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Are you looking for the best way to work, watch, and play, right at home? Do it all, and more, with fast, reliable and affordable home internet in Newmarket. Finally, an unlimited, high-speed home internet plan you can trust to keep you connected 24/7. Get online, powered by the exact same internet cables and infrastructure as Canada’s biggest providers. Discover the Comwave difference: home internet made for you and your budget.

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Comwave offers fast, unlimited internet and special bundle deals at incredible value, giving you the speed you need through a reliable connection that supports all your devices.

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Our friendly customer-support team is available from 9AM-9PM, Monday to Friday, to make sure you get the awesome experience you deserve.

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Download, stream and surf as much as you want with unlimited usage, now available with all Internet plans.

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Internet speeds of up to 1 Gbps, giving you the speed you need to do more of what you love.

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Incredible value with our affordable internet and special bundle deals.

Are you tired of paying too much for slow speeds, connection time-outs, and data caps? Say hello to some of the fastest and cheapest unlimited home internet available in Newmarket. Choose the internet speed you’d like, from 30Mbps to ultra-fast high-speed internet at 1Gb, starting at just $29.95. Browse, work, email, stream and game as much as you’d like, and never worry about slow speeds or limited bandwidth again.

True to its name—the market town—Newmarket’s Main Street and landmarks like Fairy Lake Park, Upper Canada Mall, and Newmarket Riverwalk Commons make it a true lifestyle destination. With its perfect balance of scenic nature and premier retail and dining hubs, all you need now is a reliable way to stay connected and get on the grid.

At Comwave, that’s precisely our mission. We keep you connected with some of the fastest and cheapest internet available in Newmarket, so you can go from work to play, catch the latest in Newmarket and beyond, and stay in touch. Discover home internet that’s made for you and your budget: faster speeds, from 30Mbps to ultra-fast high-speed internet at 1Gb, starting at just $29.95 a month. Live life online at home, thanks to unlimited, high-speed internet all day, every day.

Today, there are 32 internet providers in Newmarket. But only Comwave keeps you connected with the best deals—some of the fastest and cheapest unlimited internet available in Newmarket, with unbeatable savings. Choose how fast you’re firing away at emails, refreshing your feed, and streaming your shows, with the same internet cables and infrastructure as Canada’s biggest providers. Discover the Comwave difference with internet like never before—the best bang for your buck, online 24/7.

Double the connectivity, speed, and service—for one incredibly affordable rate. Get more and save more, only with our exclusive Comwave home internet & TV packages. Enjoy some of the fastest and cheapest internet in Newmarket and the latest on TV for one incredible price. With bundles starting at just $59.90 a month and your choice of internet speed and all your favourite TV channels and shows, there isn’t a better value for staying connected in every way, every day.

Are you stressing over what to watch during primetime, or hoping to catch reruns? Rediscover TV on-demand. With Comwave TV, you decide what you’re watching and when. Browse your favourite channels, and pause, play, rewind or fast-forward, starting at just $29.95 a month.

Never miss an episode, your team’s highlights, and the latest news. Watch TV exactly how you want: evening news, sports, movies, and more, now available anytime through the Amazon Firestick. Find your perfect Comwave TV plan, or experience TV like never before with a personalized package. With Comwave, you can:

Watch English and French channels.
Watch over 115 basic and premium TV channels.
Create a completely customized Comwave TV package with specialty news, sports, lifestyle, educational, family and kids, reality, and international channels.

Got everything you need online? Browse and stream with some of the fastest and cheapest internet available in Newmarket, only from Comwave. Get the right internet speeds, from 30Mbps to ultra-fast internet at 1Gb, tailored to your needs and budget. Experience the Comwave upgrade today—unlimited, high-speed connectivity made for your budget.

These days, it’s no secret that everything happens online. From working on cloud-based platforms and joining virtual meetings to refreshing your feed for top stories, staying in touch, and unwinding with your favourite shows and games, your days are spent online. And you’re not the only one.

Today, 91% of Canadians aged 16 to 64 spend at least 6 hours a day online. In contrast, only half that time is spent on TV, and just less than a fifth of that on gaming consoles. And with download speeds across Canada clocking in at an average of 156.01Mbps, you deserve more than what you’re currently getting. Simply, a stable internet connection is a basic need and a lifeline. Without one, it’s impossible to work or learn from home, stay in touch, and even unwind after a long day.

It’s why at Comwave, we work to get you online at some of the fastest internet speeds and the lowest prices in Newmarket. Work, browse, stream, play, and more only with fast and cheap internet, non-stop. Never spend a second offline and miss out on what’s most important, thanks to unlimited high-speed internet. See how Comwave keeps you connected 24/7, only with Newmarket’s most reliable home internet connection.

At Comwave, our philosophy is simple: you deserve some of the fastest and cheapest internet available at home in Newmarket, and we’re here to deliver. Get online with the best deals for unlimited, high-speed internet. See how we keep you connected using the same internet cables and infrastructure as Canada’s major providers. Discover the ultimate sped and savings, only from Comwave:

  • Unlimited internet: Worried about going over your data limit and paying overage charges? Your worries end here. With Comwave, all home internet plans are unlimited. Say goodbye to data caps and connection timeouts and hello to non-stop browsing and streaming.
  • Fastest and cheapest internet: Premium internet without the premium prices. Work, browse, stream, and more with some of the fastest internet speeds available, from 30Mbps up to 1Gb. Get the best value for home internet made for your needs and budget, only with Comwave.
  • Exclusive bundles, exclusive savings: What’s better than getting faster, cheaper internet? An unbeatable bundle for unlimited internet and the latest on TV. Get twice the entertainment connection for one incredibly low price. Now you can enjoy the reliable high-speed internet you’ve come to expect together with all of your favourite TV channels and shows for as low as $59.90 a month.

There may be over 30 internet providers in Newmarket, but how many of them offer reliable, fast and cheap home internet? It’s time you got the home internet you deserve: faster speeds and installation times, at even lower prices. Now, you can get the best value for your home internet—the best speeds for work and play, made for your everyday needs and budget.

  • Find the right speed: Just checking emails and refreshing your feed, or streaming and gaming all night? Get an internet connection you can trust throughout work-from-home days, all the way to unwinding on the weekends. Find your speed, anywhere from 30Mbps to 1Gb with Comwave.
  • Unlimited internet: Worried about overage charges and connection timeouts? It’s time you upgraded to unlimited internet. Enjoy non-stop browsing and streaming, so you’re always online and never miss out on the latest, from work to play.
  • Bundle up: Looking for the best deal on your home internet plan? Discover internet and TV bundles starting at just $59.90 a month. Enjoy the ultimate value for speed and savings, only with the most reliable provider.

Are you upgrading to faster and cheaper internet? It’s time you got some of the fastest and cheapest in Newmarket. Discover unlimited, high-speed internet powered by the same internet cables as Canada’s major providers, without the same high costs. Get online without the data caps and connection timeouts, and start today with fast installation times. Work, browse, stream and more, with the ultimate speed and savings:

  • Available in Newmarket: The best, most reliable internet providers proudly serve all of Newmarket—no distance is too far to deliver the fastest speeds at low prices. Browse customer ratings and reviews to see how satisfied customers get the best speed, savings, and service within Newmarket.
  • Fastest, cheapest, and unlimited internet: Stay connected with fast and cheap internet, 24/7. No more data caps, no more connection timeouts, no more overage charges. Just unlimited browsing and streaming at the best speeds for your needs and budget—from the basics at 30Mbps, to ultra-fast 1Gb internet in Newmarket.
  • Save with bundles: Now, you can stay connected with premium internet speeds without the premium prices. Whether it’s 30 Mbps for basic browsing, 300 Mbps for regular everyday use, or lightning-fast 1Gb speeds for maximum streaming and gaming, the choice is yours with Comwave. Enjoy complete connectivity on your budget.

Upgrading to the internet you deserve? Comwave makes it quick and easy. Enjoy some of the fastest and cheapest internet available with even faster installation times. Work, browse, stream, and more with unlimited, uninterrupted home internet. See how Comwave can do it for you below:

  • Cancel your plan: Ask your current internet provider when your contract ends. Worried about termination fees? Don’t be. With Comwave internet starting at just $29.95 a month, upgrading to Comwave will save you more than any one-time cancellation fee will cost you.
  • Transfer your connection: We’ll send a technician to your place right away to transfer your connection to a Comwave modem. Get reliable, fast and cheap unlimited internet right away.
  • Update your billing: Pay your last bill and determine when your new Comwave billing starts. And when your first Comwave bill arrives, you’ll see the savings first-hand!

At Comwave, our promise is simple, and it hasn’t changed in the last 20 years: keeping your home connected with some of the fastest and cheapest internet possible. We get the entire family online, from work to play, 24/7. Get the best deal for your home internet, and stay connected in Newmarket and beyond, coast-to-coast.

Wondering how we make this possible? Comwave uses the same internet cables and infrastructure as Canada’s biggest providers. We’re committed to keeping you connected at the best value for unlimited high-speed internet, made for your needs and budget. Now, you can enjoy the home internet service you deserve: no data limits and overage charges, with speed and savings both king.

At Comwave, our guarantee is complete connectivity. You’re in charge of how fast you’re browsing and streaming, whether it’s the basics at 30Mbps, or ultra-fast internet at 1Gb. Bundle it up with the latest on TV, and get twice the service and savings for one incredibly low price. With Comwave offering internet for just $29.95 a month and bundles for just $59.90 a month it’s no wonder Newmarket is taking notice.

Experience the most reliable internet connection you can count on from work to play, starting with guaranteed fast installation times and upfront pricing. Get the premium internet experience you deserve, without the premium prices and fine print. This is Comwave: keeping Canadians connected coast-to-coast, only with some of the fastest speeds and cheapest prices in Newmarket.


Yes, Comwave proudly serves all of Newmarket and across much of Canada. Contact us to find out our service areas, and learn about available home internet services in your area.

Yes. All Comwave home internet plans include in-home Wi-Fi. In addition, the Comwave modem can also pair with wireless devices, providing you with a complete in-home Wi-Fi network.

The highest internet speed that Comwave currently offers in Newmarket is 1 Gbps (1,000 Mpbs) through our Internet 1,000 plan. Call us to find out if the Internet 1,000 plan is already available at your Newmarket location, or learn about the current fastest speeds offered in your area.

At Comwave, we aim to provide the fastest and cheapest home internet in Newmarket, starting at just $29.95 a month. Actual prices are determined by the speed and bundle you select.

Comwave offers a number of internet modems for service in Newmarket including the Hitron CODA 4680, the SmartRG SR516 and others, depending on your exact location and internet plan. Contact us to confirm the exact modems available based on your address and desired internet plan.

Parental controls are available on your Comwave modem. In addition, our team can help you activate parental controls in your in-home network.

No. At Comwave, all home internet plans come with unlimited data. We do not implement data limits or bills for overages.

No. Comwave does not throttle internet speeds in Newmarket or anywhere else. Read our Terms & Conditions to learn about our service guarantees and usage policies.

At Comwave, we are committed to bringing you some of the fastest and cheapest internet in Newmarket with fast installation times and excellent customer service. Actual installation times are determined by the services included and your location. Get your installation schedule when you subscribe to Comwave home internet.

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