usage-based fees and impose data limits, the most reliable internet providers like Comwave offer unlimited, high-speed internet. No more connection timeouts, no more delays and disruptions. Enjoy unlimited browsing and streaming—the internet connection you need and deserve to stay connected in Thunder Bay.
  • Bundles and promos: Who doesn’t want more savings? Stay connected in all the ways that matter when you bundle your internet and TV package together. With Comwave, you can enjoy two essential services for the price of one, with Comwave bundles starting at just $59.90. Why pay hundreds of dollars for similar services from The Big Guys in Canada when you can get unbeatable savings for unlimited, high-speed internet and the all the latest on TV with Comwave?

Getting you online is just the minimum. The question is, how reliable is your internet provider in Thunder Bay? Staying connected at the fastest internet speeds and the most affordable prices should be your top priority, so you’re always online at the best value for your everyday needs and budget. With the most reliable internet provider in Thunder Bay, you’re always connected, unlimited and uninterrupted. Get these, and more with these 3 factors to keep in mind when choosing an internet provider in Thunder Bay:

  • Available in Thunder Bay: Does your internet provider operate in Thunder Bay, and offer all of their services in Thunder Bay? Choose an internet provider that doesn’t just offer fast and cheap internet in Thunder Bay, but also offers prompt installation dates and times. Browse their ratings and reviews to see other customers’ experience, particularly their experience in Thunder Bay and the surrounding area, and make sure you’ll be satisfied too.
  • Fastest, cheapest, and unlimited internet: What’s your internet provider’s best offer? Don’t settle for anything less than unlimited high-speed internet, so you’re always online, from work to play. The best internet providers in Thunder Bay offer a wide range of speeds for various needs, from 30Mbps for basic needs, to ultra-fast 1Gb internet for power users. Don’t settle for an internet provider who charges usage-based fees, or one who can only offer limited services from within a much larger service selection.
  • Savings and promos: Get the best value for the fastest internet speeds made for your everyday needs. Or even better, get more out of your subscription. With internet and TV bundles, you can enjoy complete connectivity for the ultimate savings, on one convenient bill. Comwave bundles start at just $59.90 per month, keeping you connected in all the ways that matter, all within one incredible bundle.

Finally making the smart switch to Comwave? It’s about time you enjoyed faster, cheaper internet in Thunder Bay. Keep in mind these 3 steps when switching internet providers:

  • Cancel your current plan: Find out when your current internet plan ends, and ask about any cancellation fees. While some internet providers charge termination fees, with Comwave internet available starting at just $39.95, your savings will quickly dwarf any one-time fees.
  • Transfer your connection: In order to enjoy internet service from your new provider, you need to transfer your internet connection. Thanks to Comwave’s fast installation times in Thunder Bay, you’ll be able to do that sooner with Comwave. We’ll send a team to transfer your connection and install a compatible modem, so you don’t experience any internet downtime.
  • Update your billing: Pay your final bill, then check your Comwave contract to find out when your new billing cycle starts, so you can say hello to your new savings.

Today, a stable and reliable internet connection is a basic need in Thunder Bay—and we’re here to provide exactly that. At Comwave, our mission is simple: we deliver some of the fastest and cheapest internet for your needs and budget. We have never wavered from our promise for over 20 years now. It’s what makes us Thunder Bay’s #1 choice for home internet.

With Comwave, you’re always in charge. That’s how you get some of the fastest and cheapest internet—you decide based on your everyday needs, from work to play. Our team is here to help at every step of the way, from finding out the size of your household to recommend the best internet speed for a stable connection, to following through with fast installation times. 

We’re able to do all of this by using the same cables and infrastructure as Canada’s biggest internet providers. The difference is, we don’t charge you the extra costs. This is how we’re able to bring some of the fastest speeds at the most affordable prices in Thunder Bay.

But we don’t stop there. At Comwave, we’re always looking for new and better ways to keep you connected in Thunder Bay and beyond. We’re proud to bring you 1Gb internet, with the fastest currently available speeds at up to 1Gb, at our usual low prices. And with our internet plans eligible for Comwave internet and TV bundles, the savings don’t get any better than this. With Comwave, you’ll never have to choose between speed and savings again, because we deliver both.


Comwave connects Thunder Bay, and many other areas in Ontario and across Canada. Simply let us know where you are, and we’ll let you know the home internet services available at your location.

Yes, all Comwave home internet plans in Thunder Bay include Wi-Fi. A Comwave modem can also be used with any wireless-enabled device, so you can enjoy complete in-home Wi-Fi.

Comwave’s highest internet speed is 1Gb, available through our Crazy Fast internet plan. As we expand availability, call us to find out if the Crazy Fast Plan is already available at your exact Thunder Bay location, or learn more about the fastest available internet speed.

Comwave aims to offer the cheapest home internet in Thunder Bay, starting at just $39.95 a month. Please note that actual prices may vary depending on the speed or bundle you select.

Comwave modems are available for rent at a low monthly rental fee or a one-time fully refundable security deposit. You may also be able to use your own modem. Call us to find out if your modem is compatible with your desired speed.

Parental controls are available on your Comwave modem, with exact setup depending on the specific model. Our customer support team can assist you with activating parental controls on your in-home network. Give us a call today.

No. All Comwave home internet plans in Thunder Bay and across Canada offer unlimited data, so there are no data caps or usage limits, and no overage fees.

No. Comwave does not throttle internet speeds in Thunder Bay. Read our Terms & Conditions to learn more about our service guarantees.

Comwave aims to deliver the fastest and cheapest internet to your Thunder Bay location with the fastest installation times. Please note that actual installation times are based on your services and location. Find out your installation schedule when you start a service order, or call customer service.

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