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Get online and never miss the latest buzz in Ajax. Catch what matters most as it happens, only with the fastest and cheapest internet. Unlock the fastest speeds, powered by the same internet cables and infrastructure as Canada’s biggest internet service providers, but without the biggest costs. Discover how with Comwave—unlimited high-speed home internet, made for your budget.

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Comwave Internet Offers in Ajax

No more buffering, no more connection time-outs, no more overage charges. It’s time you get the internet you deserve in Ajax: the fastest speeds for unlimited internet, at the cheapest prices. Get it all with Comwave, from 30Mbps to 1GB, starting at just $22.95. Stay connected where it matters most, from work to play, 24/7.

Consistently ranked one of the most livable places in the GTA and across Canada, Ajax is known for its balance of nature, arts and culture, and diverse community. As part of the Great Lakes community, nature lovers easily find themselves at home among its stunning waterfront views, parks, and conservation areas.

From gaming at Casino Ajax, to unwinding among the natural wonders of the Greenwood Conservation Area and Ajax Waterfront Park and experiencing the town’s rich arts and culture scene, you won’t find a better place to live and work—and all the right reasons to stay connected.

At Comwave, we do exactly that—keep you connected, so you’re always just one tap away from everything you love about living in Ajax. Work from home, unwind, and stay in touch with the fastest and cheapest internet, starting at just $22.95 a month.

There may be 33 internet providers serving Ajax, but not all of them offer the fastest speeds and the cheapest prices. Only Comwave keeps you connected with unlimited high-speed home internet and the lowest rates—the ultimate value for speed and savings. Get the same reliable, ultra-fast internet powered by the same cables and infrastructure as Canada’s largest providers, without the large bill. Discover the fastest and cheapest internet in Ajax for unlimited, uninterrupted work and play, only from Comwave.

Want to get the best deal for your home internet in Ajax? You deserve more from your internet connection. Get the best value for all your connectivity needs with a Comwave internet and TV bundle. Check out our internet and TV packages starting at just $42.90 a month, and stay connected in all the ways that matter.

Love TV? Discover a new way to watch—what you want, when you want. From the latest news in Ajax and across Canada to your favourite shows, catch the latest as it airs on TV, or at a time of your convenience. Watch it all with Comwave TV, with plans starting at just $19.95 a month.

No more missing the latest episodes of your shows or waiting for late-night and weekend reruns. With Comwave, you’re always in control—of the remote and what’s playing. Catch your team’s games, watch the latest shows and movies, and stay up-to-date on the most important news. Discover a new way to enjoy TV, now available on the Amazon Firestick. Find the perfect Comwave TV plan, or build your own, with:

  • English and French channels available
  • Over 115 basic and premium TV channels
  • Completely customizable Comwave TV plans with specialty sports, news, lifestyle, educational, family and kids, reality, international channels, and more.

Looking for just the fastest and cheapest unlimited internet? You got it. At Comwave, you choose how you want to stay connected at the best speeds for your needs. Discover our home internet plans from 30Mps to 1GB, starting at just $22.95 a month. Stay online 24/7 at the fastest speeds and cheapest prices in Ajax, only with Comwave.

In the digital age, life happens online, period. You miss a lot—from work to the top stories and latest offers—when you’re off-the-grid and constantly getting disconnected. Simply put, you need the fastest and cheapest internet to live, work, and play in Ajax, and beyond.

Today, 91% of Canadians aged 16 to 64 watch videos, and 60% listen to music online, spending at least 6 hours every day using an internet connection. With download speeds across Canada averaging 156.01Mbps, a poor internet connection means getting less work done and missing out on the latest news and events. And with only half that time spent watching TV and barely a fifth on gaming consoles, having the fastest internet at home is the ultimate lifeline.

This is why at Comwave, we make it our mission to keep you reliably connected 24/7. Get online with the fastest and cheapest internet, perfect for your needs and budget. Work or learn from home, stream non-stop, beat your high score, and refresh to see the top stories. Do this and more, only with an unlimited internet connection—no time-outs, no data caps, no overage charges. Experience the Comwave difference in Ajax.

At Comwave, our philosophy is simple: you deserve only the fastest and cheapest internet in Ajax. Choose how fast you want to get online and how much you pay. With speeds from the basics at 30Mbps, all the way up to fibre internet at 1GB starting at just $22.95, and internet and TV bundles at just $42.90, you’re always connected within your budget. Switch to Comwave now, where speed and savings are both king:

  • Unlimited internet: No more data caps, no more connection time-outs, no more overage charges. Just unlimited, high-speed internet, period. Never miss the latest updates, and stay online 24/7.
  • Fastest and cheapest internet: Enjoy the same reliable, high-quality internet delivered by the same cables and infrastructure as Canada’s major providers, without the major cost. Choose your speed, from 30Mbps to 1GB, perfect for all-day browsing, streaming or working from home at the best value for your budget.
  • Exclusive bundles, exclusive savings: Finally, an internet connection that does a lot more for you. Get the best of unlimited, high-speed internet and the latest on TV with Comwave packages starting at just $42.90.

Still paying hundreds of dollars a month for slow internet speeds and data caps? Upgrade to the fastest internet in Ajax now—with upgraded savings. Get the best value for your home internet plan when you get the fastest and cheapest internet from Canada’s trusted provider. See what Comwave delivers, from the fastest installation times to unbeatable speeds and savings:

  • Choose your speed: Not all internet connections are the same. Choose how fast you want to browse, stream, play, and more. Find the right speed for your needs and budget, from the basics like sending emails and getting social at 30Mbps, to non-stop streaming and gaming with ultra-fast fibre internet at 1GB. The average download speed in Canada is 156.01 Mbps, but your ideal speed depends on your usage habits more than anything.
  • Unlimited internet: Worried about data limits and overage charges? Stay online 24/7 with unlimited internet. Enjoy non-stop browsing and streaming with a connection that never times out, all within your budget. While some internet providers will charge overage fees, all of Comwave’s internet packages offer unlimited internet with no overage charges.
  • Bundle up: Get more out of your subscriptions for staying connected at home. Package your home internet and TV for complete connectivity, and get two amazing services for the price of one. With Comwave internet and TV packages starting at just $42.90, you get the best value and convenience for home internet and TV in Ajax.

Does your internet provider give you the fastest and cheapest internet, with fast installation times and excellent customer service? With everything happening online these days, you deserve only the best home internet in Ajax. There may be dozens of plans and bundles available, but only Comwave keeps you connected with the fastest and cheapest unlimited internet—the best value for speed and savings.

  • Available in Ajax: Is your internet service provider able to provide service within Ajax? At Comwave, we have a long history of keeping homes in Ajax connected. For us, there isn’t a distance too far for delivering the fastest internet speeds. However, other providers offer lower speeds or limited services within Ajax. See what our customers have to say in their five-star ratings and reviews.
  • Fastest, cheapest, and unlimited internet: You deserve a lot more than slow loading times, data caps, and connection time-outs. Get the best value for the fastest, unlimited internet at the lowest prices in Ajax. Upgrade your connection to fibre internet—the fastest internet speeds, at similar budget-friendly prices.
  • Save with bundles: Stay connected in every way. Use bundles for home internet and TV service, and discover the ultimate savings for unlimited, high-speed internet and the best of TV. Get more, and save more with Comwave bundles as low as $42.90, and enjoy complete connectivity.

Are you switching to the fastest and cheapest internet in Ajax? Upgrade hassle-free with Comwave. No downtime, no disruptions—just unlimited, uninterrupted browsing and streaming, thanks to some of the fastest installation times. Get the home internet upgrade you deserve in just 3 easy steps:

  • Cancel your current plan: Contact your current home internet service provider to find out when your contract ends. But don’t let termination charges stop you from upgrading to Comwave. With Comwave internet as low as $22.95, any one-time termination fee won’t come close to the savings you’ll see with Comwave.
  • Transfer and setup: We’ll send a team to your home right away to transfer your connection and install a Comwave-compatible modem. Get back to work, browsing or gaming at the fastest speeds and cheapest prices in Ajax.
  • Update your billing: Make sure your final bill is settled, and find out when your new billing cycle starts. When you switch to Comwave, your savings will far outweigh your current monthly rate.

At Comwave, our mission is simple: we make the fastest and cheapest internet possible for everyday Canadians. For over 20 years now, we have connected Canadians across Ajax and coast-to-coast with the same promise. Join the thousands of Canadians staying connected with the best value for unlimited, high-speed home internet.

With Comwave, the choice is always yours. From finding your perfect speed, to utilizing bundles with big savings, you choose how fast you’re browsing and streaming and how much you pay. Get the basics at 30Mbps, all the way up to the future of high-speed connectivity with fibre internet at 1GB. Work from home, browse, and stream all day, non-stop—no data caps, no overage charges, no connection time-outs.

Wondering how we make the fastest and cheapest internet possible? We use the same internet cables and infrastructure as Canada’s biggest internet providers, but without charging the same high costs. Comwave is committed to bringing the fastest internet speeds to more homes in Ajax and beyond—the premium experience without the premium prices.

Now, you won’t have to choose between speed and savings because you can get both. Unlock even better value with Comwave with our exclusive internet and TV bundles. Get these and more with guaranteed fast installation times, upfront pricing, and dedicated customer service – only with Comwave.


Comwave offers high-speed fibre internet—the fastest internet speeds of up to 1GB—in Ajax. Please note that as we constantly work on expanding availability, contact our team to confirm if fibre internet is already in your area.

Yes, Comwave serves all of Ajax and beyond across the GTA and much of Canada. Contact our team to learn more about our service areas and available services at your location.

Yes, in-home Wi-Fi is included in all Comwave home internet plans. The Comwave modem is also compatible with wireless devices, giving you a complete in-home Wi-Fi network in Ajax.

We offer fibre internet, the fastest connection today at speeds of 1GB (1GB is the same as 1,000 Mbps). Contact us to find out if fibre internet is already at your Ajax location, or learn about the fastest internet speeds currently available.

Comwave is committed to offering the fastest and cheapest internet in Ajax, starting at just $22.95 a month.

Comwave home internet service has a modem available for a low monthly rental fee or a one-time fully refundable security deposit. You may also use your own compatible modem. Contact us to learn more about compatible modems.

Parental controls can be set up on your Comwave modem. Our team is available to help you set up parental controls in your in-home network.

No. At Comwave, all of our home internet plans are unlimited. We do not implement data caps or overage charges.

No, Comwave does not throttle internet speeds in Ajax. Read about our no-throttle guarantee and usage policies in our Terms & Conditions.

At Comwave, we are committed to the fastest installation times so that you can enjoy the fastest and cheapest internet in no time. Find out your installation schedule when you subscribe to a Comwave home internet plan. Note that installation times depend on the services included and your location.

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