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With a lot of work, life, and play now largely online, it’s impossible to live without a reliable and affordable internet connection. And yet many people in St. Albert still do! But that’s changing, quickly. Comwave brings you faster and cheaper internet—the best of speed and savings, 24/7. Experience unlimited, high-speed connectivity powered by the same cables and infrastructure as Canada’s largest providers, but made for your budget.

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At Comwave, we want to give you an experience you will share with your friends and family. That means fewer fees and unbeatable customer service!

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Our friendly customer-support team is available from 9AM-9PM, Monday to Friday, to make sure you get the awesome experience you deserve.

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Download, stream and surf as much as you want with unlimited usage, now available with most Internet plans.

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With Internet speeds up to 1 Gbps, you and your family will experience the speed you’ve always wanted!

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Some companies advertise misleading limited-time offers. That’s not us. We’re just affordable. Period.

Want to get some of the fastest and cheapest internet in St. Albert? You got it! Enjoy fast, affordable internet made exactly for your everyday needs and budget. Choose the right internet speed for you, from just the basics at 30 Mpbs, all-day browsing and streaming at 300 Mbps, or unbeatable 1Gb internet. Find your speed and unlock the savings, only with Comwave internet.

With over 1,100 acres of green space and 85 kilometres of trails, St. Albert is a genuine nature lovers’ paradise in Alberta. Adding to its vast natural landscape, it’s also home to the Arden Theatre and Musée Héritage Museum, giving residents a nice balance of nature, a lively art community, and a rich heritage.

That’s why it’s no surprise that St. Albert is one of the most attractive places to live in Alberta. With these attractions, anyone is sure to find themselves at home and love their surroundings. Now, all you need is a fast and reliable way to get online, so you can easily stay connected where it matters most.

There are 10 internet providers in St. Albert. But only some of them can provide you with fast and cheap internet. The good news is, one of them is Comwave. Now, you can get the best speeds for home internet, starting at just $29.95 a month. That’s one of the most affordable and reliable ways to stay online 24/7.

At Comwave, we do more than deliver some of the fastest and cheapest internet in St. Albert. Stay connected in all the ways that matter with Comwave internet and TV bundles. Enjoy two amazing services and twice the savings with bundles starting at just $49.90 per month. Bundle the fastest internet speed for your needs with all of the best channels on TV today.

Just missed the evening news or the start of the game? No need to worry. With ComwaveTV, there’s more than one way and one time to watch. Never miss the hottest on TV from all your favourite channels. From sports and entertainment, lifestyle, reality, family and kids, and more, ComwaveTV has it all for you.

Get ComwaveTV in St. Albert starting at just $19.95 a month. Watch what you want, when you want, both live on-air and on-demand. Watch on your TV with the Amazon Firestick, or take all your favourite shows on-the-go with the ComwaveTV app on any iOS device. Check out ComwaveTV plans, or create your own custom TV package, including:

  • Over 80 basic and premium English and French channels
  • All the best sports, entertainment, family, lifestyle, reality, educational, and other themed channels in a Comwave Theme Pack
  • Add just your favourite individual channels a la carte, including TSN, Sportsnet, CNN, CBC, City, Global, Fox, Food Network, Discovery Channel, and so much more!

Got everything you need online? Comwave brings you some of the fastest and cheapest internet in St. Albert, hassle-free. Choose your internet speed, from basic browsing at 30 Mbps, to all-day streaming and working at 300 Mbps, all the way up to dedicated pro use at ultra-fast 1Gb speeds. Let’s talk about your everyday needs and budget, and get the speed that’s just right for you. Say goodbye to lagging internet and slow load times, and avoid paying for excessive bandwidth that you don’t need with Comwave internet.

How are you working, watching videos, gaming, staying connected, and more? All of these daily activities have one thing in common: you need faster, cheaper internet to do all of these. But when you’re still paying hundreds of dollars every month for a connection that frequently lags and times out, it’s clear that you’re not getting what you deserve.

And it’s not just you who’s not getting their needs. Did you know that 91% of Canadians aged 16 to 64 spend at least 6 hours every day relying on the internet? That’s 6 hours of watching videos, sending emails, scrolling through social media, gaming, streaming music and movies, and more. With all of these things to do online, it’s no wonder that the average download speeds in Canada now clock in at 156Mbps. But even then, not everyone is getting this, especially at a fair and honest price.

That’s why at Comwave, we deliver you these nationwide standard speeds, just the basics for casual use, or ultra-fast 1Gb internet for constant daily streaming and gaming—whatever internet speed you need, at the best value for your needs and budget. Whether you’re working from home, browsing and streaming all day, or gaming like a pro, there’s a speed for your every need. This means, you get some of the fastest and cheapest internet, with speeds just right—not too slow, nor too redundant and expensive for your needs in St. Albert.

Anyone would be frustrated with an internet provider that is continuously increasing its prices but can’t deliver the speeds it promised. The fact is, you deserve better—and Comwave provides exactly what you need. It’s why we’re St. Albert’s top choice for fast speeds, delivered with honest and affordable pricing.

At Comwave, we do this by using the same cables and infrastructure as Canada’s major internet providers. The difference is, we don’t charge all the expensive markups and hidden fees. This means you get some of the fastest and cheapest internet available, period. We’re here to help you choose how you’re connected and how much it costs. Learn more about the Comwave difference, including:

  • Unlimited high-speed internet: At Comwave, we skip the hassle of limited data usage plans and go straight to the good part. All Comwave home internet plans come with unlimited data—no usage limits, connection timeouts, and overage fees, so you’re online 24/7.
  • Fastest and cheapest internet: Tired of slow speeds and expensive bills? You should be. Comwave brings you faster and cheaper internet for your exact needs, whether it’s the basics at 30 Mbps, 300Mbps for all-day use, or ultra-fast 1Gb internet. This means, you pay for the ultimate speed and savings tailored to your needs.
  • Bundle up and save: With Comwave, there’s more than one way to save. We bring you some of the fastest and cheapest internet, and the latest on TV. Discover Comwave internet and TV bundles, starting at just $49.90 in St. Albert.

Tired of paying hundreds of dollars monthly for unreliable internet? It’s time you got the home internet you need and deserve. No more paying expensive bills every month, only to deal with frequent connection timeouts, lags, and costly delays.

Now, you can get the best of speed and savings in St. Albert. Experience the difference with an internet provider you can trust to deliver faster, cheaper and always unlimited internet. Get exactly the bandwidth you need—not too slow nor too fast and expensive. See how you can make every dollar worth it with the fastest speed designed for your home and budget.

  • The right internet speed for your needs: Choose the fastest speed for your everyday needs. Whether you need just the basics, all-day use, or ultra-fast speeds for the pros, there’s a perfect speed for your needs, devices, and all the people in your home, at the best value for your budget.
  • Unlimited high-speed internet: Constantly worried about going over your data limit? Not anymore. Get unlimited high-speed internet, so you’re always online, and never have to worry about going over your data limit or risking connection timeouts. Stay online 24/7, so you’re never offline and miss out on what matters most.
  • Bundles and promos: Can’t decide between speed and savings? Now, you won’t have to. With the most reliable internet provider, you can get more out of your subscription. Get some of the fastest and cheapest internet and the latest onscreen with an internet and TV bundle, and stay connected more for much less.

Thinking of making the smart switch to the most reliable internet provider in St. Albert? There isn’t a better time to upgrade your connection and get the internet service you need. With the right provider, you’re guaranteed unlimited, high-speed internet, so you’re always online. Get some of the fastest and cheapest internet, and stay connected from work to play. See how you can finally get the internet connection you need, from the basics to ultra-fast 1Gb internet:

  • Availability in St. Albert: More than internet offers in St. Albert, is your internet provider available for fast installation and service times? Find out from ratings and reviews left by customers in your area, so you’ll know how reliable your provider is.
  • Fastest, cheapest, and unlimited internet: Don’t settle for anything less than fast and cheap, unlimited internet in St. Albert. Get the fastest speeds for your needs, guaranteed unlimited from work to play, at the best value for your budget. Now, you can stay connected 24/7, without data usage limits, connection timeouts, and expensive overage fees.
  • Savings and promos: You shouldn’t have to choose between speed and savings. Get the best value out of your internet connection. Discover internet and TV bundles—twice the service and savings, so you’re all the more connected for much less.

Are you upgrading to faster and cheaper internet in St. Albert? Get it hassle-free in just 3 easy steps:

  • Cancel your current plan: Check when your current contract ends. If you’re far from the renewal period, you’ll need to pay the cancellation fee. But don’t worry because with Comwave internet starting at just $29.95, you’ll enjoy more savings in the long-term.
  • Transfer your connection: We’ll send a team to your home in St. Albert to install a new modem and transfer your connection. With fast installation times, there’s no more internet downtime.
  • Update your billing: Pay your final bill. Then, check your new Comwave bill to find out your billing cycle and all-new savings.

It’s no secret that there are tons of options for internet providers in St. Albert. So why go with Comwave?

It’s simple. Your search for fast and cheap internet in St. Albert and across Alberta ends here. Comwave brings you exactly that—the fastest speeds for every need and budget, affordable and reliable. It’s the same promise upon which we built our business 20 years ago, and one we’re always working on fulfilling.

Comwave is able to do this because our internet services draw from the same internet infrastructure and cables as Canada’s biggest players. The difference is, we don’t charge extra and pass costs onto our customers. With the help of our team of specialists, we’ll help you get the right speed for you—the fastest for your everyday needs, all without breaking the bank.

It’s the same promise that propels us to the future of unlimited, high-speed internet. As we work on connecting you today, we’re also looking towards your future connectivity needs with lightning-fast 1Gb internet, delivered at the same low prices in St. Albert. That’s the Comwave difference that you can always count on, for years to come.


Yes. Comwave connects all of St. Albert and the majority of Alberta and Canada. Simply let us know where you are to find out the available internet services at your exact location.

Yes. Comwave home internet in St. Albert includes in-home Wi-Fi. All Comwave modems also pair with wireless-enabled devices, providing you with a complete in-home Wi-Fi experience.

The highest internet speed that Comwave offers in St. Albert is 1Gb speeds through our Crazy Fast internet plan. Please note that we are constantly expanding availability, so call us to find out if the Crazy Fast Plan is already available at your exact location, or get the current fastest speed available.

Comwave offers the most affordable home internet in St. Albert, starting at just $29.95 a month. Prices are determined based on the internet speed or bundle you select.

You can rent a Comwave modem for a low monthly rental fee or a one-time fully refundable security deposit. You can also use your own modem, though exact modem compatibility depends on the internet speed you choose, so call us to confirm that it can support your desired internet speed.

You can set up parental controls on your Comwave modem, though the exact setup will depend on your specific model. You can also contact customer support for detailed assistance with setting up parental controls on your in-home network.

No. Comwave home internet in St. Albert and everywhere else is guaranteed unlimited—no data caps, no usage limits or usage-based fees, and no overage charges.

No. Comwave does not throttle internet speeds in St. Albert or anywhere else. Learn more about our service guarantees in our Terms & Conditions.

At Comwave, we aim to provide you with the fastest and cheapest internet in no time. Please note that installation will be scheduled based on your services and location. You can find your schedule when you start a service order, or call customer service.

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