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With the non-stop buzz and bustling life in Mississauga, how are you staying connected and keeping up? Get the best internet connection in Mississauga, only from Comwave. Using the same internet cables and infrastructure as the industry leaders, Comwave offers some of the fastest speeds at the lowest prices. How? It’s simple: our mission is uninterrupted connection 24/7—like any provider—but without extra charges. Get exactly what you pay for—uninterrupted and unlimited browsing and streaming, no hassle, no fuss.

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At Comwave, we want to give you an experience you will share with your friends and family. That means fewer fees and unbeatable customer service!

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Our friendly customer-support team is available from 9AM-9PM, Monday to Friday, to make sure you get the awesome experience you deserve.

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Download, stream and surf as much as you want with unlimited usage, now available with most Internet plans.

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With Internet speeds up to 1 Gbps, you and your family will experience the speed you’ve always wanted!

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Some companies advertise misleading limited-time offers. That’s not us. We’re just affordable. Period.

Get online and stay connected at the best value. At Comwave, we’re all about lightning-fast speeds, uninterrupted browsing, and savings. With speeds from 30Mbps to 1Gb starting at just $29.95 a month, you get lightning-fast internet fit for every budget. From work to play, you’ll never miss out on the latest online in Mississauga.

Just west of Toronto is Mississauga, the third-largest finance, insurance and real estate cluster in North America. From Square One to historic Port Credit and the Waterfront Trail, the west-end city is known for its diverse, thriving communities and bustling business districts. And as the city continues to grow, Comwave delivers reliable, high-speed internet that helps keep Mississauga one of the best places to work and live in the GTA.

Check out our exclusive offers, only in Mississauga. With internet speeds of up to 1Gb and unlimited internet data starting at under $30/month, you can stay connected easily and affordably. Discover internet connectivity that doesn’t lag or buffer, so you’re always up-to-date on the latest buzz in your city.

Are you looking for some of the fastest and cheapest internet available in Mississauga? With 33 internet providers, you have tons of options. But only Comwave makes ultra-fast, reliable speeds and unlimited data affordable. How? It’s simple: after we draw from a network of internet connections shared among providers, we only charge what we deliver — no hidden costs, no extra charges. Stay connected for uninterrupted browsing and streaming — savings guaranteed.

At Comwave, our mission is complete connectivity — and more out of your internet connection. Combine 2 amazing services for 1 low price, and unlock unbeatable savings for internet and TV. Stay up-to-date on the latest news, your favourite shows, and the notifications that matter most, starting at just $49.90 a month!

Never miss an episode of your favourite shows. Discover a new way to enjoy TV and watch what you want, when you want. Get Comwave TV through the Amazon Fire Stick in Mississauga, and choose all your favourite channels and shows, and enjoy TV the way it was intended: for your entertainment. See what’s in your Comwave TV package:

  • Enjoy both English and French channels
  • Access 115+ basic and premium TV channels
  • Customize your Comwave TV plan with specialty sports, family and kids, reality, lifestyle, educational, news, international channels, and more!

Not interested in a bundle? Get our cheap and fast internet as a stand-alone

Just fast and cheap internet, no fuss? You got it. At Comwave, you’re in charge. Select your speed, from 30Mbps to 1Gb, with no data caps and lags, just unlimited internet 24/7. Enjoy every dollar in uninterrupted browsing and streaming, at the exact speeds fit for your lifestyle and budget.

Think about how much time you spend online. Did you know that Canadians aged 16-64 rely on the internet for about 6 hours a day? That’s twice as much than watching TV, and five times more than playing on a console. With 91% of us watching videos, 60% streaming music, and a lot more working from home, high-speed internet is a basic need. Comwave is here to provide it.

With tons of internet providers in Mississauga to choose from, the challenge is to find the best deal for your needs and budget. Getting online is the easy part; it’s long-term, reliable and uninterrupted internet that makes all the difference. From better work to staying up-to-date with the latest in the city, and unwinding with your shows and games, you need faster internet speeds — without breaking the bank.

Get online and stay connected — no lags, no buffers, no data caps. From work to play, or simply staying in-the-know and catching up with family and friends, do all these and more with some of the fastest and cheapest internet available. Stream, download, and upload with no problem at home, where it matters most.

Choosing the right internet provider is the difference between uninterrupted work-from-home days, streaming, keeping up with the latest, and the frustration of lost time. That’s why at Comwave, we work to deliver only lightning-fast speeds and unlimited data, with exciting bundles and promos, at the best value in Mississauga. See how we keep you connected with some of the fastest and most affordable internet available:

  • Unlimited browsing: No data limits, no browsing and streaming lags, no fine print — that’s the Comwave guarantee. We provide unlimited data 24/7 with lightning-fast speeds and the lowest prices, period.
  • Lightning-fast internet: Browse, stream, and download at ultra-fast speeds of up to 1Gb. Discover fast and reliable internet at the best value for your budget. See the difference with no lags, buffering, and disconnected chats and calls, from work to play.
  • Internet & TV bundles: Starting at just $49.90 a month, get 2 amazing services for 1 incredibly low price, plus free installation.. Just the internet? No problem. Discover internet plans starting at just $29.95/month. At Comwave, you’re in charge — of how you want to stay connected, and how much you want to save.

At Comwave, our mission is simple: provide you with some of the fastest and cheapest internet available in Mississauga, with no hidden costs and charges. With internet plans starting at just $29.95 and internet and TV packages at $49.90, you can browse and stream all day, every day, without the cost. Plus, at speeds from 30Mbps to 1Gb, you won’t find a better deal for unlimited data and reliable connectivity elsewhere.

See what’s in your Comwave internet plan or bundle — and how every dollar delivers faster internet speeds at most unbeatable prices in Mississauga. Discover a new, faster, and better way to work, browse, and stay connected, only with Comwave:

  • Fast downloads and uploads: With speeds ranging from 30 Mbps to 1Gb, you get exactly the internet you need, at the best value. Enjoy uninterrupted, lightning-fast downloads and uploads, streaming, gaming and more.
  • Unlimited browsing: No more worrying about going over your data. Enjoy unlimited browsing and streaming, and never miss a notification. Browse, watch, talk, game, and more 24/7.
  • Bundles and service charges: With Comwave, you only pay for what you get. We offer free shipping and a compatible Wi-Fi modem, and unbeatable packages for 2-in-1 internet and TV, plus custom options.

With tons of internet providers in Mississauga, it takes the best deals, a record of reliable service, and guaranteed availability to make the right choice. Get some of the fastest and cheapest internet available that’s perfect for your budget, and enjoy unlimited browsing, instant alerts and notifications, and maximum savings. See how the right internet provider makes all the difference:

  • Service area: Your internet provider should be available to provide service in the Mississauga area, but be sure to check their service availability regions to be sure. Browse ratings and reviews to see what customers have to say, and select the most trusted provider for speed, service, and savings.
  • Bundles: Get the best deal from your internet plan. See what’s available more than just the internet, and unlock generous savings from 2-in-1 internet and TV bundles.
  • Unlimited browsing: Never miss a notification, and stay connected 24/7. The best internet provider isn’t just the fastest and most affordable — they also guarantee no data caps and no lags. Be sure to read the fine print with your internet service provider so you can browse and stream with internet that never stops or runs out.

Switching to a new and better internet provider has never been easier. At Comwave, we make the smart switch fast and easy, with no downtime, no interruptions. Find out how:

  • Cancel your plan: Contact your current provider and check your contract to see if your term is over, or how much time is left. Don’t let termination fees or service charges stop you from getting faster and cheaper internet, because with exclusive deals from service providers to encourage switching, you’ll often save more in the long run.
  • Transfer your connection: Comwave will switch over your internet as quickly as possible, without downtime and going offline. We install your new internet connection for free, and provide a compatible Wi-Fi modem for your home as well. Enjoy faster, unlimited, and uninterrupted browsing and streaming without the wait, hassle-free.
  • Final billing: Check your final bill from your previous internet plan, and settle it right away. Review your Comwave contract to find out your new billing cycle.

The search for some of the fastest and cheapest internet available in Mississauga ends here. With Comwave, you get exactly the internet you need: lightning-fast speeds and unlimited browsing and streaming, at the lowest prices, fit for any budget. Your 24/7 connectivity and satisfaction is our mission — at better value than your current plan and the prices you’re paying our competitors.

How do we deliver fast internet that’s so affordable? It’s simple: we don’t charge extra. Drawing from an internet infrastructure shared by major providers, we connect you online, and you only pay what you get, with no hidden costs and charges. It’s the same internet connection and performance everywhere — but the Comwave difference is affordable, transparent pricing for over 20 years and counting.

Beyond delivering some of the fastest and cheapest internet available, we’re always looking towards the future of connectivity. Explore our unbeatable cost-savvy bundles for ultimate savings, and make the switch to better, faster internet that you deserve. With our convenient location in the GTA, we’re always only one quick call away for fast internet service and guaranteed ultra-fast speeds 24/7.


Yes, Comwave provides home internet outside of Mississauga and across the GTA. Call to confirm what home internet services are available in your area.

Yes, all of our residential internet packages include Wi-Fi. You can also pair any wireless-enabled device with your Comwave router for a complete in-home Wi-Fi network in Mississauga.

High-speed internet with speeds of up to 1Gb is currently the highest speed internet we offer, through our Crazy Fast Plan. Call to see if the Crazy Fast Plan is already available in your area. Please note that we are always expanding service availability across Mississauga.

Our home internet plans start at just $29.95 a month, with even faster home internet plans available for $59.95/month or $89.95/month. Comwave internet and TV bundles start at just $49.90 per month. Learn more about our available plans and bundles, and exclusive promos and savings.

Comwave provides a compatible modem with your home internet plan. You may also be able to use a modem you already own. Contact us to find out if your modem is compatible with your Comwave home internet connection.

Parental controls are built into Comwave modems. Ask our team for more information on setting up parental controls in your home internet service.

No. At Comwave, all of our home internet plans come with unlimited data. Enjoy unlimited browsing and streaming, with no data caps and lags, at ultra-fast internet speeds.

No. Comwave does not throttle internet services in Mississauga. Learn more about our policies and services in our Terms & Conditions.

At Comwave, we strive to provide fast and efficient service to keep you connected at the fastest speeds. Find out more about installation times when you start a new service order.

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