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Think your home internet service could be better and faster? It can always be. You need a home internet service that’s always up for the job. With the fastest and cheapest internet in Trois-Rivieres, you can count on staying connected, from work to play. Get home internet powered by the same cables and infrastructure as Canada’s biggest providers, now at the most affordable prices and best value. See how Comwave delivers the home internet you deserve.

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Comwave Internet Offers in Trois-Rivieres

With the world now online, you can’t afford to miss out and have difficulty staying connected where it matters most. That’s why Comwave is committed to getting you online in Trois-Rivieres with the fastest and cheapest internet. For as low as just $22.95 a month, you’ll be online 24/7, at the best value for your daily needs and budget. Use our Speed Finder tool or talk to a Comwave specialist today, and get home internet designed just for your needs.

Did you know that Canada has a rich history of iron-working carefully preserved in Quebec’s city of Trois-Rivieres? Now, you can visit the Forges du Saint-Maurice and see artifacts from the country’s first iron-working community. Then, head over to the riverfront Boréalis museum to learn the origins of the city’s local paper industry. Close to these historic sites are more iconic Quebecois landmarks, including the Centre d’exposition Raymond-Lasnier’s contemporary art displays, the Quebec Museum of Folk Culture, and the Old Prison.

Can you imagine living in such an iconic cultural haven? Whether you’ve lived in Trois-Rivieres all your life, or you’re new to the city, there’s always so much to explore and learn about, along with living your everyday life. To do these, and more, you need a reliable way to stay connected. Start by getting the fastest and cheapest internet in Trois-Rivieres, and see how reliable online connectivity keeps you more connected than ever to your community.

With 60 internet providers in Trois-Rivieres, you won’t face a shortage of options when it comes to home internet plans. But how do you know what’s best for you? The good news is, Comwave is here to take the hard work out of scoring the best deal for the fastest internet. We bring you the fastest and cheapest internet in Trois-Rivieres, period. Find your perfect speed for work to play, at the lowest rates in town.

Want more out of your Comwave internet connection? Stay connected in more ways for much less. Discover Comwave internet and TV bundles—the fastest internet speeds at the cheapest prices, now with the power of TV, all for one unbeatable price. Find your bundle in Trois-Rivieres, starting for as low as $42.90 a month. Get online with the fastest and cheapest internet, and watch everything you love on TV, only with Comwave.

In the age of streaming and social media, do you still need the TV? But no matter how much you love watching and staying connected online, some things are just better on TV. Luckily, we’re not talking about getting cable back. It’s even better.

Discover a new way to watch with ComwaveTV in Trois-Rivieres. Now, you can watch what you want, when you want, live on-air or on-demand. For as low as $19.95 a month, you can get the widest range of channels—from news and entertainment, to sports, lifestyle, reality, family and kids, and so much more! Catch them all on your TV with the Amazon Firestick, or watch anywhere with the ComwaveTV app on your iOS device. Check out ComwaveTV plans, or personalize yours with:

  • Over 80 basic and premium channels in English and French
  • The best of every genre, now all in one place with Comwave Theme Packs for news, sports, entertainment, family and kids, and more
  • Your favourite channels, a la carte, including TSN, Sportsnet, Global City, Discovery Channel, Fox, The Food Network, and more!

Tired of multiple offers to upgrade your plan and get more services than you really need? That all ends here. With Comwave, you decide how you’re connected. Get the fastest and cheapest internet in Trois-Rivieres, worry-free. Discover home internet plans starting at just $22.95 a month, with the fastest speeds at the cheapest prices for every need and budget.

Have you ever thought about how much the internet matters to you and your life in Trois-Rivieres? You’ll be surprised at how it’s part of every aspect of life. Whether you’re working from home, constantly streaming and gaming, or keeping up on social media, all of these need reliable home internet. And, even more so when you use more than your phone and computer, especially with the rise of smart devices that make a smart home.

It’s not just you, either. Did you know that 91% of Canadians ages 16 to 64 are online just as much. For at least 6 hours a day, you’re likely doing everything from work to play, on more than one device. Clearly, reliable home internet is a basic need, one that should be affordable and always available. With this demand for connectivity, it’s easy to see how average download speeds across Canada now reach 156 Mbps, meaning you need just as fast or better to keep up.

So, are you ready to make the smart choice for fast and cheap home internet in Trois-Rivieres? Comwave is here to help. Whether you need just the basics, the average speeds, or ultra-fast fibre internet, you’ll always be online, according to your needs and budget. Check out our Speed Finder tool or speak with a Comwave specialist to see how you can get good internet in Trois-Rivieres—the kind that keeps you connected when and where it matters most

Let’s cut to the chase: you deserve the fastest and cheapest internet in Trois-Rivieres; Comwave delivers. At Comwave, our promise is simple—the fastest internet speeds for your everyday online habits and budget. Don’t settle for anything less than an unlimited connection, now delivered to your home at the same cheapest prices.

At Comwave, we do this by tapping into the same internet infrastructure that powers Canada’s biggest players in the internet service industry. But unlike them, we’re committed to keeping our costs low, and reliable home internet more widely available in Trois-Riveres. See how we deliver:

  • Unlimited high-speed Internet: Stuck with a limited-data home internet plan? You shouldn’t be. Get the home internet service you deserve—unlimited and high-speed, without the extra charges.
  • Fastest and cheapest Internet: Tired of constant buffering and connection timeouts? Step up your internet connection with the fastest speed for your needs. With speeds from 30 to 300Mbps, and ultra-fast 1Gb fibre internet, you can enjoy the fastest internet made for you, at the same cheapest prices in Trois-Rivieres.
  • Bundle up and save: Want more out of your Comwave internet connection? You got it. Discover more ways to save and stay connected with internet and TV bundles. Start today with a bundle as low as $42.90 a month to enjoy the fastest and cheapest internet, and the latest on TV.

There’s no denying that everyone needs home internet today. With the age of the internet upon us, you need a reliable way to stay connected, whether it’s for staying productive, streaming, gaming, or simply keeping in touch on social media, video calling, and more.

With everything you do online these days, you need to consider whether you’re getting the best deal. Simply, you need nothing less than the fastest and cheapest internet in Trois-Rivieres. For as low as $22.95 a month, you can find the right speed for your everyday online habits, and make sure you’re connected 24/7. Here’s how to get it:

  • The right Internet speed for your needs: Don’t just pay for the fastest speed, or get stuck with the same plan for years while your needs change. It’s time you got the fastest and cheapest internet—the best speed for everything you do online, at the same cheapest prices.
  • Unlimited high-speed Internet: Data limits are a thing of the past. You need a genuine connection without limits. Discover the future of high-speed connectivity with an unlimited data plan, so you’re always online with more savings.
  • Bundles and promos: Need more out of your internet service? Look out for exclusive offers and promos like internet and TV bundles. Stay connected with the best plan for your needs, and enjoy more savings than ever.
  • Want to get more out of your home internet service? With the right internet provider, there’s always more to home internet. Discover offers like internet and TV bundles for more savings.

Are you happy with your internet provider in Trois-Rivieres? If you’re still dealing with slow speeds, timeouts, and expensive bills, you should know you deserve better than that. This is why it pays to make the smart choice for your home internet provider.

Not sure where to start looking for a new internet provider? Let’s take the hard work out of comparing countless plans and promos. Simply, you need the fastest and cheapest internet in Trois-Rivieres. See how the right internet provider actively works with you to find your perfect speed, making sure to deliver reliable home internet well within your budget:

  • Availability in Trois-Rivieres: First of all, make sure your internet provider is in Trois-Rivieres, with a proven track record of keeping your neighbours connected and satisfied. Find out if they offer the fastest speeds in the city, with the fastest installation times, to guarantee reliable connectivity.
  • Fastest, cheapest, and unlimited Internet: You can do so much better than a limited data home internet plan. Skip out on the connection timeouts and overage billing, and stay connected worry-free with unlimited home internet in Trois-Rivieres. Find your perfect speed from just the basics to all-day use and fibre internet, at the same lowest prices.
  • Savings and promos: Get more out of every dollar with a connection that offers the best value. Explore internet and TV bundles for twice the connectivity and twice the savings.

Finally upgrading to the fastest and cheapest internet in Trois-Rivieres? Upgrade worry-free with Comwave:

  • Cancel your current plan: Tell your current provider that you want to cancel your plan. Note that if you’re months away from renewal, you will likely have to pay a cancellation fee. But not to worry—you’ll still save more over time.
  • Transfer your connection: We’ll send a technician to your home in Trois-Rivieres to install your modem and transfer the connection ASAP. The Comwave guarantee is fast installation times.
  • Update your billing: Make sure your final bill is paid, then update your payment method. Look out for your brand-new savings!

How much do you value high-speed home internet? At Comwave, we consider it a basic need for everyone in Trois-Rivieres. This is how much we’re committed to making sure that you’re always online, at the fastest speeds and the cheapest, most affordable prices anywhere in Canada. It’s the same commitment we built our company one, and which keeps us going over 20 years later.

With Comwave, you can always count on one thing: getting the fastest and cheapest internet in Trois-Rivieres. Whether you’re working remotely, staying in touch on social media, running smart home devices, streaming, or gaming, there’s a right speed for your everyday online habits and budget. Our team is dedicated to helping you find your speed and working with you at every step of the way to make sure you get the best deal, for years to come.

Most of all, we’re working to make unlimited high-speed internet future-proof. Our teams are constantly looking at new technologies for getting online and boosting internet speeds, so you can get the fastest and cheapest internet today and tomorrow. With next-generation fibre internet now available to more homes in Trois-Rivieres, and our commitment to keeping up with the latest trends, you can enjoy the future of the internet right at home, at the same lowest prices.


Yes. Comwave offers high-speed fibre Internet in Trois-Rivieres, and fibre Internet offers the fastest speeds at up to 1Gb. Please note that we are constantly expanding our availability, so call us first to see if fibre Internet is already in place at your exact Trois-Rivieres location.

Yes. Comwave connects all of Trois-Rivieres and the majority of Quebec and Canada. Simply let us know where you are located to find the available Internet services at your location.

Yes. Comwave home Internet in Trois-Rivieres includes in-home Wi-Fi. All Comwave modems also pair with wireless-enabled devices, providing a complete in-home Wi-Fi experience.

Comwave offers the highest Internet speed in Trois-Rivieres at 1Gb through fibre Internet. Please note that we are constantly expanding availability, so call us to find out if fibre Internet is already available at your exact location, or get the current fastest speed available

You can rent a Comwave modem for a low monthly rental fee or a one-time fully refundable security deposit. You can also use your modem, though exact modem compatibility depends on the Internet speed you choose, so call us to confirm that your modem of choice can support your desired Internet speed.

You can set up parental controls on your Comwave modem, though the exact setup will depend on your specific modem model. You can also contact customer support for detailed assistance with setting up parental controls on your in-home network.

No. Comwave home Internet in Trois-Rivieres and everywhere else is guaranteed unlimited no data caps, no usage limits or usage-based fees, and no overage charges.

No. Comwave does not throttle Internet speeds in Trois-Rivieres or anywhere else. Learn more about our service guarantees in our Terms & Conditions.

At Comwave, we aim to provide you with the fastest and cheapest Internet in no time. Please note that installation will be scheduled based on your services and location. You can find your schedule when you start a service order or call customer service.

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