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Life in Markham never slows down: from the latest lifestyle trends to a bustling business district; it’s all about staying connected in one of the GTA’s major cities and best places to live, work, and play. Stay connected across Markham and beyond with some of the fastest, most reliable internet connection, only from Comwave.

With a connection powered by the same cables and internet infrastructure as the biggest providers, only Comwave offers fast internet speeds and uninterrupted connectivity at some of the lowest prices in Markham. From emails and video calls, gaming, streaming and more, enjoy unlimited, high-speed internet without hidden costs and charges.

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At Comwave, we want to give you an experience you will share with your friends and family. That means fewer fees and unbeatable customer service!

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Our friendly customer-support team is available from 9AM-9PM, Monday to Friday, to make sure you get the awesome experience you deserve.

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Download, stream and surf as much as you want with unlimited usage, now available with most Internet plans.

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With Internet speeds up to 1 Gbps, you and your family will experience the speed you’ve always wanted!

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Some companies advertise misleading limited-time offers. That’s not us. We’re just affordable. Period.

Are you looking for some of the fastest and cheapest internet in Markham? Get the best of ultra-fast speeds and non-stop browsing at the lowest rates, only at Comwave. From speeds of 30Mbps to 1Gb starting at just $29.95 a month, you can browse, stream, and stay connected 24/7. Unlock the ultimate service and savings with internet and TV bundles, and never miss a notification again.

From strolling along historic Unionville to shopping the best bargains at Pacific Mall and Markville Mall, and exploring countless parks and quaint neighbourhoods, Markham is the place to be. Feel right at home and stay connected with the latest in your city, thanks to Comwave.

Whether you just moved to Markham or you’ve called it home all your life, get to know your city and enjoy unlimited, high-speed connectivity like never before. Work, browse, stream, and game at lightning-fast speeds for the lowest, unbeatable prices. Discover how with Comwave: faster, cheaper internet in Markham, starting at less than $30 a month.

With over 39 internet providers in Markham, the best deal comes down to speed, savings, and service. At Comwave, that’s what we do best — so you can stop your search for reliable, fast and cheap home internet.

How? It’s simple. We draw from a shared internet infrastructure, allowing us to connect you at lightning-fast speeds — just like all the major providers — without charging extra costs. Work, browse, stream, and stay connected 24/7 on your budget.

See what’s trending, stay alert for notifications, and catch the latest news and your favourite shows — all in one amazing bundle. Check out Comwave’s internet and TV packages, starting at just $49.90 a month! Get this 2-in-1 bundle for complete connectivity and unbeatable savings, and never miss out on anything, from work emails to all the latest episodes.

What’s on TV tonight? Catch the latest episode, or binge all your favourite shows. Channel surfing just got a whole lot better with Comwave TV, available now through the Amazon Firestick. Start watching at just $19.95 a month, with different packages guaranteed to keep you entertained and informed. Build your custom Comwave TV plan with all your favourite shows and channels, and enjoy TV like never before. Find your Comwave TV package:

  • Access English and French channels and TV shows
  • Browse over 115 basic and premium TV channels
  • Choose from specialty sports, family, kids, reality, lifestyle, educational, international, and news channels and more.

Don’t need anything else but fast and cheap internet? At Comwave, we deliver exactly what you need. Choose from 30Mbps to 1Gb internet speeds, with unlimited data for unlimited browsing and streaming at the lowest prices in Markham. Internet for your needs and budget — that’s our guarantee.

Can you imagine life without the internet? With so much time spent online for work, play, and even just everyday communication, it’s impossible and a downright hassle to be disconnected — especially at the most crucial time, like when you’re on a tight deadline, studying, or in the middle of a really good movie or game.

And you’re not alone. 91% of Canadians aged 16-64 spend about 6 hours a day using the internet to watch videos, stream music, and increasingly, work from home — only half that time is spent watching TV and less than a fifth on a gaming console. This makes reliable internet a must-have — but not just any kind: only the fastest speeds at the most affordable, budget-savvy prices.

At Comwave, this is exactly what we do — and you’ve come to the right place. With our ultra-fast speeds and budget-friendly prices, you can get online and stay connected anytime, all the time.

Work faster and better, get the latest scoop in Markham, stay on top of news and trends, and play all your favourite games, thanks to unlimited data and 24/7 high-speed connectivity. Browse and stream all day, every day, without lags and buffers, and never miss an important notification. Do these and more, only with some of the fastest and cheapest internet available, made for the savvy customer.

At Comwave, our mission is simple — and it doesn’t get any better than this: providing you with some of the fastest and cheapest internet in Markham. With tons of providers to choose from, we make it an easy choice: lightning-fast speeds with unlimited data, fit for your lifestyle and budget. From exclusive bundles and promos to excellent customer support, we deliver the best of speed, savings, and service 24/7. Discover the Comwave difference:

  • Unlimited internet: No data caps, no interruptions, no lags and buffers — it’s that simple. All Comwave internet plans come with unlimited data and fast internet speeds, so you’re always connected with an internet connection that never times out.
  • Reliable, ultra-fast speeds: No more buffering, no more disconnected calls and streams, no more waiting. Work, browse, stream, and play at speeds of up to 1Gb — some of the fastest in Markham and anywhere, and get in on the latest as it happens online.
  • Exclusive bundles and savings: Get the best value with our 2-in-1 internet and TV bundles, starting at just $49.90 a month, plus free shipping and activation, and a compatible Wi-Fi modem. Choose from different internet speeds and TV channels to build your bundle, and stay connected on your terms.

With tons of providers and promotions in Markham, the best internet service combines speed, savings, and service. At Comwave, we don’t believe that you can’t put a price on good service, because we can — and ours is incredibly low for incredibly fast. Browse, stream, work, and play at some of the fastest, uninterrupted speeds, all day, every day.

Get every dollar of what you pay for, and more. Discover how Comwave makes some of the fastest and cheapest internet service easily available in Markham. No fine print, no hidden costs and charges, just the right speed and unlimited browsing and streaming — that’s our promise.

Discover our internet plans starting at just $29.95 and internet and TV packages at $49.90 monthly, with speeds from 30Mbps to 1Gb. See what’s in your Comwave internet plan, including:

  • Downloads and upload speeds: Choose how fast you want to stay connected. Discover speeds from 30Mbps up to 1Gb, and get the right speed for all your browsing, streaming, and productivity needs.
  • Unlimited data: Got fast internet but with a connection that times out? Not anymore, and never at Comwave. Enjoy unlimited data from work to play — no data caps and no overage charges, so you’re always connected without going over-budget.
  • Bundles, promos, and service charges: Get the best value for your internet service with internet and TV packages, plus free shipping and activation, and a compatible Wi-Fi modem. At Comwave, there’s no fine print, so you pay only for what you get.

With close to 40 internet providers in Markham, you have tons of options and countless deals to consider. But it takes the fastest and cheapest internet plans from a reliable and reputable provider to stay connected 24/7. From guaranteed service availability to budget-friendly prices, and unlimited browsing and streaming, see how the best internet provider keeps you connected, uninterrupted:

  • Service area availability: The best internet provider connects all of Markham. Browse reviews and ratings from customers in your area, and see how they get the best of speed, service, and savings from the most reliable provider.
  • Bundles and promos: Do more beyond getting online. Discover connectivity in ways more than one with a complete, 2-in-1 internet and TV package, starting at just $49.90 per month with Comwave.
  • Unlimited browsing: Stay connected 24/7 with a connection that never times out. Get instant notifications and never miss out on the latest at work, with family and friends, and what’s trending. Browse and stream with no data caps — just unlimited, high-speed connectivity.

The short answer is — nothing else, but a major upgrade to faster speeds at lowest prices. With Comwave, upgrading to the best internet service in Markham has never been faster and easier. See how we make the switch smooth and simple, so you never have to spend a second offline.

  • Cancel your current plan: The first step to faster and cheaper internet — get in touch with your current provider. See if your term is over or the remaining time on your contract. But don’t let termination fees and service charges stop you from making the smart switch. With home internet starting at just $29.95, Comwave helps you save more in the long run than any single termination fees.
  • Transfer your internet connection: Sit back and relax while Comwave does the work. We’ll send a team to your home as soon as possible and transfer your internet connection, so you won’t spend any time offline. Enjoy free installation and a compatible Wi-Fi modem, and start ultra-fast, unlimited browsing and streaming right away.
  • Know your billing cycle: Make sure your final bill from your previous internet provider is settled. Check your Comwave contract to confirm your new billing cycle.

At Comwave, your satisfaction is our guarantee. Our promise is some of the fastest and cheapest internet available in Markham, with unlimited data and 24/7 connectivity. From exclusive deals and unbeatable bundles, to fast and reliable customer service, we deliver what you deserve: lightning-fast speeds for smarter work and better play at the best value.

Discover a new, smarter way to connect, only from Comwave. Drawing from the same internet cables and infrastructure as the biggest providers, the Comwave difference is in our commitment to keeping prices low. Enjoy the same high-speed connection anywhere in Markham, but without the extra costs and charges. Pay only for the fast internet speeds you get — and not a single dollar more — because we don’t believe in passing on excessive costs to our customers.

We don’t just stop at delivering some of the fastest and cheapest internet available in Markham for over 20 years and counting. Comwave is always looking towards the future of internet connection. That’s why we’re proudly bringing faster internet to more homes in Markham, with unlimited data and no downtime — at the same affordable prices, guaranteed.

With unbeatable bundles and savings, see how we make the switch to Comwave smart and easy. From quick installation to unlimited browsing and streaming, and better work-from-home days, it’s time you get the internet service you deserve.


Yes, Comwave serves homes in Markham and across the GTA. Call to confirm if Comwave is already at your location, and see our available services.

In-home Wi-Fi is included with all Comwave residential internet services. Comwave modems also pair with wireless-enabled devices to provide you with a complete in-home Wi-Fi network in your Markham home.

The fastest internet speed that Comwave delivers in Markham is 1Gb internet speeds through our Crazy Fast internet plan. Find out if high-speed internet is already available in your Markham location by calling our Toronto office. We are also continuously expanding availability of high-speed internet in Markham, so get in touch with our team to confirm available speeds in your area.

At Comwave, we are committed to offering some of the fastest and cheapest internet available in Markham, starting at just $29.95 a month, depending on speed and bundling options. Learn more about our home internet prices and exclusive bundles in Markham.

Comwave provides a compatible Wi-Fi modem and installation when you sign up with us, depending on the internet speed you choose. You may also be able to use your own modem. Contact our team to learn more about compatible modems.

Parental controls can be set up on your Comwave modem. Contact us to learn how to set parental controls, and ensure family-friendly browsing.

No. At Comwave, all of our home internet plans include unlimited data for guaranteed unlimited browsing and streaming.

No, Comwave does not throttle internet services in Markham. Find out more about our service guarantees in our Terms & Conditions.

Comwave is committed to fast installation and reliable customer service in Markham. Actual installation times may vary depending on your services and area. Find out your installation schedule when you start a new service order.

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