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In a city like Toronto that’s always buzzing, connectivity is king. Reliable, high-speed internet allows you to work, keep up with the latest, stream, game, and more. All it takes is the right internet provider.

Get some of the fastest speeds at the lowest prices available in Toronto, only with Comwave. Stay connected 24/7, thanks to our reliable and secure internet network. Enjoy high-speed internet for work and play at the most affordable rates, and connect—across the city, coast-to-coast, and around the globe. Discover how with Comwave.

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At Comwave, we want to give you an experience you will share with your friends and family. That means no contracts, no activation fees and unbeatable customer service!

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Comwave Internet Offers in Toronto

Tired of paying top prices for streaming lags, disconnected calls, and slow downloads and uploads? You deserve better. That’s why Comwave offers some of the fastest and cheapest internet bundles available to keep you connected. Choose from 30Mbps to 1Gb—lightning-fast speeds for all of your browsing, working, streaming and gaming needs. Your internet connection, your terms—that’s the Comwave guarantee.

From the CN Tower to High Park, and across North York, Scarborough, and Etobicoke, Comwave keeps all of Toronto connected 24/7. Work, stream, play, and keep up with the buzz with unlimited, high-speed internet at unbeatable prices.

Unlock savings with bundles and promotions, and enjoy some of the fastest internet in Toronto at the lowest rates. At Comwave, we believe the best internet shouldn’t cost you. Discover a smart, new way to connect with ultra-fast downloads and uploads, uninterrupted browsing, streaming, gaming, and guaranteed work-from-home productivity. No data caps, no hidden costs—just reliable, fast and cheap home internet in Toronto.

There’s more to your internet connection than the biggest names in the business. With fast and cheap internet providers like Comwave, you won’t have to stay locked in the same costly bundles. We make high-speed internet possible at the lowest rates.

With close to 70 providers across the network in Toronto, you have your choice of internet providers—and the power to stay connected on your own terms. While many Toronto internet providers share the same cables and infrastructure, Comwave stands out with the latest network technology to maximize speed and reliable connection, but without the price tag.

Maximum connectivity, maximum savings. Stay connected 24/7 with our unbeatable bundles. Browse, watch, and call with Comwave’s internet and TV bundles.

Get high-speed, unlimited internet and over 115 of your favourite channels on ComwaveTV for one amazingly low price! Save more with Comwave Wi-Fi modems and free shipping. Staying connected has never been easier—or more affordable.

Keeping up with the latest news and events has never been easier. Find out what’s happening in Toronto, and get the ultimate experience with ComwaveTV.

With over 115 basic and premium channels available, watch all your favourite shows anytime. Enjoy the latest in TV through the Amazon Firestick with your ComwaveTV plan!

Discover a new way to watch with Comwave:

  • English and French channels available
  • The widest range of news, sports, family and kids, reality, lifestyle, educational, movie, and international channels
  • Choose from TV packages built for millennials, families or TV lovers.
  • Build your own package and personalize your TV with individual channels.
  • Build your own specialty package to personalize your TV, and enjoy the best value for all your shows and channels.

No bundle? No problem! Connect exactly how you want. Get some of the fastest internet speeds at affordable prices in Toronto. No extra or hidden costs, no fuss—just the internet you need. Enjoy unlimited data, lightning-fast downloads, and uninterrupted streaming, gaming, and more!

Did you know that Canadians spend an average of 6 hours a day relying on the internet? That’s twice as much as time spent watching TV, and over five times as much on gaming consoles. Whether it’s for work or school, talking to family and friends, or browsing, streaming, and gaming, it’s impossible to stay offline.

These days, internet connection is a basic need—just like water and electricity, even surpassing the need for cable TV and landline. With more videos, shows and movies, music, and even radio stations streamed online, you need reliable, unlimited fast and cheap home internet to stay connected 24/7—and never miss out.

With Comwave, the best of the internet is possible—lightning-fast downloads, uninterrupted streaming, and productivity. Join the 91% of Canadians watching videos online, and gaming, streaming, and working from home, powered by faster internet speeds—at lower prices. Get unlimited high-speed internet: no data caps, no lags, and enjoy constant connectivity when and where it matters most.

From work to play, you can count on Comwave to deliver ultra-fast loading speeds. Browse, watch, and play in just a quick tap, without the wait—and without the premium cost. Enjoy some of the fastest and cheapest internet available across Toronto, and step into a connected future anytime, anywhere.

Looking for the best internet provider? You deserve nothing less. At Comwave, we help you make the best choice, so you get the internet connection you need, at the best, unbeatable rates.

Choosing between plans and providers? Know your options across countless bundles. Find the best one for your needs, with unbeatable speeds and savings. Discover the Comwave difference—fast internet speeds and cheap prices, only from a trusted Canadian company:

  • Unlimited internet: No data usage caps, no fine print—just unlimited browsing, streaming, gaming, and more 24/7, perfect for keeping power users constantly and reliably connected, so you never miss out on notifications, messages, trending news, and more.
  • Lightning-fast speeds: Choose from 30Mbps to 1Gb—the fastest internet speeds you need to stay connected and in the know. No lags, no gaps, no interruptions—just constant connectivity, the most reliable for working, streaming, gaming, and more. Upgrade your connection in Toronto to high-speed 1Gb internet for even faster downloads and uploads.
  • Unbeatable prices and bundles: The cheapest prices for high-speed, unlimited internet in Toronto, with generous savings when you select internet and TV bundles. Get both services for one incredibly low price, perfect for any budget. No hidden costs and extra charges, with perks like free installation.

Wondering how much it takes to enjoy unlimited, high-speed internet that keeps you connected 24/7 in Toronto? At Comwave, we offer some of the fastest internet speeds available at affordable prices—the best value for any budget, with guaranteed no hidden charges. Make the smart switch to Comwave today, because the best internet connection doesn’t have to cost you.

With internet and TV plans starting at just $59.90/month and internet plans from $39.95/month, you won’t find a better, more reliable provider than Comwave. Are you a power user? Upgrade to our Crazy Fast Plan for lightning-fast 1Gb speeds, and add the I Love TV Plan for all of your favourite channels and shows – including the ones you can’t get on Netflix. Getting online has never been more affordable with Comwave!

Be a savvy consumer. Find out how our bundles and internet plans are calculated, and see the value of every dollar in unlimited high-speed connectivity:

  • Download and upload speeds: The perfect speed for any user—choose from 30Mbps, all the way up to lightning-fast 1Gb for powerhouse connection and uninterrupted browsing, gaming, and streaming.
  • Unlimited internet: No data usage caps, no lags, no limits—stay connected online 24/7, and never miss a notification.
  • Service fees and bundles: Free installation and quick service, only at Comwave. Enjoy added savings with our internet and TV bundles, or choose the service plan you need, on your own terms.

With close to 70 internet providers in Toronto, the choice is yours. Make the smart choice with the most reliable provider with a proven track record of speed and savings:

  • Area availability: The best internet provider needs to offer service in your area, delivering consistent speeds and performance anytime, anywhere—no lags, no gaps, no interruptions, just constant connectivity you can count on, wherever you are. Upgrade to Comwave internet in your area for next-generation connectivity.
  • Plans and promos: Choose the fastest speeds at the cheapest prices, and unlock savings with unbeatable bundle options.
  • Connection type: Stay connected 24/7, and never miss out on anything, only with unlimited internet. No lags and no downtime, just constant, reliable connectivity for keeping up with all your favourite shows, music, games, family and friends, and more.
  • Reliable record: Choose the best track record, proven with trusted ratings and reviews. See what makes the best internet provider the top choice for speed, savings, and service.

Want to make the smart switch to the best internet provider in Toronto? Getting unlimited high-speed internet at the best prices has never been easier. Change providers hassle-free, with utmost peace of mind and guaranteed excellent service.

Check out this quick and easy guide to changing internet providers, and avoid getting disconnected:

  • Cancel your plan: Check your contract. Are you on a term plan? See how much time you have left on your current contract, and the cost of terminating it. Here’s a bonus tip—don’t fret over the service charges. Many internet providers offer exclusive promos and deals for switching, so there’s no added cost to you!
  • Transfer your connection: Remember to check the service availability of your new internet service provider to ensure that service is available in your location. Since most internet providers in Toronto use the same cables and infrastructure, this will most likely be the case. Your new service provider will transfer your internet connection and install a new Wi-Fi modem for your home, ensuring a fast and easy switch with no downtime. No disconnection, no time spent offline—just a quick, hassle-free switch to better, reliable connectivity.
  • Resolve billing: Make sure your final bill is settled, and find out your new billing cycle to ensure smooth, uninterrupted service.

Unlimited high-speed internet at the cheapest, most affordable prices in Toronto—it doesn’t get better than Comwave. Get the internet connection you need and deserve: faster speeds for ultra-fast browsing and uninterrupted gaming and streaming. Enjoy the best of speed, savings, and service, only at Comwave.

Wondering how we bring some of the fastest internet speeds to you at cheaper prices than the big providers? We use the same internet cables and infrastructure as the big providers in Canada. The difference is, we don’t pass the cost onto consumers. It’s how we keep our prices low and affordable, and our internet speeds ultra-fast, at par with the biggest names in the industry. For us, it’s all about quality and performance: high-speed connectivity you can always count on 24/7, for over 20 years and counting. That’s the Comwave guarantee.

Say goodbye to streaming lags, disconnected calls, and slow buffering speeds—and hello to uninterrupted connection. Local to Toronto and accessible 24/7, Comwave makes it easy to get—and stay—online, without the expensive bills. Internet for all: affordable, ultra-fast, and high-quality—that’s our mission. Discover new ways to connect with Comwave high-speed internet and other upgrades, and earn the biggest savings with 2-in-1 bundles for any budget. Get these and more, only at Comwave.


Your questions about some of Toronto’s fastest and cheapest internet, answered.

Comwave proudly serves all of Toronto, the GTA, and beyond. As a Canadian company, we strive to bring you the fastest internet speeds at the cheapest prices coast-to-coast. Find out if Comwave is in your area, with high-speed internet options available your home.

Yes, Comwave is in Toronto! In fact, we’re based in the city, making us fully accessible for quick service response times, questions, and more, whether you’re in the downtown core, North York, Scarborough, or Etobicoke. Get in-home Wi-Fi in all of our internet plans and bundles, and rest assured that our modems can easily pair with various wireless-enabled devices for a complete in-home Wi-Fi network in Toronto.

At Comwave, we’re leading the future of internet connectivity. We offer high-speed internet in Toronto—the latest high-speed development, with speeds of up to 1Gb for downloads and 30Mbps for uploads. Find out if high-speed internet is in your area by calling.

Comwave offers some of the lowest internet prices in Toronto, starting at just $39.95 per month with speeds of 30Mbps, all the way up to 1 Gb at just $89.95 per month. Get unlimited internet and faster downloads and uploads, and save more by choosing both internet and TV service with Comwave. Browse our different speeds and combine any internet plan with any TV plan for the best fit for your needs.

Do you currently own a modem? Let’s put it to work! While we do offer free shipping and activation with Wi-Fi included, we’re happy to use any modem you prefer if compatible. Get in touch with our team to find out if your current modem is compatible with Comwave internet.

Comwave modems feature parental controls to help ensure a safe, family-friendly browsing and streaming experience. Get your kids online safely, and enjoy peace of mind with healthy internet use. Learn more about setting up parental controls on your Comwave modem.

No, period. All Comwave home internet plans are unlimited. Our guarantee is unlimited internet connectivity—no data caps, no limits, just high-speed internet you can count on anytime, so you never miss out.

Comwave does not throttle internet services in Toronto. Learn more about our services and the Comwave guarantee in our Terms & Conditions.

At Comwave, we strive to keep you connected 24/7, and online in no time. We aim to fulfill our service standards depending on the internet speeds you require and your location. Find out more about our installation times in Toronto when you start a new service order.

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